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4. Working with Test Cases

Test Case is a collection of test steps that contain a Keyword, a Control Flow Construct, or a Function Library. Further, a Keyword can take either no input or can take an object, data, or both as inputs. Each test step also returns an output which can be used as input for other test steps as well. The test Case module is integrated with a recording feature which helps while recording actions performed on a web application and create a complete test case easily and quickly.


For example, You can create a Test Case for testing functional as well as the user interface of an eCommerce web application. The test case steps may contain test steps as login to the web, searching the product, buying a product, making payment, and finally one for logging out of the portal.

Working with Test Case

After successfully login into the OpKey Web, select the appropriate Project in which you want to create a Test Case File.

You will be navigated to the screen has as shown.

You can mark the “Don’t show me again” checkbox as checked if you do not wish to view this notification again.

Click “End Tour” to proceed with the process of creating a Function Libraryfile.

How to create a Function Library File?

Method 1

After clicking on “End Tour” , you may “Click to Create New Artifact“.Select Function Library. The Function Library text will appear highlighted.

Click on the highlighted icon to create a New Function Library file. A Create Function Library window will get open as shown

The fields marked with * are mandatory. Enter the Name of the Function Library. You can also enter the Description. Click OK.

Method 2

Go to Project Workspace > Select the root Folder > Click Create New file icon  > Select Function Library.

A Function Libraryfile will be created in the root Folder of the project Workspace. You may rename the Function Library accordingly.

Method 3

Right click on root folder > select Create New > select ‘Function Library.

A Function Library file will be created in the Root Folder of the Project Workspace.

The Function Library window will open up as shown.

There are two ways of creating Function Library: By adding test steps and by recording.

Let’s first discuss about creating Function Library by adding test steps in the next article.


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