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11.2 Scheduling a Suite

Quick Start Screencast:


While working with Suite, OpKey users can now schedule test execution of that particular Suite. Thus, you don’t need to be present during the test execution. There, a new button named as “Schedule this Suite” has been added to the button’s list.

When you click on this button, Schedule Suite popup window appears.

Here, you need to fill the required fields. You can edit Session name & select desired Build from the dropdown list.

You can select a particular date & time (forthcoming) along with Time Zone for Suite execution.

Further, you need to select an online Execution Agent & corresponding Generic Plugin.

You can click on “Show Advanced Settings” option and apply advanced execution settings.

Click on OK to apply Advanced Execution Settings.

You must ensure that OpKey Hub and Execution Agent are online at the scheduled date and time of Suite.

Click on Schedule to schedule the Suite execution.

Once, you have scheduled Suite for test execution, you can go to the Scheduled Session window (showing under the Tools menu) and view list of scheduled sessions.

You can switch to the Executing/Finished Sessions & view ongoing and executed build sessions.

Once, Suite execution has finished, go to the execution session and analyze test result.

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