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37.2 How to Add an Environment

The Process Analysis will display the modules and processes in the graphical format of the particular process of their respective environment. 


To add an Environment in the Process Analysis, the user will have to:

Add details of Application, Process, Name, Environment, Start Date, End Date, TimeZone details.


To fetch a specific ERP’s Environment data, the users will have to provide the details:

For that users will have to click on the “Settings” tab present on the left side of the screen.

A window will appear as shown in the image below. Users will have to click on the “Add Environment” tab after adding “Team”. The respective Environment will have to be selected and details provided to fetch its data.

Users can also edit the environment.

Users will now have to Go the “Run Settings” tab to provide the details of the build and agent. 

The list of all the Environments being created can be viewed on the dashboard.




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