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34.4 Experience Opkey Using Trial Domain

OpKey-Continuous Test Automation is available with a whole new experience to the test automation community.

  • Record your test cases using the powerful OpKey recorder extension available in the chrome store.
  • Create and manage your entire test automation scripts.
  • Run the recorded test cases from Salesforce itself.
  • Access real-time mobile devices and browsers using our pCloudy integration.
  • OpKey Impact Analysis will save your precious debugging time by which the user can simply validate the change and update the scripts accordingly.
  • The Salesforce Scanner lets the user create Function Libraries of the Salesforce Objects

  • Login to your salesforce account and search for “OpKey-Continuous Test Automation” app on the app launcher.


  • Open OpKey-Continuous Test Automation app.

We have now reached the login screen of OpKey.

Let’s understand how we can login to OpKey using the trial domain. Existing users can directly login with their existing credentials.

  • Click on “Try OpKey with trial domain” link available on login screen. This option will activate the user to use OpKey trial on a pre-configured domain.

  • A pop-up opens up asking for permissions to fetch information such as your “First Name”, “Email Address”, “Organization Name”, “Organization ID”.

  • First Name: This name will be used to set name for your user created in OpKey’s trial domain.
  • Email Address: This email address will be used for your user creation in OpKey’s trial domain.
  • Organization Name & ID: This information will be used for creating a dedicated environment in OpKey for your Org’s work.
  • Click on “Grant Permission” button to allow OpKey to fetch the information from your current Salesforce org.
  • Setup a password for your user which will allow you to access OpKey’s trial domain.
  • Provide a strong password for your user on available “Password” field. Make sure your password is following OpKey’s password complexity rules.


  • Now, confirm your provided password on the available “Confirm Password” field.
  • Click on the “Set Password” button.

  • Now you have successfully configured password for your trial user in OpKey trial domain.
  • The data created in the trial domain is temporary. It will be automatically cleared after an additional 7 day grace period of trial completion.

You are all set to experience the OpKey trial!



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