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15.9 Execution Result


The Execution Result module is used to view the result of test execution. It provides a user-friendly interface to view the execution result information of each step. It also provides debug information to know what caused a step failure. You can also view the snapshot of the executed step.

The Execution Dashboard includes a brief information about the test execution results. Each unique Build has its own gauge which shows the total number of tests along with execution status details in percentage. Other similar gauge depicts the corresponding information.

As name suggests, Current Executing Test reflects information about the ongoing test execution. Test Execution Analytics section of the dashboard shows information about the execution session which includes Passed, Failed, InComplete, NotExecuted & Total based on the selected Build & Session.

Test Execution Summary Report reflects information about the test execution including Execution Agent, Test Execution Date, Total Execution Time. It also includes gauge displaying the information about the Test Cases, Failed Test Cases/Priority & Failed Test Cases/Browser.

Scroll down to the Build Status section and click on Click here to see all to view Build Status Dashboard which can be filtered based on the Build Status (Completed & Live), StartDate & EndDate. Gauge of the selected build is shown here as well.

  • While running execution, you can see execution logsOnce execution gets completed, click View Results link to view execution result as shown below:

  • Click on Expand to expand the selected Session or Test Step. The Step Information and Session Status of the selected session are shown below:

  • If you have selected Iteration test step then you can view Run-time Data Repository.
  • If a Test Step is selected then you can view Step Information & Captured Screen under Step Details tab, Input Data & Output Data as well.

  • Here, you can view the Message of the selected Test Step.

  • Here, you can view the DebugInfo of the selected Test Step.

  • Here, you can view the Function Call of the selected Test Step.

  • Here, you can view the Function Result of the selected Test Step.

  • Here, you can enter Remarks regarding the selected Test Step.

  • If your execution result contains encrypted data then you can decrypt it by using Result Decryption option. Click on Decrypt Result button.

  • Enter your data Decryption Password & click OK.

Build Status Dashboard

Build Status Dashboard is an integral part of the Execution Result in OpKey. It provides you with the execution result data for builds and sessions and export execution reports. Now, you can now go to the Build Status Dashboard page by clicking on the Click here to see all build(s) by date link.

Build Session Dashboard allows you to refine your test execution result, analyze execution data and export report. You can select Start Date, End Date and desired Build and see the respective executed builds details.

You can check Session checkbox to enable the Session dropdown option and then view the corresponding session(s) details.

You can also view currently executing/running executions by selecting Running as Status. You can download Build and Build-Session Report in PDF or Excel Format with default or custom logo.

  • Click on Download Report button.
  • Enter Report Name, select Format, select Default Project Logo or Custom and then click on Export.

Here, you can have a look at the exported PDF report.

Meta Information

Meta Information section includes significant information about the selected execution session.

  • Click on the Meta Information tab to view MetaInfo (Suite Name, Session Name, Session ID, Batch Name, Build Name, DefaultStepTimeout, SnapshotFrequency, SnapshotQuality, Start Time etc.).

Click on Tag to view added Tags to the execution session.

Download Logs

Logs contain detailed information about the test execution session. If your test execution session has finished and you want to view execution session logs then you can download it from the Execution Dashboard.

  • Click on Download Logs button.

  • Execution session Logs get downloaded.

Export Report

Execution Report contains crucial information about the test execution session. Here, OpKey enables you to export execution reports of your choice. Once test execution has been completed, you can export a summary report, detailed report, integrated data report, gherkin report & post-execution validation report by clicking on the Export Report button showing in Execution Result.

For details about the Execution Report, kindly refer: Execution Result Reports

Decrypt Result

Now, OpKey Web users can decrypt their Execution Result by using Decrypt Result button. The encrypted information of execution result will be decrypted in a readable format.

  • Open your execution result and click on Decrypt Result button.

  • Enter Decryption Password and click on OK.
  • The encrypted execution result information has been decrypted into a readable format.



“OpkeyIsBest” is the default Data Encryption Password.

Open in New Tab

Once execution has completed successfully, you can view executed artifacts. Select your Execution Result Session and click on Open in New Tab.

noteYou can open and view all artifacts in new tab from execution result session but you cannot open OR & DR in new tab.



Custom Logo in Opkey Execution Result

With the new feature, the user will be able to select the logo as per their choice in the admin panel. For all the external tool integrations the logo will be selected as per the requirement of the user.

The user will have to go to the admin panel and click on Project Management. On selecting the “Project” tab, whenever we create a new project, there will be an option of “Default Report Logo”. The user will have to upload the logo and save it. The selected logo will be displayed on the external tool reports.



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