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32.12 Opkey Release – 5.57

New Features

Integration of ALM in OpKey Accelerator

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is now integrated with the OpKey Test Accelerator. You can now easily configure ALM with the OpKey Test Accelerator and use it. It allows you to map your Test Case with the ALM Test Plan, log defect automatically and update the defects as per the execution result. Users can map their Accelerator Test Cases with the ALM Test plan or Requirement. The status of the mapped Test Plan or Requirement would be changed as per the result of the OpKey Test case. It also allows user to log an automatic bug in ALM, in case of failure of OpKey Test Case. It facilitates you to create Test plan, Test Requirements, Test Sets, Test Runs etc. and map them with your Test Case. The mapped Test Plans, Test Requirements and Defects are being updated as per the execution result of your mapped Test Case.

There are few new keywords added in OpKey Accelerator which helps the user to perform a particular task. By using these keywords, you can log defect in ALM, create ALM Test Run, create ALM Test Run Step, upload attachment and update ALM Test Run.

These keywords are described as follows:

  1. CreateALMTestRun: Used to create a Test Run
  2. CreateALMTestRunStep: Used to create a Test Run Step
  3. UploadALMAttachment: Used to upload the execution attachment file
  4. UpdateALMTestRun: Used to update the ALM Test Run

Before using these keywords in a Test Case, you must ensure that ALM is configured successfully and your Test Case is mapped with the ALM Test Plan and Requirement, as required.

Step Log & Attachment

Now there is a new Step Log tab added on the OpKey Execution Result dashboard page. Step Log provides you a detailed information log about the particular test step. When you select an executed test step, Step Log tab will show you the log of that step. You can download the step log by clicking on the Download Step Log button. Step Logs are available for OpKey keywords related to the Web, Utility, Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, Visual, Peoplesoft, Workday, Appium, OpKey Desktop, OpKey Java, and OpKey IE plugins.

There is another new tab Attachment added in the OpKey execution wizard in which attachment is visible only in the case of some specific Visual QA specific keywords (like VisualCheckPointSetting, VisualCheckPointForObjects, AccessibilityCheckPointSettings, ValidatePageAccessibility, and VisualComparisonForPage). If your executed test flow that contains those Visual QA specific keywords then you can view attachments data in the Attachment tab at TC level in Execution wizard. You can download the result attachment data and images regarding the Visual QA specific keywords.

Token Management

Token Management is a new feature in OpKey which allows you to create new authorization servers/tokens and use them across your Function Libraries, Test Cases, Service Repositories etc. as required. You can add multiple authorization servers/tokens and save them. Once you have added the authorization server, you can use the respective authorization token to authenticate the web service. You can further use the added authorization server (tokens) as input parameters under input data in your Function Library. In addition, you can also use the authorization servers/tokens as input data.

Visual Plugin Improvement
Here are a few significant improvements in the functionality of Visual Plugin. OpKey Visual Plugin is now upgraded to the Visual X1 version. Here is a Score Card feature for comparing the images during test execution using Visual Plugin. If the scorecard is greater than 0.8 then action will be performed on the mapped image but if the scorecard is less than 0.8 then the action will not be performed on the mapped image.

OpKey Chrome Addon Feature Enhancement with Visual Plugin

Now, there is a new feature of Relative Coordinates in the OpKey Chrome Addon Recorder. This feature allows you to set the relative coordinates of the required image object (on which action needs to be performed during execution) with respect to the captured image for creating a new object. In order to set the relative coordinate, you first need to select Capture image to create a new object, crop the desired image, select the Fetch Relative Coordinate option and then drag a line from the cropped image to the desired image (on which you want to perform the action). The object properties of the image object get fetched and the action will be performed on the image set with the relative coordinates. However, the Object Repository contains the captured image object only.

New Salesforce Keywords

There are 25 new keywords added in OpKey in this release. They are as follows:

  1. SF_ClearTableCell
  2. SF_ClickImageInTableCell
  3. SF_ClickLinkInTableCell
  4. SF_ClickTableCell
  5. SF_ClickTextInTableCell
  6. SF_DeSelectCheckBoxInTableCell
  7. SF_GetColumnNameByRowNumber
  8. SF_GetObjectPropertyInTableCell
  9. SF_GetRowNumberByColumnName
  10. SF_GetTableCellValue
  11. SF_GetTableColumnValue
  12. SF_GetTableRowValue
  13. SF_GetTextCountInTableColumn
  14. SF_GetTextCountInTableRow
  15. SF_HighlightTableCell
  16. SF_MouseHoverInTableCell
  17. SF_SelectCheckBoxInTableCell
  18. SF_SelectDropDownInTableCell
  19. SF_SelectRadioButtonInTableCell
  20. SF_TypeTextInTableCell
  21. SF_VerifyTableCellValue
  22. SF_TypeTextAndEnterInTableCell
  23. SF_GetTableColumnCount
  24. SF_GetTableRowCount
  25. SF_GetTableColumnName/Number


Note: You are recommended to download the latest released OpKey Execution Agent, install it and then use for the successful test execution and work upon the newly released features.

Major Bug Fixes

Issue Key Summary
SAS-30544 Automated FL status is incomplete in execution result if coded fl and automated fl is called in a tc
SAS-30547 coded Fl is not getting executed if called with automated and manual in TC
SAS-29341 Opkey 6x || Mac || Windows || Keywords are getting failed that take object.
SAS-29308 Opkey 6x || Getting wrong msg while configuring the agent.
SAS-29142 Exception "Value cannot be null" occurred when user maps global variable to input data field of any keyword.
SAS-29218 Opkey 6x|| Getting Argument Null Exception when saving a testcase and logging out and then Re-login.
SAS-29370 Opkey 6x || Mac || Unable to record.
SAS-29093 opkey saas 6x || Agent || Execution Fail
SAS-29342 Opkey 6x || Unable to Record ||start Recording Button Not Working
SAS-29321 Opkey 6x || Able to Clone but still getting Error
SAS-29339 Opkey 6X || Unable to start recording in chrome using web recorder.
SAS-29171 Opkey 6x || Unable to Start Execution
SAS-31110 Right click in steps of manage artifact dot is coming outside the right click window
SAS-30960 IE | in accelerator side graph of FL is not contain boarder
SAS-31100 Accelerator | when user open external tool integration then some time all external tools display
SAS-30340 during loading of accelerator dashboard if we click Execution result button present at the left pannel then we are getting exception
SAS-30354 getting exception when giving wrong password in smtp setting window , when we click send test mail
SAS-31089 Tabs(i.e. Keywords, Function Library, Service Repository, Coded Function Library) available in "Add Step" pane is not aligned properly.
SAS-29587 Multiple calls are being sent to server if in any case method rename fails due to SR's freezed state or locked state.
SAS-30990 Accelerator | when user map a test plan with any TC then when user click on "click to check with mapped" button then pop up window not display message/ details related to mapped TC
SAS-30992 Accelerator | remove All mapping button is disabled
SAS-28981 Spotify || Throwing exception while finding some element via text.
SAS-28475 All the data is getting disappeared while clicking on sync.
SAS-10411 Custom Keyword | User is able to create custom field by providing blank space .
SAS-28982 Unable to add object in keywords.
SAS-30999 Decrypt button is not working on run time GV on Accelerator side
SAS-30899 Keyword management || When I type something in searchbox then all the scroll bars are going to upside.
SAS-29586 Exception message "Sequence contains no elements" is displayed on screen when user try to rename root node on service repository.
SAS-30968 External tool | JIRA | after mapping bug with TC then user refresh project work space then loader is continuously loaded
SAS-28049 Sparkin | when we click on paste button then it show exception
SAS-31009 Remove "OAuth2" option from SOAP webservice authentication type on service repository.
SAS-29448 Alert box is displayed on screen when user clicks "Refresh" button available for global variable grid of service URI tab on service repository.
SAS-31049 GV search field do not come at first time
SAS-30995 GV grid is not coming in data input argument at first time in BP and BC
SAS-31025 Not able to delete encrypted data row in LDR on Web and Acc side
SAS-28598 Booking || Objects are not getting recorded.
SAS-30956 Object reference exception is coming if update CFL with SR
SAS-30906 Browser name list are not display on Grid Execution| web and Acc | mode - local
SAS-30893 Exception comes if provide value in input parameter more than 255 characters
SAS-30924 Sync an artifact present inside a folder and observe the heighlight vanishes and the whole project getting synced
SAS-31028 Generate document logs is not coming in test case document in jobs of accelerator
SAS-31027 value of created by , modified by, created on and modified on is not coming in details pannel in jobs of accelerator
SAS-31017 schedule job window allignment of the text of field is not correct
SAS-31005 click a session then a Execution result grid open Observe during loading the right lower pannel is coming at the top in IE browser
SAS-30997 Test case document in TC accelerator not getting deleted in IE browser
SAS-31014 Date is not coming in Details tab and also description is not getting save on web and Acc both side
SAS-30977 Exception is coming in LDR if perform any action both at Web and Acc side
SAS-31036 "OK" Button not working in delete window in LDR if an secured string input parameters is added in the BC in accelerator
SAS-29019 Spock Agent | Validation report | Detailed report | Snapshot is not getting open due to incomplete path in smtp detailed report and validation report
SAS-30963 After complete backup-preview | user click on Refresh button on project workspace.| loader goes in infinite.
SAS-29476 Unable to Take Backup of "SmartOpkey" and share disk data through CLI .| Using Environment IP -
SAS-31003 CFL | Loader is getting stuck when we are adding coded FL in TC and FL.
SAS-31010 Decrypt button is not working of GV window on FF browser
SAS-30981 Collection of Keyvalue pair and keyvalue pair data type GV not coming in Run time GV
SAS-28460 Value of keyValuePair data type of Global Variable is not changing in run time
SAS-30934 GV grid is not coming in data input argument at first time
SAS-29017 "Skipover" content not displaying properly in Last Executed Test graph on projectwork space Dashboard.
SAS-28478 Exception Appears when we copy BC and paste after adding new label with double click (continuously)
SAS-30910 Delete button are not working on Queued session .
SAS-30954 Accelerator | when user give large name in description of any FL then call that FL in another FL then in details description of called FL is not display completely
SAS-30938 when user create import replica and in replica time when user add tag and in tage when user enter special character then their is no error message
SAS-30937 when user create import replica then in tag if user provide value <iframe> then it show exception
SAS-30919 In Tc || Add a Tc , Right Click over the Keyword with Test Object , Recorder is not Enable
SAS-30885 when user use special character in label name and after that try to delete that label then it throw exception
SAS-30952 Value cannot be null exception is coming while mapping GDR in Test case
SAS-28421 If we close the tab present just above any artifact then the auto focus come to just below present tab , if that tab is any artifact then the name of the artifact changes to "modify : artifact name"
SAS-30628 Opkey Studio | Remove CFL and SR option in Add Step
SAS-30623 Opkey Studio | Object are not visible in OR tree
SAS-30537 Opkey Studio | Data input option is not visible in Data input argument of keyword
SAS-30509 Opkey Studio | Not able to open FL from TC
SAS-30660 Opkey Studio | Getting exception in DR when clicking on Move column left button
SAS-30667 Opkey Studio | Getting exception when pressing any key after adding row in DR
SAS-29717 Admin Panel>> Agent management || Close button of pop up delete agent is not working.
SAS-30292 CFL | Execution Wizard | In all plugins used section, with the name of plugin used in coded FL its also displaying the plugin names used in the automated FL.
SAS-30358 Associated Output is also coming in TC and it throwing exception
SAS-30215 Data not getting saved in Comment keyword
SAS-30320 data not getting saved in Comment keyword
SAS-30605 CFL | Accelerator | No button of do you want to save changes is not working. Getting not implemented message.
SAS-30572 Opkey E | Getting null pointer exception when we right click on OR objects in OR tree.
SAS-30587 Opkey E | Global Variables are getting save without any name whereas name field is mandatory to save global variables
SAS-30654 Opkey E | All the instances or fields in OR are creating with same name.
SAS-30699 Opkey E | FL | Getting ArrayIndexOutofBoundException when deleted the created input parameter
SAS-30705 Opkey E | FL || Output parameters are not getting created after click on add button
SAS-30351 CFL | Picking second value from the LOV of input parameter whereas it should pick first value.
SAS-29873 Admin Panel>> Project Management>> Getting exception when deleting the project.
SAS-30401 CFL | Coded FL is not getting save
SAS-30279 CFL | Intellisense | Intellisense is not working for Control+Space.
SAS-30270 CFL | Intellisense is not working for output parameter.
SAS-30473 CFL | Functionality of refresh is not working in coded FL.
SAS-30395 Accelerator | Getting error message record not found when we are creating or updating input\output parameter.
SAS-30604 CFL | Accelerator | Click on yes button of pop up do you want to save changes is not working.
SAS-29801 Admin Panel>> State Audit Trails | IE || Getting exception in state audit trails when we select project name after start and end date.
SAS-28654 CFL | GV | In output its not printing the value which we have provided through global variable during run time.
SAS-29834 My Profile button is not clickable
SAS-29777 in external tool in additional setting save button color is not correct
SAS-29781 after log in external tool "fetch your project " size is not correct its too small
SAS-29506 Opkey 6x || unable to Stop Recording , Exception : Path Not Found (Refer: See On Snap Shot)
SAS-29092 opkey saas 6x ||All plugin Used : plugin not seen that is used in tc /fl
SAS-29256 opkey 6x || Remove Randomize input default value from Execution Wizard
SAS-29576 Opkey 6X || Cloning project from windows to Mac corrupt Global Variable and Global data repository file.
SAS-29527 Opkey 6X || On Mac| Whenever adding or commiting a change it is not reflecting in git desktop.
SAS-29301 Opkey 6X || Post Renaming a testcase or an FL page gets hanged.Need to refresh page everytime after renaming.
SAS-29286 Opkey 6x || Opkey page gets hanged after cancelling commit changes.
SAS-29504 If a FL has Input Parameters , Call it in a TC , and change the input data from "use default value" by mapping any GDR
SAS-29328 |OpKey6X|OR getting deleted though it is used in some other TC/FL
SAS-29553 MAC | chrome | window | when user rename the name of added artifact and save without extension from back-end then complete artifact is deleted
SAS-29419 when user call multiple FL in a FL and save the FL and double click one Fl and search a Keyword and add that keyword after that if user try to save it then it show exception
SAS-29237 |Opley6x|rename artifact|error message showing on rename the artifacts
SAS-29555 |Opkey6X| Pull option not showing into folder context
SAS-29230 |OpKey6|Cloning & Checkout|User try to clone a blank or irrelevant repository, message showing "Invalid project", though folder getting crated into given path
SAS-29310 |OpKey6X|Unable to revert data if created file is not committed
SAS-29580 Used By is not working for any artifact-Used By link is not coming
SAS-29396 |OpKey6X|Project getting corrupted, if user rename project workspace from got hub and take a pull and try to open previous project
SAS-29394 |Opkey6x|Getting exception if user change the project name from Git repo and take a pull
SAS-29411 |OpKey6X| Getting exception if user rename the FL into git hub and take pull into OPkey
SAS-29577 Open In New Tab is not working in Execution Result
SAS-29550 In MRU , in get started text is wrong that display in create project ,clone and open project heanding
SAS-29551 when user add more agent then in agent list their is nor scroll bar up down agent name
SAS-29424 |OpKey6X|New peoject not getting opened while cloning
SAS-29450 when user add comment in agent sever config then comment is not display in agent list
SAS-29544 when user copy same name artifact from project work-space then it show exception
SAS-29540 Opkey 6x Long Execution || unable to view Result Steps in Execution DashBoard After the Long Run it throws Exception " End of Central Directory record could not be found."
SAS-29233 ScrollBar is not present in MRU
SAS-29521 Opkey 6x || I made a flow of generic keywords(or you can say web pulgin's keywords) & Utility's keywords and if I execute that flow via web plugin then steps are not getting executed.
SAS-29012 If copy paste steps in Test case or FL then after pasting it becomes invisible and after saving it appears on screen
SAS-29215 Opkey 6x || If I uncheck / skip a keyword from my flow then a unneccessary pop-up is appearing.
SAS-29459 Mapping of GDR,GV,O/P and staticvalue get removed if click on data input argument when call FL in TC
SAS-29276 Opkey 6x || the confirmation(save) pop-up is not appearing.
SAS-29227 Opkey 6x || When I expand the results then exception is appearing.
SAS-29439 |OpKey6X|Unable to pull individual file form git hub with opkey
SAS-29350 |OpKey6X| list of Options available in source control should same in all source control folder
SAS-29205 If a repository does not contains any project then while cloning, it gives an exception
SAS-29513 when a Tc step is mapped with Gv, GDR or Data output then getting exception in execution
SAS-29471 user not able to copy paste the artifact from project work-space
SAS-29334 when user enter value in type secure and try to decryption of value then value is deleted
SAS-29458 when user add o/p in FL and call that FL in FL2 and add output of called Fl and after that delete the called fl from Fl2 and after that try to delete the o/p of called FL it show error message
SAS-29003 Update keywords or FL button is not working properly
SAS-29250 From Back-end | if user delete called FL details from TC from back-end (from import section)then in TC it show exception
SAS-29139 when none of the execution is executed in a project then open the execution result it gives an exception on agent command prompt
SAS-29382 From Back-end | when user change the name of input parameter from back-end that mapped with FL's keyword it show exception
SAS-29407 from back-end | when user change or delete the Component_RelativePath then it show exception
SAS-29410 user not able to add static value in called FL input parameter
SAS-29496 when user click on rename button after that click on other folder/artifact then it show exception
SAS-29239 when user add two output data with keyword and save TC after that remove the add output data then it show exception
SAS-29399 from back-end | when user user give the same name of output data from back-end then on selection of output data for output parameter it show exception
SAS-29392 when user delete mapped input parameter from back-end then it show exception
SAS-29198 From Back-end | when add extra string concate value from backend then it show exception
SAS-29418 user is not able to update called FL IN ANOTHER fL
SAS-29379 remove mapping button is not working in Test object
SAS-29473 after open agent/result server configuration all button is not working
SAS-29430 after once clicking on agent config then close and create any artifact then -artifact do not get created at first
SAS-29375 Getting Exception when deleting relative path from back-end
SAS-29305 |Opkey6X|Message not showing if user take checkout at the same path where it was edited and committed.
SAS-29244 |OpKey6X| Unhanded exception showing on giving project path of master directory instead of sub directory
SAS-28995 If in any case XML file get corrupted then some message should come In Opkey URL-This file is corrupted
SAS-28989 From Xml file user is able to provide string value in INTEGER data type -in String all values can be provided but in INT it will accept only integer data
SAS-28991 If edit value type is int and value provided is string-Project do not get loaded
SAS-28988 Default Browser should not get added in XML file as there will be only one Default Browser for now and i.e of String type
SAS-28996 While editing in Notepad++ it save its xml version due to which project do not get load.
SAS-28990 Datatype of Default GV should not get edited from xml file
SAS-29008 Open in NewTab is not working -if do open in new tab -blank tab gets open
SAS-28993 Search functionality is not working of Project Workspace
SAS-29013 If select 2-3 steps and right click and select Skip to run to Set to run then it do not work all selected steps it works only for one step
SAS-28986 Provide some invalid path and click on Submit button in clone project
SAS-29455 Changes are not made when we delete some steps of FL and commit it on git , when execute on remote agent the previous version is executing
SAS-29413 Not able to map DR column in TC
SAS-29086 The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. : 'D:\Opkey-6x\Publish\<iframe>.okproj' exception is coming if provide value as <iframe> or <data> in Project path>>
SAS-29009 Create IF and For options is not working on right click context menu
SAS-29391 From back-end | when user add input parameter in FL it contain optional check box and from back end it work oppositely false is true and true is false
SAS-29182 if we change the path or delete a project and open that particular project from MRU then an exception is thrown
SAS-29259 In create project, project is opening even if invalid path is given or even with same path of existing project is given
SAS-29115 Dotnet core host getting stopped while searching object in execution , getting ObjectDisposedException in the result server
SAS-29281 when user delete the output parameter then loader is loaded continuously
SAS-29343 From Back-end | user not able to change data type of input parameter from back-end
SAS-29080 Value cannot be Null Exception is coming of both field is empty
SAS-29331 If there is no value in GDR then Column names is not visible in GDR grid in TC
SAS-29094 Exception comes if Agent is not online
SAS-29333 Not able to rename input and output parameter of FL
SAS-29378 when user add output parameter in fl of a keyword after that change the name of output from the keyword then changes is not updated
SAS-29216 Opkey 6x || Project with same name on different paths is getting generated and on same path it's getting submitted without any error.
SAS-29371 Opkey 6X || Uploading File and commiting file from Git and taking Update in Opkey only updates file without any steps.
SAS-29373 Opkey 6X || Uploading files from Git and taking pull in opkey does not pull recorded test steps along.
SAS-29156 Opkey 6x || UnAble to Filter Execution Result via Starting Date in Execution Result DashBoard
SAS-29212 agent configration <AgentServerURL>https://localhost:52472/ make session without source code not supported
SAS-29243 Opkey 6x || Desktop Pluging keywords || after adding a new keyword From Desktop Plugging like (Win_click ) and and save it it throw exception
SAS-29246 opkey 6x || when I add if keywords it will throw Exception while filling the input data
SAS-29298 Opkey 6x | Make SmartRecorder Radio Button unSelected and It should Be Below Chrome in Web Recorder
SAS-29087 Value cannot be null exception is coming if leave blank project path field or provide invalid path
SAS-29214 In agent configuration's Result server url, message is not coming for any action performed on that
SAS-28994 If click on refresh button of Project workspace-then blank tab gets open
SAS-28992 Not able to create Folder -after refreshing it get deleted
SAS-29004 After adding FL in TC-page becomes blank
SAS-29007 If click on Refresh button -some error is coming
SAS-29005 Not able to add FL in TC if there is no keyword added
SAS-29010 Create group,Merge group,Unmerge options from right click menu of Test case will be hide
SAS-29313 Download logs is not working in Execution Result
SAS-29302 Opkey 6X || Renaming a TC creates a duplicate Testcase instead of renaming.
SAS-29100 OR mapped with FL application throw exception message.
SAS-29101 when create page and then add object now create focus on created object and click to add new page then exception appear.
SAS-29128 User unable to uncheck option in more setting on TC
SAS-29174 opkey 6x || Hide Spy From Web Recorder
SAS-29323 Hide SMTP Scroll Bar From Agent
SAS-29204 From Back-end | user able to add default browser multiple times from backend with same value , data type and name
SAS-29267 when user add two keyword and map GV one after one then mapping second GV and save it show error message
SAS-29225 when user change the name of output data that mapped in keyword in TC then click on saved button but tc not saved show message output parameter not found
SAS-29133 Opkey 6x || Unable To Get Session Log After The Execution In Result Folder In Pass Case
SAS-29303 when user search typesecuretext keyword then in drop-down win_typesecuretext is display twice
SAS-29202 From Back-end | when user change the data type of GV from backend then on it show exception when open GV
SAS-29213 when user add frame,html page continuously then after add two frame,html page it show error message unable to find object
SAS-29217 when user add two two frame ,page and add object in first frame add one object and again another object when user add second then it show error message
SAS-29229 when user create new TC and add two keyword and add output data in first keyword after that open second keyword then in input data automatically output data name is display
SAS-29113 open in new tab button is not working
SAS-29112 without refresh button agent name not display as online
SAS-29326 Text "Available Testcase, Sparkins and Gherkin" present in the search box just above the TestCase tree at right pannel need to be modified
SAS-29268 while adding a particular keyword "web_clickByTextInSequence" getting exception
SAS-29050 If we Change the name of an OR from the default name then we are not able to add or modify anything on that particular OR
SAS-29070 Input Data is not opening after we map GV in the particular step, after clicking input data it automatically clicks on step details
SAS-29110 opkey saas 6x || Unable to add keywords from Keywords with test Object .
SAS-29278 opkey 6x || Unable to opkey (( Result Server)59995,|| ( opkeySaaS)1025,|| ( Agent) 52472) with System IP
SAS-29262 give <iframe>, <php> keywords in create project's name or project path it gives exception
SAS-29263 unable to map GV with Keywords
SAS-29260 opkey 6x || missing of "Take Snapshots 's slide bar , and Snapshots Quality" slide bar and Step Timeout slide Bar in Advanced Execution Settings in Agent
SAS-29257 opkey 6x || Remove SMTP setting and Update Mapped Test Management Artifact From Agent
SAS-29104 Click on delete GDR column exception appears on the screen
SAS-29081 exception comes if provide URL but do not provide path
SAS-29148 Result Server Closed After The Execution
SAS-29096 Without providing URL in CLone Project also user is able to Login in Project
SAS-29097 Directory name is invalid exception is coming if provide invalid path in Local Path of Clone Project
SAS-29098 URL edit field in Clone project accepts invalid path also i.e user is able to login in project after providing invalid path in URL also
SAS-29082 User is not able to select path of project from List view or Folder view
SAS-29085 Folder View or List view button do not work if once click on any drive and then change view from Folder view to List view or vice-versa
SAS-29021 User not able to Enter/Change value in "FOR loop" Input Data |Iteration| Accelerator |
SAS-28208 saleforce login page accessblity showing voilation
SAS-28631 Admin Panel>> User management | Spans of dropdown box are opening in left side of the dropdown box
SAS-29011 CFL | When we are using collection string data type in output parameter of CFL, in output its encrypting some special characters into some some different value. Special characters are as follows:- "&'<>="
SAS-31031 compare Backup icon are display on IP,OP,Tag, on Fl and aslo testcasedocument,tag,Execution status on TC.
SAS-31109 "Remarks" are not visible at Accelerator Execution Result | Default mode.|
SAS-31008 Compare backup button are hide after user perform compare backup.
SAS-31092 Execution Result | Accelerator | Tabs in execution result are overlapping on each other when we are decreasing the size of right pane.
SAS-31093 Execution Result | Job Portal | Tabs in execution result are overlapping on each other when we are decreasing the size of right pane.
SAS-28718 "Tag Key" field available for "Tags" functionality should not accept invalid characters.
SAS-31080 unable to map ,BP,TC,Job into impact analysis | Due to Accelerator -Tag Name case-sensitive .
SAS-28952 |IOS_execution| object still searching on the basis of class property, though property is deselected from OR
SAS-29541 Design change needed for "Refresh" icon displayed adjacent to global variable search field on service uri tab in service repository.
SAS-29507 Global variable mapping grid is not loading and auto-focus of mapped global variable in grid is not working when user selects any global variable mapped input argument on FL/TC/Business Component/Business Process.
SAS-27416 Deleted folder should be auto-closed while deleting previewed file. Error message "This artifact may have been deleted. Kindly refresh project work-space." is displayed on screen when user selects deleted folder's tab.
SAS-27210 There is no icon available for CFL on conflict window while performing Import/Sync/Merge Branch/Backup RestoreBack.
SAS-31055 user delete Artifact but without refresh again try to delete | Application display Exception message .
SAS-31053 BC map with higher component and click to delete BC .Application throw Exception message.
SAS-29536 Authentication type="OAuth2" should not be available for SOAP webservice in service repository.
SAS-30920 Wrong data source icon displayed for service URI field on service repository.
SAS-29443 Selected tab should be highlighted with full name, yellow color background and non-selected tab should be displayed only with icon in service repository. (Expected view: Similar to TC/FL data-source mapping)
SAS-29423 Global variable label with its icon not available on global variable grid when authentication type other than "OAuth2" is selected on service repository.
SAS-30895 CFL | Not displaying run time provided GV value in the output.
SAS-31041 Agent | Getting continuous exception in agent data when agent is trying to reconnect.
SAS-30935 CFL | Mac | Code is getting compile on Opkey IE plugin whereas for mac opkey IE plugin is not supported
SAS-30902 Applicaton not throw Error message regarding special character used in session tag and when user switch tab but session tag are not getting saved.
SAS-30942 Cancel button of smtp setting are hide on safari .
SAS-31011 Created on ,modified on ,Created by and modified by are not available on fl details and Expected Result and description are unable to save on Fl .| Web |Acclerator|
SAS-31015 Right click on keywords and select comment | Enter data in comment and click save .| loader are getting stuck.
SAS-31016 CFL | Bottom Panel | Details Tab | Not displaying any information in details tab. Description is not getting save in details tab
SAS-30982 Download Center | Opkey Agent | Agent is not getting login with authentication code
SAS-30961 Created backup are not display in backup section .| IE |
SAS-30923 Admin panel | Agent management | Close button pf pop up delete agent is not working
SAS-29016 "Failed test case/Browser" Graph are not displaying on Test execution summary report when user enter browser name start with Capital letter in Gv .( Case-sensitive )
SAS-30941 Alignment on Advance setting are not proper on Grid Execution|web and Acc both| Safari|
SAS-28395 Global variable | when we select data type "List" and "keyvaluepair" values are not visible and in "list" delete button not working and in "keyvaluepair" window not hide
SAS-30947 Agent | Getting IO exception when stopping the execution.
SAS-30649 Opkey Studio | Getting exception when double clicking in front of artifact after renaming it
SAS-30657 Opkey Studio | move column left button is disabled in DR
SAS-30662 Opkey Studio | Row is adding above the existing row in DR
SAS-30758 CFL | Accelerator | Coded FL is not getting save.
SAS-30602 CFL | Accelerator | Eraser button of associated libraries within libraries tab is not working
SAS-30389 Old value path data of Audit trails are display in information on Fl | when user create copy- Replica
SAS-29595 Color view of ADD to OR is not good .
SAS-29606 Color view during Create artifact are not proper.
SAS-29648 color of TAG text and Please choose folder text on Restore-to option need to update.
SAS-29652 color of text on Details option on OR need to update.
SAS-29653 color of 'Opkey' text need to update on " preview Backup", Create Backup .
SAS-29601 Icon of Object-type are not good.
SAS-29603 color light of action button on Backup are not good.
SAS-29604 Delete button on 'tag' are not in proper view.
SAS-29607 Color of Erasar icon are not proper on dashboard.
SAS-29608 Right click on page and Object then Color of Copy,paste,delete,Rename are not good .
SAS-29609 Area box of Artifact and folder are more wide.|Need to Reduce it area size.|
SAS-29610 Color of state pop-up window are not proper.
SAS-29622 Color line of ' Go to the next page ' is need to update.
SAS-29306 |OpKey6X|Data not getting reverted If Adding already added script again.
SAS-29359 Opkey 6x || Rename UPDATE in source control as PULL
SAS-29162 click on to delete i/p then user not able to delete it - loader show - please wait.
SAS-29255 user click on name link on used by.Application open blank page.
SAS-29197 Map two FL into same tc and delete one fl from project workspace then TC become blank and |user not able to add any keyword into it .
SAS-29330 If copy-paste only Project file somewhere in Any drive and provide path that project then it throws exception
SAS-29253 Opkey 6X | Save button of another OR is getting enabled if user delete OR which is in unsaved mode.
SAS-29249 Opkey6x | Error notification is showing when clicking on AddHTmlPage option while keeping focus on child object
SAS-29300 opkey6x || when we are selecting chrome the Start Recording Button Going Downwards in Web Recorder
SAS-29116 FL mapped into other FL then application show exception
SAS-29117 FL mapped with tc then application show exception.
SAS-29132 User unable to add keyword through "Add test step" on TC,FL .|Mac|
SAS-29134 checkbox of more setting on step details side are not working| user unable to checked more settings option according to keywords on FL.
SAS-29138 Output variable are not display at "Associated step output"in output on FL.
SAS-29141 Click to move GDR column left- right then application show exception.
SAS-29147 Scrollbar are not available on GDR. to move left to right to view all columns
SAS-29161 when change datatype with mismatch value in input-parameter show exception.
SAS-29164 when enter more number integer value in integer on I/P then exception appears
SAS-29169 unable to perform execution on macos
SAS-29176 User unable to rename the html page name, object name on OR.
SAS-29206 User unable to open USED BY on GLOBAL VARIABLE| Application throw exception message .
SAS-29272 Select operator in IF keyword |Application throw exception message .
SAS-29316 Application throw exception message when Fl mapped with other FL and aslo unable to delete that Fl.
SAS-29108 Click on refresh button on GDR| Application show exception message.
SAS-29137 Enter same output variable name in fl application show exception
SAS-29034 Browser name is displaying in meta information |SAAS|Accelerator|
SAS-29015 CFL | Debug run mode should be removed from coded FL as it is not implemented for it.
SAS-28367 When I deprecate a keyword then the description of that keyword is not appearing.
SAS-29040 Click on input data of " Evaluate Expression", IF " keywords then|Applicaton show focus on Global variable.
SAS-29613 color of create folder name on Restore to are not Good.
SAS-29612 Color of tag section on are not good.
SAS-29614 Area on Restore-to option are not proper to view all details of logs
SAS-29554 |OpKey6X|Switch branch icon not showing in source control tab
SAS-29357 |OpKey6X|Proper message should display into MRU page if user try to clone project which is invalid
SAS-29349 |Opkey6X|Rename update to pull in source control
SAS-29295 Opkey 6x |Hide Get Extension Button From Web Recorder
SAS-29157 Row and column line inside GDR grid are not available.
SAS-29158 move left- right scroll button bar not available at GDR.
SAS-29140 when click on refresh button focused are removed from last added keywords.
SAS-29146 Edit datatpye value in GV and Click on refresh button with saved then |Confirmation popup message are not hide from window.
SAS-29165 Create FL and try to map same fl into fl then exception appears.
SAS-30915 Keyword Management || Tooltip is not appearing.
SAS-30911 Keyword Mangement || Alignment Issue.
SAS-30904 Keyword Management || Remove dots from jar file grid.
SAS-30894 Keyword Management || When I hover the over some buttons then the color is getting grey.



Known Issues

Issue ID Summary
SAS-29264 Keyword Step Log | In step log of very first keyword of any plugin there is no space between plugin name and logs.
SAS-29258 Complete Logs | All Plugins | Getting duplicacy in complete logs for starting chrome driver and capture screenshot and in some other areas too
SAS-29136 Complete Logs | All Plugins | Getting triple zero(000) in timestamp at place of seconds in complete logs. This issue is only at the time stamp of particular logs line.
SAS-28836 Keyword Step Logs | In step logs, in the name of page title instead of printing "-" its printing "?"
SAS-28834 Keyword Step Log | In complete logs its printing step no in between the logs.
SAS-28772 Keyword Step Log | Some logs are missing in step log in comparison with complete logs.
SAS-28767 Keyword Step Logs | In step log its displaying the status of keyword as pass whereas the keyword is marked as is negative and getting fail during execution.
SAS-29537 Chrome Add On Recorder | Visual| When we adjust the cutted image up and down then the relative coordinates button gets deactivated.
SAS-31146 If recorder is older version like 2.2.6. and current version of recorder is 2.2.9 , In autolaunch the SmartRecorder update wizard or notification is Missing
SAS-29663 AddToOr|| IE Protected Browser button Disabled After the Recording , unable to add object second time
SAS-31147 Utility | ResetScreennResolution keyword is not working when scale and layout is 150%
SAS-31086 In Safari Browser , Remove IE Browser from Recorder
SAS-31084 Recorder || In Incognito Mode in Chrome || Recording through chrome Addon , chrome addon is logout abnormally
SAS-31023 Recorder || New System || when a user start Recording with Start.bat which is embedded in alert box .Recorder terminal was terminated abnormally and recorder window stuck with loader




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