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14.1 Adding Soap Service

Click on ‘Add Soap Service’ icon. A new Soap service file is added with ‘New Node’ as the default name which can be changed. Enter a valid URI in service URI text box. You may need to provide authentication credentials (from Authentication Credentials section) if it’s required by the Soap web service.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) provides you secure, encrypted communication between a website and an internet browser. But, there are few sites that do not support SSL or TSL security certificates.
While working on such sites with Service Repository in OpKey Web, you have the facility to skip SSL/TSL Error by checking ‘Skip SSL/TSL Error‘ checkbox.

  • Create a Service Repository by adding Service URI.
  • Check Ignore SSL/SE Error.

Now, all the errors related to SSL/TSL will be ignored.

Let us add a new method to the added Soap service. Click on Add Method icon.

Here, new Soap service and a method have been added but there are no XML or Header parameters. Go to the XML Parameter tab and click on Add From XML icon. A new popup window will get opened to add XML data. Enter XML data and click Save. For Example: here, we are adding Soap XML of temperature conversion.

Added Soap XML gets broken down into input parameters. Here you can see Name, DataType, DefaultValue, XMLNamespace of the input parameters. You can edit input parameter values as required. Click on Save to save all entered values.

Go to the Header Parameter tab to add required header parameters. Click on Add Input Parameter icon. Select the Name of the Input Parameter from the dropdown or enter the desired name. Select the Value of the Input Parameter from the dropdown or enter the desired value. Make sure that IsArgument checkbox is checked. You can a description of the added input parameter. Once, all such things are done, save your Soap Service Repository file.

Note: Adding new Input Parameters and providing name, value etc. to them depends on the Soap Web Service.

Create a Test case and map this SR Method and then execute your Test Case.

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