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36. Manage MetaData

Metadata Features


When the execution result gets deleted, it can’t be restored. The new feature allows the user to delete the metadata information from the execution result but it will get saved on the backend. If the user would like to access any information in the future, it can be viewed partially. When the toggle icon which is present at the right-hand side of the icon list is clicked by the user, a new tab is opened on the MetaInformation Execution Dashboard. This tab will display the list of builds and sessions which have been deleted and non-deleted ones. 

Login to the OpKey Portal and select the project.


Go to the Execution Result Tab present in the left side ribbon. The user will be redirected to a new page where Execution Result can be viewed. 


You can view the “Manage MetaData” Tab by clicking on the last button present above the “Execution Result Tab”.


The MetaData tab displays the details of the executed sessions, such as Build Name, Session Name, Project Name, Executed By, Date-Time etc. 


When you delete the sessions from the “Execution Result”, those sessions will now be visible as the highlighted one in the “Manage Metadata” tab.  

The Executed Session which has been run recently will be displayed in the “Recent Used Meta Data Tab” section present in the lower left side corner of the screen. 

The “Recent Used MetaData” tab will display the details of the last 10 recently viewed Sessions. The Recent tab which displays the last 10 executed sessions is present only in OpKey Web, not on other portals. 


On entering the “Start Date” and the “End Date” in the tab, the sessions list for a period of 90 days will be displayed, and the data can be directly downloaded in an excel format by clicking on the “Download Report” tab placed in the right side corner. 


The data for a single session and also for the entire session can be imported in an excel format.

You can also view the “Execution Result” by right-clicking on the undeleted session present on the “Recent Tab”.


The MetaData Tab is present in the other portals as well along with OpKey Web, however, the “Recent Used Meta Data” tab is only available in OpKey Web.

Please refer to the images below for OpKey Surge, Multi-Browser, and Job Portal.

OpKey Surge


Job Portal

The session which will be deleted from Execution Result will be the ones that can be deleted from MetaData. The sessions present in MetaData will not be deleted directly and will display an “Error Message” to the user while trying to do so.

The data deleted from the MetaData will be present in the MetaData Audit Trial. 

You’ll have to go to the “Admin Panel” then click on the “Setting” tab present in the lower left side ribbon “Admin Panel” .> Settings > Project Management> MetaData Audit Trial.


You can download the data from “MetaData Audit Trials” of the session from the “Export to Excel” tab.





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