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32.11 Opkey Release – 5.56

New Features

New SecuredString Input Parameter

OpKey users can now add a new type “SecuredString” of input parameter in their Function Libraries. Being secured string data, the values are shown in the encrypted form and the actual data is masked by the asterisk. The secured string value remains encrypted wherever it is used until you decrypt it by using the decryption password (set for the project).

Encrypted Secure data in LDR mode

Now the values given under the TypeSecureText keyword in a Test Case will remain encrypted even after switching to the Local Data Repository (LDR) mode until you decrypt it by using the data decryption password. If you have mapped a Function Library (having used SecuredString input parameter) with the Test Case and switched to the LDR mode then the SecuredString value will be encrypted.

OpKeyMobility-iOS Plugin enhancements

  • Now OpKeyMobility-iOS Plugin supports iOS version 13 and you can perform test automation on iOS devices having iOS version 13.
  • The object gets now highlighted during playback and fetching objects using the Spy feature. In this way, you can easily identify the object on which action is being performed.
  • There are two keywords added, SetLocation and ResetLocation which help you to set and reset location as required.
  • Once the application gets installed in the iOS device during playback, now the application gets launched automatically.

OpKey Appium Plugin enhancements

Here are some existing OpKey keywords which have now been implemented also for Appium Native android:

    1. VerifyRadioButtonExist
    2. SelectRadioButtonAndWait
    3. VerifyRadioButtonEnabled
    4. VerifyRadioButtonStatus
    5. VerifyRadioButtonDisabled
    6. GetRadioButtonStatus
    7. SelectCheckBoxByText
    8. DeselectCheckboxByText
    9. VerifyObjectDisabled
    10. ClickByText
    11. TypeByText
    12. GetTextFromTextArea
    13. GetCheckboxStatus
    14. GetObjectEnabled

There are few new services keywords added for Appium plugin on the android devices in the local environment, are as follows:

    1. SwitchAirplaneMode
    2. SwitchMobileData
    3. SwitchBluetooth
    4. SwitchGPS

A new services keyword is added for Appium plugin on the android devices in the pCloudy environment, as follows:

    1. SetSeekbar (local and pCloudy)

Note: You are recommended to download the latest released OpKey Execution Agent, install it and then use for the successful test execution and work upon the newly released features.

Major Bug Fixes

Issue Key Summary
SAS-28935 In tool dropdown salesforce setting a selection frame opens select any of the two now again click on tool drop down the selection frame remains open even you select any other thing then also
SAS-28432 external tool | in external tool(JIRA and AZURE DEVOPS) when we sync or export ,import a mapped TC in new project and after that mapped a new id with sync TC and again sync in same project then updated id are not sync
SAS-28866 Invalid input argument notification comes if Decrypt any input argument when USE DEFAULT VALUE is used
SAS-28913 Values of drop down remain encrypted in drop down if after encrypting value click again to decrypt
SAS-28924 Value do not get decrypted sometimes in FL input parameter
SAS-28861 an exception is thrown while executing parrellel session " An item with the same key has already been added"
SAS-28898 getting exception while schedulling multiple jobs at the same time through jenkins
SAS-28921 Exception occur while scheduling mutiple session at same time due to multithreading
SAS-28570 "Verify TextArea not editable" keyword failing in appium native
SAS-27272 Execution| Getting exception when user trying to send failed report through smtp settings.
SAS-28887 replica an artifact containg collection type GV and Input parameters in different project and open that partiular artifact it gives an NullRefrenceexception
SAS-28787 Sync with Collection type in same as well as other domain gives an error " [ERROR] Unable to Save. Some referenced entity may be deleted at the mean time."
SAS-28827 Click by text keyword failing in application EXPEDIA
SAS-27491 |ImageBasedExecution| Step getting fake passed by clicking over wrong positions
SAS-26871 The Splitwise app is getting crashed by clicking on a particular button at the time of recording.
SAS-28858 Exception Appear when chnage datatype of input parameter ( data time to key value pair) in FL
SAS-28796 Exeception thrown while we pause an execution
SAS-28574 Verify Editbox enabled keyword failed in appium native
SAS-28569 VerifyTextAreaEditable keyword failing in appium Native.
SAS-28566 VerifyTextArea Enabled Keyword failing in Appium Native.
SAS-28539 Verify Object Enabled keyword failing in appium native.
SAS-28779 Having issue while doing Sync because of two server architecture, call goes in different server every time sync gives exception
SAS-28588 Unable to take backup of AWS. Exception Appears when take the backup of AWS3 .
SAS-28024 The Custom_WaitForObjectDisappear keyword is not working properly.
SAS-28661 Exception getting if user click over any FL just after triggering execution
SAS-28850 On clicking usedby of Auto Data Generation it gives an exception
SAS-28742 Keyword Step Logs | Spock Agent | Not displaying the logs in step log tab when we run execution on spock agent. In call of Get result attachment there is no data in preview.
SAS-28540 In jenkins if you have given same build name and same session name then it does not change it automatically and session does not executed (pCloudy)
SAS-28124 In login user pie chart , Count header is not present in any particular field in KIBANA and the header "value" is also in appropriate
SAS-28527 while reloading the page , Download Center comes in enable state for 5 to 6 secounds
SAS-28783 while changing Global variable of collection type at run time , if we change the Collection string type into Collection int type and change collection int type to collection double type then an exception throws of unique id
SAS-28773 Keyword Step Log | In step logs its not displaying the plugin name.
SAS-28548 Global Variable value of collection Date-time or collection Key-value pair is been updated if we import any artifact mapped with Collection Type GV
SAS-28482 OpkeyJava|licence Expires when i install OpkeyJava Plugging First Time on Opkey Agent
SAS-28261 DesktopRecorder|doesn't takes take screenshot while in playback
SAS-28663 Sync in other domain with user gives an forignKey failed exception
SAS-28554 Not able to restore database dump(.obk) file. through (Database manager)
SAS-28192 DesktopRecorder|AnyApplication Mode|in Notepad and Abricotine Application Row Number 2 and Column Number 1 it returns to Row Number 1,Column number 1 pervious Data is erase and type new Data | This Is happen while Recording
SAS-28384 DesktopRecorder|Records same data for two different type keywords(window Keywords and Web Keywords) on Mouse Click
SAS-28652 Web Plugin | Chrome | Firefox | Select window is getting fail and throwing exception as array index out of bound.
SAS-28287 wrong object recorder in wait for window
SAS-28551 attach a file in any step and export it , create a replica in any other project, the file does not imported there which is mapped with the step of the exported file
SAS-28529 Execution Dashboard Build-Session Analytics| Last executed On -build displaying according to Fl also.
SAS-28525 Execution Dashboard Build-Session Analytics | When we click on Check and un-check show session "Checkbox" Data is not updating.| After Refresh|
SAS-28400 sync | Error occurred while syncing a file from one domain to another domain. Key of source domain is not getting cleared after sync.
SAS-15530 Mobile management | Pop should appears when user click on refresh button under Mobile management when user update any device.
SAS-28204 The jar files of untick keywords are also getting downloaded while execution.
SAS-28066 in attachment after attachment when we select any attached file then delete button is not visible
SAS-28383 DesktopRecorder|Records same data for two different type keywords(window Keywords and Web Keywords) while pressing tab
SAS-28375 Desktop Recording |SalesForce Keywords Recordered during Recording in Desktop Recorder in Selected applicationMode
SAS-28396 Grid execution | when we delete searching session in queued session then is show "session is deleted" but at searching state session is not deleted
SAS-28371 |Mobile_waitforobjectDisappear| object is disappeared but keyword getting failed by showing object not disappeared.
SAS-27071 Fake Pass in application Snapp!
SAS-28389 Exception message displaying when we delete attachment from shared path and goto opkey Attachment and click to export.
SAS-28694 Only FL executed build is also displayed on " Test execution summary report"
SAS-28696 Create database which is already Exist | Application directly update that schema.
SAS-28589 Exception message appears when use corrupted database dump.|Delete some data from database dump file| when it change .ext (zip) and again change its .ext (.obk)
SAS-28447 In Scheduled Sessions refresh and clear search button not working
SAS-28563 when we import the file then then it stoped at mid and
SAS-28721 browser name is not visible in meta data in execution result
SAS-28695 Word "Update Existing database " should be chnage with "Upgrade/update Existing database"| word 'Update' change to 'Upgrade'.
SAS-28860 Keyword Step Log | Throwing null reference exception when we click on download button of a empty step log
SAS-10240 ADMIN / PROFILE | Wrong information is showing on Tool Tip under profile section.
SAS-28746 Keyword Step Logs | Spock and Local agent | Formatting of live logs is not proper while executing flow on spock agent
SAS-28786 Keywords Step Log | On the top of the downloaded step log its not displaying the plugin name properly. Displaying <h4> in the starting and at the end of plugin name.
SAS-23299 JQF Issue | User getting message "No Issues Found" when user right click on test case and select JIRA Mapping option and then try to serach issue
SAS-28739 Keyword Step Logs | At the end of the step logs step no. is missing. There should be step no with its status.
SAS-28741 Keyword Step Logs | Name of the text file which is downloading from the step log is incorrect. It should be renamed as "Log_Step_[step no.].txt"
SAS-28683 execution Result | when we save the remark without adding value and change tab and again open the remark tab then it show exception
SAS-28401 Desktop Recording |click not recorded on Edit,view ,window during recording
SAS-28288 Execution console | CFL | Throwing exception when pausing and stopping the execution.
SAS-28394 Project Workspace tree | All browsers | Artifacts list which comes after clicking on create new icon is not getting off when we create Model, CFL, SR, Suite.
SAS-28380 Impact Analysis | Oracle| Wrong data is showing in Pie chart
SAS-27241 In application Tomo wallet,homepage not getting loaded and goes back to launch page.
SAS-26347 Northwell_Dashboard| When user provide filter to search job then its created on date get changed and email id got disappear.
SAS-28348 OR | when we change state of OR (Review ,Approve) then check box (Is Used ,regex) are not disable
SAS-28398 OR | after updating the OR , in unsaved mode make OR Shared OR then it is not showing any message for save the OR
SAS-28357 Actions button of backup on TC, FL , OR, GDR are compressed or changed its position when we click on it.
SAS-28381 Sparkin | Loader stucks in Project workspace panel when user deletes a folder from FL creatin pop-up under sparkin
SAS-27534 Safari | Scrolling issue
SAS-28408 |Mobile_recorder| wrong seek-bar object getting recorded
SAS-24704 GV || List Type GV || At Run Time || List Items Popup size should be bigger as it can show multiple list items.
SAS-28689 Verify TextArea Disabled keyword not implemented for Appium Native.
SAS-28552 Message are not displying correctly| show exception| when we try to perform restore operation parallely at same time at same machine.
SAS-27967 MainFrameRecorder|records Wrongs Data when Pressing arrow keys From 1 field to another field in Same Column


Known Issues

Issue Key Summary
SAS-28823 Desktop Recorder| recorder is not able to record superProductivity application
SAS-28797 java Recorder| Unable to launch CUF-Java-Application During Recording
SAS-28794 Expedia || Objects are not present on screen but keywords getting passed.
SAS-27363 Safari Browser | All Plugins || Web_TypeByText keyword is giving object not found.
SAS-27365 Safari Browser | OracleFusion || OracleFusion_IsTextPresentOnScreen keyword is not waiting for page load.
SAS-27358 IE Browser | All Plugins || All web based plugins are getting step timeout for https://sstsinc.com on IE Browser.
SAS-28719 Desktop Plugging Keyword|Win_LaunchWebApplication unable to launch ( Open Drive application) Application
SAS-28720 Desktop /java Recorder | Application (Open.Drive.Setup.0.2.0) Is Not Launched During Recording
SAS-28745 desktop Recorder |unable to launch phoneGap Desktop Application in Recorder As well As In Playback also
SAS-28758 Expedia || Unable to record date from calendar
SAS-28585 Booking || Hybrid || Object is getting highlighted but action not performed.
SAS-28583 Booking || Hybrid || The suggestion list is not appearing at the time of execution.
SAS-28571 The calender's objects are not getting spied and also not getting recorded..
SAS-27793 Random|| Showing exception(Insertion out of order) while clicking on FL.
SAS-28473 Execution || The already uploaded applications are not getting downloaded due to migration data from local to staging.
SAS-28453 Mobile_SwitchBluetooth || The keyword is asking for permission.
SAS-28478 Exception Appears when we copy BC and paste after adding new label with double click (continuously)
SAS-28950 LDR Encryption | when we execute suite with file type LDR with spock agent then it show exception
SAS-28402 when all the step of execution is executed but the session is not closed that time press pause button and the play button it gives an exception (Spock agent), and gives a "504 Gateway time-out " in local agent
SAS-28541 If we add Collection Date in Reverse collection, add Item in collection, Insert Item in collection, Get Item From Collection keyword then the input and output in the result comes in different format
SAS-28938 Click keyword fakepass in Fortune application in Appium native (iOS)
SAS-28445 Keyword Verify Editbox Disabled getting passed when no output is present
SAS-28440 SendKeys command executing internally while performingType text taking around 2 to 3 seconds
SAS-28019 "Method_CloseBrowser" not implemented in appium plugin.
SAS-27533 Reset location keyword picking location of Atlantic Ocean instead of bangalore in pcloudy devices.
SAS-28460 Value of keyValuePair data type of Global Variable is not changing in run time
SAS-28692 "Test Case Document" modal are not hide when click on refresh button.| UI are not good.
SAS-28471 Restricted files are not getting displayed under "Recently Used Artifacts" module on project dashboard if user selects restricted hierarchy in project workspace tree without expanding the folder.
SAS-28547 Execution Dashboard Build-Session Analytics | Click on Check show session and select session and un-check it| Selected Session are not removed from session box.when select other build show incorrect data.
SAS-28421 If we close the tab present just above any artifact then the auto focus come to just below present tab , if that tab is any artifact then the name of the artifact changes to "modify : artifact name"
SAS-28923 If decrypt value once then again if click on decrypt button it opens password window-either it should encrypt value or should be disable
SAS-28414 OR (IE11 specific) I when we add a frame and button and try to save it then add field is stacked
SAS-28922 Desktop Recorder| Wrong object is Recorded Of TextField, DropDownBox During Recording in Hosppital management System
SAS-28474 |Application management| apk getting stuck on uploading apk from application management
SAS-28722 Copy the folder of more than twenty OR and paste into another folder at same project.| All data are not sussccefully paste on another folder.
SAS-28768 after exporting file an blank page opens automatically
SAS-28544 If we dont have license of any platform then GoTo dropdown button should not come in screen or should be in a disable state
SAS-28894 pause the execution at the time when all the step is been executed from agent side , when the result is uploaded the play button comes in enable state
SAS-26775 Unable to click on objects in Yest Style app at the time of execution.
SAS-26778 The list of suggestions is not opening in Alaska Airlines app at the time of execution.
SAS-17110 AAR | Xpath index changes which should only be for parent root.
SAS-26558 Unable to playback in Instagram Lite application.
SAS-26658 The app Otlob is getting crashed at the recording time when I tap on some buttons.
SAS-26522 Click over some other calendar date "month view" in application Rembo while playback.
SAS-26555 Object not found in application CVS caremark.
SAS-26517 While playback object is not found in application mFine.
SAS-28454 Mobile_SwitchBluetooth || keyword not giving proper messages..
SAS-28477 Mobile_SwitchAirplaneMode || This keyword is not working..
SAS-27402 Fake Pass in Jumia app.
SAS-27398 Unable to click on one object in Fordeal app at the time of execution.
SAS-27140 Connection reset issue in Topbuzz app.
SAS-26857 Unable to click on an object in Fordeal app at the time of execution.
SAS-26853 Recorded wrong text in Splitwise app.
SAS-26910 The suggestion list is not showing in MyJio app at the time of execution.
SAS-26819 The suggestion list is not appearing in Just Watch app at the time of execution.
SAS-28830 LDR Encryption | when user export validation report then if we use string concate and called FL in TC/FL then string concate value is display wrong
SAS-12206 Getting Error message "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (userCode="... Iterator<Row> iterator = dat..."). || HttpRequestValidationException (0x80004005)" when saving CFL.
SAS-25816 Coded FL auto highlight UI Issue | User not properly getting description of coded FL error on tooltip when user compile the code and mouse hover on Error
SAS-21100 CodedFL || When importing a package from associated jar then colon at end of the statement is not getting added.
SAS-27974 Multiple focus is getting displayed on parent folder and its newly created child when user switches tab.
SAS-21268 CFL|| Icons are missing for 'Static method', static and non-static fields.
SAS-21111 Unable to export detailed pdf report of 30000 steps and an error "504 Gateway Time-Out" occurs.
SAS-21726 Gherkin | Linked FL is not getting executed when user execute Gherkin.
SAS-21202 CFL || Constructors and overloading methods are not visible in intellisense suggestions at UI level.
SAS-27965 Preview backup | during preview backup "select a folder" window is opened for few second
SAS-27464 Grid Execution| When user try to add a suite in the last row then scroll bar getting scrolled up.
SAS-27869 CFL | Microsoft Edge | Windows | pop up of open coded FL compiler comes everytime when we click on Compile button whereas coded FL compiler is already running.
SAS-27178 SR|Execution Result| Method does not exist notification is appearing when user performing open in new tab option.
SAS-25166 Some validation required on UI level for Integer and Double data type in ADG
SAS-20143 MBT | Edge Overlapping issue when user link edges from one node to another node.
SAS-26313 MBT || Issue under MBT when user switch in between two model when published log window is opened.
SAS-20185 MBT_DragDrop | Behavior of drag and drop is not proper when user drag any node in between edge and node.
SAS-20073 MBT | Edge overlapping issue when user link node through edges.
SAS-19979 MBT/DRAG DROP | Drag drop issue under MBT when user drag node under Edge .
SAS-21569 MBT | User is not able to create FL through model having more then 200 FL in it.
SAS-22961 MBT|Input Parameter| When user delete the input parameter from tab 2 and switch to tab 1 then click on refresh button then complete value is not getting remove from input parameter pop-up window.
SAS-20255 MBT | Edge should be properly visible when user drag node in between Node and edge with less distance coverage.
SAS-28397 LDR | when we use "getvaluefromkeyvaluepair" keyword in LDR and add some value in keyword in LDR then after save the LDR and reopen The LDR then data are not visible in LDR
SAS-19267 MBT /Overlapping | Overlapping issue when user create edge from one node to another node under MBT.
SAS-19077 MBT | Issue in Auto arrange when user drag node in between Self loop.
SAS-28686 in Build-Session Analytics when select the build by date and check the check box of show session then session drop down session name is not visible (old data)
SAS-28542 Actions button are in disable state and not able to create replica when we click on backup compare button.
SAS-28438 external tool | when we login external tool and mapped TC and after this logout previous AZURE credential and login new Azure credential but previous mapped Azure bug id is not unmapped
SAS-28874 Spotify || Execution || Mobile_SetSeekbar keyword is unable to set/tap on that place which I tapped at recording time.
SAS-28871 Spotify || SpyMode || the properties of objects are not getting pulled.
SAS-26849 Exception message "An item with the same key has already been added" is displayed while syncing/creating branch/importing a testcase where SR method is added.
SAS-27004 Warning message "Steps inside selected test case of highlighted path has been modified. Please publish the your model again" is displayed on screen when user highlights testcase which was marked as resolved after correcting model.
SAS-28865 Spotify || Object is getting highlighted but action not performed.
SAS-28863 java Recorder|Win_LaunchApplication Keyword with Recorded tc during Recording in ERDesignerNG
SAS-28862 Desktop Recorder| unable to launch WoW Stat application in playback and during Recording ....
SAS-28859 Spotify || The click on editbox is not getting recorded.
SAS-28857 Spotify || The application got slow after instrumentation.
SAS-23167 Wrong order(Different order from which user has added and has been executed) of datasets is displayed under each testcases displayed under business process detailed report section on session dashboard.
SAS-28849 Desktop Recorder| SelectRadioButton Fail During the PlayBack Of Wanna Application ...
SAS-28079 Email_id of current user login is not showing properly
SAS-28231 In kibana deletion of an artifact, logs of artfact name and artifact type doesnt come (Name.keyword)
SAS-28278 Project name and username is showing as missing for import , Export, Replica and restore in KIBANA
SAS-28835 Web Plugging Keyword | Keyword " Win_LaunchWebApplication " is Fail with the input of path of todometer application During excution ...
SAS-28819 desktop Recorder| During the execution of win_LaunchWebAoolication with path of superProductivity is Fail and throw org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: exited normally (chrome not reachable) .
SAS-28791 Expedia || FakePass || GetObjectExistence is giving wrong output.
SAS-28784 Desktop Recorder| TypeTextInEditBox keyword during the playback in Standard Application .
SAS-27350 After Click XHR Issue
SAS-27656 Salesforce Plugin || SF_TypeTextInTextArea is taking 6 seconds both in Classic and Lightning Mode
SAS-27655 Salesforce Plugin || Keywords are taking avg 2.5 to 3 seconds per keyword(Recorded Object).
SAS-27364 Safari Browser | Web Plugin || Keywords are taking extra time as compare to Chrome.
SAS-27359 All Browser | OracleFusion || Republish Button: jquery load url.
SAS-27355 IE Browser | OracleFusion Plugin || OracleFusion Set Timeout issue
SAS-27354 IE Browser | OracleFusion & PeopleSoft Plugin || TypeByTextAndEnter and TypeTextandEnterInTableCell is taking 6-8 seconds in IE for both OracleFusion and PeopleSoft
SAS-28766 we are able to call collection double type in collection integer type data type in input parameters
SAS-25297 PeopleSoft Plugin | IE Browser || PS_SelectCheckBoxInTableCell keyword is getting fail but is selecting the desired checkbox.
SAS-23635 Spocky Agent | OracleEBS Plugin || IE browser is not getting closed after execution.
SAS-28459 Desktop/Java Recorder unable to find object at Java_SelectTreeItem During the Playback in Application NetBeans Ide 8.1
SAS-28461 Java /Desktop Recorder unable to Find Object At Java_SelectItemFromList during Playback
SAS-28498 Desktop/Java Recorder | playback Not performed and each Keywords time out after the Recording in DrJava Application
SAS-28502 Desktop/Java Recorder | while Starting Recording In DrJava Application it Throws An exception (ArrayIndexOutofBond ) .
SAS-28513 Desktop/Java Recorder |Recorder Unable to Launch violetumleditor-2.1.0 application During Recording .
SAS-28568 Desktop Recorder|click is not recorded at header items of the James Application
SAS-28573 Desktop/Java Recorder | Recording Not performed in Joplin Application
SAS-28632 Desktop/Java Recorder| after typing the text in TypeField then Press Click on Submit button "Recorder is unable to Record this Click "
SAS-28662 wrong Keyword recorder while in Clicking Browse button in Metrogit application| record Keyword is clicklink with Sync browser
SAS-28682 Desktop/Java Recorder| button "No"and "Cancel" is Not Recorded in Save Window in MindApp Application
SAS-28688 Java Recorder| Recorder is unable to Record Click on DropBox in Pauker Application
SAS-28700 Java /desktop Recorder | During playback ,unable to click at Directories are Arranged in Tree View via Java_SelectTreeItem on Fir4j application
SAS-28707 java|desktop Recorder fake pass on Xml Button in Upper Xml tab in weblouge application
SAS-28710 java /desktop Recorder Unable to perform scroll operation During the playback , during recording while click on two codinates on the scroll at bottom of the application
SAS-28713 Destop/Java Recorder | Unable to click Global Button during PlayBack in ndm
SAS-28724 Desktop Recorder| Click Keyword twice recorded at same button automatically at a time of Recording in PaperCubes Application
SAS-28726 Desktop Recorder | fake Pass at first Select File Button during the playback . in Paper Cube application
SAS-28731 Desktop Recorder | Deselect checkbox recorded while select the desired element in checkbox and vice-versa in patchwork application
SAS-28732 desktop Recorder| During Recording click on setting element under More (Dropdown box) is not recorded in Papercubes
SAS-28733 Java Recorder| PlaYback Fail Of application SocketTest v3.0.0 after Recording
SAS-28734 Java Recorder| PlaYback Fail Of application phunkbox after Recording
SAS-28752 Desktop Recorder| Recorder is unable to records Rambox Application in every event
SAS-28753 Desktop Recorder | Type text on EditBox is Not Recorded During Recording in Ray Application
SAS-28763 Java Recorder | unable to records any events during Recording in OpenJDiary Application
SAS-28776 desktop Recorder| Tropy application is not launched in Recording and playback and via keyword.
SAS-28775 Desktop Recorder| After typing text in Password/textField and then click on login button , this click on login button is not recorded in recorder during recording in Simplenote and Skrifa
SAS-28774 Java Recorder| Java SelectTreeItem is fail during the playback , while clicking on parent of the tree and its child by using this keyword in SweetHome 3d application
SAS-28760 Expedia || Object is getting highlighted but action not performed.
SAS-28759 Expedia || Unable to record a pop-up's button. Sometimes It's getting recorded.
SAS-28757 Expedia || Mobile_clickbytext is getting failed.
SAS-28756 Expedia || Android || ObjectNotFound
SAS-28631 Admin Panel>> User management | Spans of dropdown box are opening in left side of the dropdown box
SAS-28598 Booking || Objects are not getting recorded.
SAS-28717 Booking || Execution || the color of buttons is getting changed.
SAS-28715 Booking || Execution || Object is getting highlighted but action not performed.
SAS-28578 Bookings || Execution || The button's color is getting white while clicking on it.
SAS-28703 Booking || Recording || object is getting recorded with different x-path in different different devices.
SAS-28702 Booking || Execution || Unable to click on back icon.
SAS-28701 Booking || Hybrid || Execution || App is getting slow after performing some steps.
SAS-28606 Booking || one extra keyword is getting recorded after selecting option from every dropdown,
SAS-28593 Booking || Correct Relation API is not getting pulled.
SAS-28587 Hybrid || Recording || Snapshots are not getting pulled.
SAS-28577 SelectRadioButton || This keyword is throwing exception.
SAS-28564 Mobile_SwitchMobileData || keyword is not working...
SAS-28562 Mobile_SwitchGPS|| It's not working for Version 10.
SAS-28555 Mobile_SwitchAirplaneMode || This keyword is not working for Samsung devices version 9.
SAS-28549 Mobile_SwitchAirplaneMode || An exception is appearing while executing....
SAS-25413 Bitbucket || (race condition issue) In parallel execution, if auto generated Build and Suite then getting exception.
SAS-26262 AWS Agent crash issue | Trigger execution of 1 day and try to stop session directly through Spock Agent
SAS-28475 All the data is getting disappeared while clicking on sync.
SAS-28530 Android || Quora App || Recorder || Objects are getting recorded in wrong sequence..
SAS-28528 Android || Quora App || Recorder || One extra object is getting recorded on every tap.
SAS-28523 SYNC || Issue with sync from staging to production...
SAS-28496 Android || Recording || The quora app is getting slowed after instrumentation.
SAS-28431 Random || Getting exception while placing a jar file.
SAS-27775 Random|| Able to upload same Jar file again in keyword management.
SAS-28687 when we select build and session in Build-Session Analytics and then download reports then all name of session are not in downloaded pdf file
SAS-28437 Execution Wizard | Sessions tags console is not removing when we deselect the checkbox of validation report.
SAS-28693 Data are not completely display in "Session Status " on Execution result .
SAS-28945 Utility | Utility_Presskey is not working properly on Flipkart login page (pop-up)
SAS-28939 SR | User is able to execute Rest Method with 2 Authorization when execute a method but it is showing error if it is executed from FL/TC
SAS-28395 Global variable | when we select data type "List" and "keyvaluepair" values are not visible and in "list" delete button not working and in "keyvaluepair" window not hide
SAS-27180 IE11 specific||Guid is displayed in place of dataset name in session dashboard on IE11 browser.
SAS-28925 LDR Encryption | when user delete IP with secured string in SR then password window not opened
SAS-28926 Web_TypeByText | Getting Failed with Message Object Not Found when given Partial Text in Dynamic Object
SAS-28691 Click on refresh button on GV| Refresh view are not displaying on front window
SAS-28382 backup | After creating changes and without saving the CFL and GDR backup is created without showing message "artifact is in unsaved mode"
SAS-28651 CFL | Execution status tab is visible in CFL whereas execution status is not implemented for coded FL. Hide the tab of execution status.
SAS-26904 Type Text issue in application Instagram lite
SAS-26811 Instrumentation issue in application Hubay.
SAS-26569 Unable to record in Opera News app.
SAS-26659 Unable to click on some icons in Nearbuy app at the time of execution.
SAS-27155 Unable to spy on objects in application Aggreko
SAS-27156 Unable to spy on images in application Nykaa
SAS-26750 In Spy mode object not getting highlighted in application Hyperli.
SAS-27348 Type Text and clickstep getting recorded twice.
SAS-26577 Unable to click on Sign in with email button in Topface app and showing pass in result.
SAS-26578 Sometimes, able to click on globe icon at the time of execution. And when I change the language or when I click on login button, the Quora app is getting crashed at the recording time.
SAS-26612 Unable to click on Settings icon in Ventusky app at the time of execution.
SAS-26689 Date Picker scenerio getting failed by using custom keyword - ClickOnDeviceObject as well.
SAS-27226 Unable to Spy/highlight objects in application Vertfolio.(Hybrid)
SAS-28419 Admin Panel>> File Transfer History | Instead of showing Restore Backup its displaying Import Sync in File transfer history when we restore the backup in any artifact.
SAS-28418 Admin Panel>> File Transfer History | Instead of showing Preview Backup its displaying Replica in File transfer history when we restore the backup of any artifact.
SAS-28417 Admin Panel>> File Transfer History | Instead of showing RestoreTo its displaying Replica in File transfer history when we restore the backup of any artifact.
SAS-26898 Some objects are getting recorded two times in Quora app.
SAS-27498 |Mobile_execution(Hybrid)| Object not getting searched on the basis of class property
SAS-27494 |Mobile_recorder|Indeed job search (HYBRID)| step not getting recorded on clicking over a country flag
SAS-28469 opkey Saas (https://qa1.stg.smartopkey.com)|WithNoKeywords |Rightclick at keyword with testobject | Recorder is not enable .
SAS-28892 Web_SelectRadioButtonBytext | Keyword Getting Failed With Message Object Not Found
SAS-28891 Web_SelectCheckBoxByText | Keyword is getting failed with message Object Not Found
SAS-28890 Web_SelectCheckBoxByText and Web_DeSelectCheckBoxByText | Keyword Getting Fake Passed incase of Before set to False
SAS-28889 Web_ClickByText Keyword Is Getting Failed With Message Object Not Found
SAS-28216 When we input data in "Double Datatype" with input parameter then data changing in incorrect form.
SAS-28336 Mac | Spock Agent | Teleprting tunnel jar | Jar downloading pop up comes everytime when we execute flow spock. Whereas its is already installed.
SAS-27455 Tag Issue | Tags is not visible in all artifact when user add Tags in artifact and perform copy replica
SAS-27416 Deleted folder should be auto-closed while deleting previewed file. Error message "This artifact may have been deleted. Kindly refresh project work-space." is displayed on screen when user selects deleted folder's tab.
SAS-28063 CFL | Intellisense is getting turn off when when we start the execution of that CFL.
SAS-26310 OR|IE Specific| On renaming object name save button is not getting enable.
SAS-27448 GDR || Local & Production Environment || GDR should not be Exported if it is in Unsaved Mode.
SAS-27202 Continuous loader is displayed on test conflict popup when user clicks "Yes" button on sync cancel confirmation popup provided that test conflict/encryption password providing popup is displayed on screen.
SAS-28050 Custom keyword is not getting disappeared after deprecation.
SAS-27445 GDR || Local and Production Environment || AES value is displaying for the Encrypted cells.
SAS-27210 There is no icon available for CFL on conflict window while performing Import/Sync/Merge Branch/Backup RestoreBack.
SAS-26994 UI is stuck at test case creation window when user publishes a model.
SAS-21463 MBT| Unnecessary loader appears when user click on New Test case Tab under analyse window.
SAS-27188 Popup closing confirmation popup is displayed on screen after test case creation process in Model.
SAS-20703 Model | User is able to move editable field under MBT when user edit any node.
SAS-18000 MBT | User is not able to Drag existing FL under MBT .
SAS-28684 execution Result | in build status when we have only one or two build name out of three then hover on first build name then is show "no data found" message
SAS-28697 | If we click on refresh button Again and again | then Graph Data are update on the Prjoect workspace, execution result, Build session Analytics | In Running state|
SAS-28565 external tool Azure | when we call FL1 in FL2 And FL2 call in TC and execute then its bug is created in AZure then in OpKey Execution Stats the name of called FL in FL2 are not displayed
SAS-28781 When Click on conflict artifact no test result are displayed and aslo submit button are in enable mode.
SAS-28788 Right Click on artifact and click on paste then Exception appears.
SAS-28399 Desktop Recorder| During Playback object not found at Cortana( search box) in Any Application Mode
SAS-28518 Input Parameter of Date-time datatype is showing error if date is selected above "12"
SAS-26752 All processes during syncing should be combined together to one progress bar instead of separate progress bar for each process.
SAS-28956 Date-Timestamp Watermark is overlapping with text on the snapshot
SAS-26567 Unable to click on Back and Search buttons in Mi Store app and result showing pass.
SAS-26568 A pop-up is appearing on any page in Jumia app. Unable to handle.
SAS-27237 Unable to record objects in application Behrouz biryani.
SAS-26704 Untapped application not getting recorded in device motorola G3
SAS-28893 Web_SelectRadioButtonByText | Keyword Unable to Find the Radio Button present in "#shadow-root"
SAS-27896 when we click on to cancel the "Export" operation 'No Alert message appear on the screen.
SAS-27980 Admin panel>>Project management>>Project workspace audit trails | Its displaying the records of the creation and deletion of folder Dependent_Artifacts and Label Dependencies(1) when we create replica of a folder in project workspace.
SAS-28872 Spotify || Recorder || One extra keyword is getting recorded after clicking on seek bar.
SAS-28367 When I deprecate a keyword then the description of that keyword is not appearing.
SAS-28761 Expedia || The color of lets go button is getting changed at the execution time.
SAS-28716 Booking || Execution || the color of edit field is changing.
SAS-28370 When I click on cross icon then all the cross icons are blinking...



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