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32.5 Opkey Release – 5.48

New Features

Introducing advanced iOS Recorder & Playback Engine

Now, there is an advanced iOS Recorder engine available in OpKey. You can record actions performed on an iOS device located on pCloudy. You can playback the recorded iOS script by using new OpKey Mobility-iOS plugin on pCloudy device. Earlier to this, there was only Android Recorder in the OpKey for creating mobile scripts by recording actions performed on local as well as pCloudy device & play it back.

Furthermore, iOS apps (existing on OpKey cloud environment) can now be re-instrumented on the environment, as per requirement. If there are any changes in the instrumentation due to which app instrumentation is required, you can re-instrument it by clicking on the given re-instrument button. Thus, you don’t need to upload new app, instrument it again.

Steps to be followed for using iOS Recorder engine:

  • Go to the Tools menu & click on Mobile Management.
  • Upload your iOS Application from Application Management
  • Navigate to Device Management page, select online Agent & register your connected iOS device.
  • Create your Test Case & open it.
  • Click on Record button & select Mobile Recorder.
  • Select an OR file.
  • Select pCloudy environment.
  • Login to pCloudy with valid credentials.
  • Select iOS version, iOS application, iOS device and start recording.
  • Once the Test Case is created, add it to a Suite & execute it on a pCloudy device using OpKey Mobility-iOS plugin.

Coded FL Enhancements

There are some major enhancements in the Coded Function Library. Now, local OpKey Agent will not be required for executing Coded FLs. You can execute your Coded FLs through Spock Agent. In addition, you don’t need to install different plugins as Local Agent is not required. Thus, dependency on Local Agent for test execution of Coded FL has been removed. You can use your input/output parameters within the code by using advanced Intellisense feature. You just need to click on Start Intellisense button or press Ctrl+Spacebar button. There will be list of suggested items in the dropdown & you have to choose your input/output parameter.

Enhanced performance of Local Data Repository

With this OpKey release, now you can create two types of Local Data Repository – Default & File type. If there is less data then you should use Default type of LDR. But, if there are large amount of data then you can create File type of Local Data Repository. You can export File type of LDR and add large amount of data as per your requirement. Furthermore, you can import an Excel file and use its data to LDR. Performance of using LDR has also been improved significantly.

Steps to be followed for creating Local Data Repository:

  • Create a Test Case by recording or manually.
  • Switch to Local Data Repository (LDR) mode.
  • Click on LDR tab added in dockable panel at bottom.
  • Click on Add button > Select LDR type – Default or File
  • If you have created File type of LDR then you can export it by clicking on Export Excel button. You can add additional data to the exported Excel LDR & update it by clicking on Update Excel button.
  • You can click on Import Excel button to import Excel file & use its data in LDR.

Restriction of uploading suspicious files on OpKey

Due to security reasons, uploading attachments, jar & apk/ipa files having suspicious file extensions or double extensions, will not be allowed.

Other Enhancements
Now, OpKey has been upgraded to latest MySQL version 8.0, Selenium 3.141.59 along with JQuery. Such upgrades result overall performance improvements of the OpKey.

Note: Due to major architectural changes in OpKey, it’s compulsory to download & install latest released OpKey Agent for test execution.

Major Bug Fixes

Issue key Summary
SAS-23921 Suite || Browser Stack || Every time Session getting queued while executing suite through Browser Stack.
SAS-23889 Project dashboard is not loading after selecting project
SAS-21490 Recorder || Soube : Application get stopped as it get launched
SAS-21453 Recorder Spy || Petal : When user try to record spy on grid recorder or Div on the any step of application , application get launched another window for a multiple of time .
SAS-23711 Mobile Application Issue | when try to upload mobile application then it is showing status on screen “Waiting for processing”
SAS-23841 Security Bug || Loader gets stucked whenever user update Profile with Captcha in Admin.
SAS-23352 Oracle EBS | Oracle_IsTextPresentOnScreen || Keyword is throwing no object attached error message if text is given through Data Input Arguments.
SAS-21528 Recorder || Mocker : When user recording steps of application , steps of application is not getting recorded in recorder grid but recorded in Div recorder
SAS-23508 |local Mobile Recorder| Recording not getting stopped on clicking over Save button
SAS-23428 FL/TC|Recorder| Drop down list of keywords is not displaying in left side in spy mode and recorder window.
SAS-23667 Excel DataSheet || Getting exception “System.NullReferenceException” whenever user create flow having one step which takes input argument with the combination of keyword which doesn’t take input argument.
SAS-23669 Excel DataSheet || Grouping not working in Excel DataSheet LDR.
SAS-23803 Security Bug || Agent Management | No Agent is displaying under Agent Management in Admin Panel.
SAS-23751 Accelerator| UI getting distorted and user unable to perform action on accelerator.
SAS-23558 FL/TC|Collection| Multiple pop-up window is getting open when user click on Add button from data input argument tab and focus get lost from selected field.
SAS-23706 User creation Issue | User not able set password at the time of user creation getting error message on screen “Password length in between 8 to 15 character”
SAS-23757 Scheduler| Scheduler calendar is not loading.
SAS-23708 Execution Issue | User not able to perform execution on provided local environment “”
SAS-23719 Execution Issue | Not able to trigger execution on local environment
SAS-23738 Security Bug || Getting wrong error “Password length must be between 8-15.” whenever user modified any user in Admin Panel.
SAS-23739 Security Bug || Unable to create New user and getting error “Password length must be between 8-15.” whenever user create new user in Admin Panel.
SAS-23737 Security Bug || Loader gets stucked whenever user update SSO provider and click on Close button in Admin.
SAS-23545 Keyword Management| Unable to update custom keyword.
SAS-23447 Exeuction Result|Global Variable|FL/TC| Unable to decrypt any of the secured string value as OK button is not displaying in decryption pop-up window.
SAS-23412 Recorder| When user click on stop recording button then data is not getting loaded and loader getting stucked.
SAS-23403 TC/FL| Recorder| Unable to open Java/Desktop recorder pop-up window.
SAS-23405 OR|Add to OR| Add to OR recorder window is not getting close when user click on close button.
SAS-23519 Jira| Unable to fetch Additional Settings from Jira and loader get stuck.
SAS-23409 FL/TC|Flow Chart| Unable to switch to flow chart view when user click on flow chart option.
SAS-21518 Playback || Sqlectron : Standalone browser is not getting launched by playback and sometime without launch of browser it giver fake pass to sync browser
SAS-21496 Playback || Common || Standalone browser web page : Recorded elements in standalone web page is not performing any action in playback
SAS-21537 Playback || Patchwork : Standalone browser web-page steps are not getting call on playback after launch of browser .
SAS-21611 Playback || Githoard : Playback for the steps recorded in standalone browser is not play
SAS-23723 Export/Sync Issue | Not able to perform export and sync action on provided environment
SAS-23849 Replica not working if perform replica from one domain to other domain for File type LDR
SAS-21783 Exception is coming on deleting values in angular bracket
SAS-23920 SAAS Impact Analysis || IE Browser | Impact Report : When User Deselect all and again select all (Objects and Entity)or some data in frame “Impact Overview of Objects ” of Summery tab , It stills display no data found.
SAS-23923 SAAS Impact Analysis | Impact Report | Details Tab |Watermark| When User Deselect all the Items of “By Object and By Operations ” then black white display get appeared
SAS-23910 Northwell_Dashboard| User is unable to delete job from portal.
SAS-23866 FL/TC|BC| Focus switch to next tab i.e. input data, when user select dynamic object radio button from test object tab.
SAS-23329 IE|UI get distorted when select data from drop down in Collection keyword
SAS-23353 Selenium JS / RightClickOnObject | RightClickOnObject keyword is not working as expected.
SAS-23919 Coded_FL Issue | in case of mac machine both compiler and Intellisense option should be disable
SAS-23486 Replica| Dependent artifact folder is not getting created when ever user create replica.
SAS-23821 Coded_FL Issue | User getting exception on screen when user add library in coded FL and go through Import section and press “CTRL+Space”
SAS-23883 Coded FL Issue | User getting multiple Tunnel launcher on screen when user press (CTRL+Space) multiple time to use intellisense
SAS-23912 Coded_FL Issue | Intellisense is not working on my system it is showing “Null” in Compiler launcher screen
SAS-23892 In default LDR loader should come while importing some file
SAS-23891 File type LDR is not getting downloaded or Imported with same name as in TC
SAS-23885 F_ID not found notification comes when update any file and download
SAS-23922 Sync | Getting exception when syncing a folder
SAS-23816 Export/Import | unable to import file which is exported from accelerator
SAS-23718 Random / Selenium Js | Option are getting visible twice time during recording.
SAS-23903 GDR || Unable to select sheets from dropdown when user import data from Excel.
SAS-20611 Desktop Recorder || MongoDb Appliaction | Click on the object does not record
SAS-23913 SAAS Impact Analysis | Impact Report | Oracle : User Interface : Frame Headline ” Changes in Salesforce Object is incorrect “
SAS-23881 SAAS Impact Analysis | Impact Report : Summery & Details || UI alignment for dropdown in summery and Details tab is getting disturbed
SAS-23520 Mobile Management| Unable to upload application from pcloudy in application management.
SAS-23890 UI | Local Mobile recorder || The UI for Local Mobile recorder window is disturbed
SAS-11880 Execution Result | Unable to Click on Button/Tab on Execution Result.
SAS-23854 Business Component || Steps not editable in Grid mode on Business Component.
SAS-23489 Smart Recorder | Div window is not getting launch during recording.
SAS-23742 If change type from File type LDR to Default LDR then data should not be saved in Default LDR of File type
SAS-23350 Coded_FL || Getting “java.lang.NullPointerException” at execution time, if CodedFL having any unused output parameter.
SAS-23835 SIA || If there is single or 2 pie charts at 1st chart of dashboard then they should be visible on center.
SAS-23836 SIA || After click on generatedArtifacts button, shown window not having right name and icon is missing.
SAS-23837 SIA || Create job window’s icon is missing.
SAS-21017 Desktop Recorder || Badsh Application : Click over Drop down item does not record
SAS-20861 Recorder Issue || Appium Application: Click Action show in grid after performing and desktop action
SAS-23712 Java_Recorder || Spy || Incorrect PX/PY Properties values getting spied of an object.
SAS-21148 Recorder Issue || Buttercup :Sometime recorder fail to record some steps and Application gives fake pass on playback
SAS-21135 Recorder Issue || gSubs : Close button is not recorded by smart recorder
SAS-23840 MBT / Published Logs | Exception “The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.” occur when user click on published logs option under MBT.
SAS-23838 SIA || Preserve details.
SAS-23820 SIA || There is no change in object but it is showing test artifacts impacted in dashboard and summary chart.
SAS-21536 Recorder || Patchwork : User enter text inside search box is not getting recorded by recorder .
SAS-21121 Recorder Issue || Electorrent : UI get changed ( Center to left ) , when user start step recording
SAS-23779 Accelerator || When User refresh the whole tab on browser , there is : ” VM2615:7 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ” message is appeared in f12 console
SAS-23699 SAAS Impact Analysis || Dashboard || UI get disturbed on dashboard Object Impacted frame ,When user created reports of snapshots with max object
SAS-23707 SAAS Impact Analysis || Salesforce | Oracle || Impacted Report : In Summery and Details tab the select all checkbox of dropdowns are stop working randomly
SAS-23678 SAAS Impact Analysis || Dashboard || Impacted Report : Impacted OpKey Test Cases : When there is no any Tc and Bp in the same project water mark for No object found is absent in areas
SAS-23662 Export | Getting exception when exporting sparkin mapped with JIRA
SAS-20544 Artifact name should be accordingly in Import window
SAS-23328 Exception while syncing if once sync some file then delete that file at destination and again sync same file
SAS-23828 Steps not getting updated in exported LDR file
SAS-23728 Importing all types of files as File type LDR
SAS-23833 Data Repository type changes from Local to Global when change from LDR to No Local Data Repository used
SAS-23229 Collection data type values are not visible in LDR default row
SAS-23725 Exception comes while exporting LDR of file type
SAS-23801 Admin || Getting exception ” Project not selected” whenever user click on Go to Admin Button.
SAS-23731 GDR Issue | Getting 500 server error in console and also getting wrong message on screen when try to add existing column in GDR
SAS-23819 SIA || At dashboard count of layout is wrong when taking snapshot by including all 3 entities.
SAS-23651 SAAS Impact Analysis || Manage Snapshot | New Analysis : Exception get occurred , When user create the new analysis of selected snapshot which are deleted from the another opkey login in another browser
SAS-23495 Project Workspace| On cancelling replica user getting error in console i.e. cannot read property of data source undefined and loader get stuck on dashboard.
SAS-23722 Sync| While syncing at destination end and clicking on bell icon then error is displaying in console i.e. TypeError: dataFactory.AjaxTimer is not a function.
SAS-23724 Sync|Import| When user double click on bell icon multiple pop-up window is getting open.
SAS-22271 Data type should not be convertible for keyvalue type
SAS-23264 Accelerator|| Live-Result|| Wrong build name is getting displayed in live result on accelerator platform.
SAS-23363 Footprint Streaming || Script not executing and getting error in Agent “Footprint MD5 check failed. Data corrupted in transit” , whenever user’s Agent time is not updated.
SAS-23451 FL/TC| Unable to add comments in comment keyword.
SAS-23199 Java Keyword: Get keyword failed with step time out message
SAS-21404 Java Recorder || Objecct should be recorded by its name which shown in the application
SAS-23794 SIA || Deleting 2 reports, but at deletion times showing selecting all snapshot to delete but at last deleting only selected 2.
SAS-23332 Browserstack | Unable to execute suite on browserstack if more than 2 browsers/windows are selected
SAS-23810 Datasheet| Blank file is creating when we copy paste sheet in LDR
SAS-23487 FL|Execution Status| When user click on Message, debug info, function call, function result or remarks tab in session tab then none of the tab is opening.
SAS-23540 TC|LDR| No notification is displaying when user clear name of LDR and a error is appearing in console.
SAS-23754 OR|Add To OR| Drop list contents is not displaying in OR recorder grid when user spy any object and watermark text is not displaying.
SAS-23692 Excel DataSheet || File type should be displayed on DataRepositoryType column in Suite, whenever user select Type as File in TC
SAS-23354 Selenium JS | “VerifyObjectDoesNotExists” keyword is getting failed when mapped with the object which is not present that page.
SAS-23493 FL/OR | Exception “‘0’ row found with object ID ‘00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000′” occur when user refresh or grid.
SAS-23421 Salesforce || Enviroment setup : View Details > Child Chart : No updation of any graph in child chart after doing Impact analysis
SAS-23796 Accelerator / Jobs | Exception “The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter” occur when user open Tc in new tab.
SAS-23788 Accelerator | Business Component || Search | Searching added BC by search Box on BC is not working
SAS-23791 Accelerator || Business Component || When user click on finish button of local execution for playback of BC , it send message on Console “mainAngular.js?v= Uncaught TypeError: window.protocolCheck is not a function”
SAS-23682 Excel DataSheet || Loader gets stucked whenever user import Excel file in Empty Test Case.
SAS-23744 SAAS Impact Analysis | Team Change || Platform Switch | Dual popup appeared when user click for multiple or dual actions on buttons
SAS-23314 Global Variable || Collection || Added row getting disappear whenever user add blank row and then click on move up button.
SAS-23797 Sparkin | UI of Details tab is not proper
SAS-23659 Northwell_Dashboard| TMT check box is not getting enabled after providing settings in TMT.
SAS-23448 Keyword Management|Attachment| Unable to update the same .jar file or files in keyword management and Attachment
SAS-23556 Grid Execution|Suite|FL| Multiple pop-up window is getting open and dashboard getting scrolled up.
SAS-23753 Accelerator|Live Result| Show result button is not getting enable in live result chart when user stop session and that session is closed on agent.
SAS-23746 Project Workspace Dashboard| Unable to open artifact from Recently Used Artifacts in Folder : Project Workspace when right click on artifact and select open in new tab option.
SAS-23576 Execution Result| Session logs is downloading in wrong format. It should be download in *.zip* format instead of *.txt*
SAS-23575 Flickering is appearing through out the application.
SAS-23414 OR|Add to OR| When user spy on any object no data is reflecting in add to or recorder grid.
SAS-23321 Scheduler| Refresh button is not working under scheduler pop-up window.
SAS-23661 SAAS Impact Analysis || Manage Snapshot | Exceptions occurred when user enter max character data in description box
SAS-23445 Accelerator| Loader get stuck on Dashboard when user close any tab.
SAS-23729 SAAS Impact Analysis || Exception occurred when user frequently change the tab , i,e Dashboards to Impact report to Manage Snapshot
SAS-23437 GDR Issues | User not able to add remove and rename column and getting exception when user click on move right and left
SAS-23644 SAAS Impact Analysis || Setting | Modules Setting : User is not able to Collapse the “Add Team ” frame when another Frame for add team is in process
SAS-23679 SAAS Impact Analysis ||Orcle : Impacted Report : In frame of ” Impact Overview Of Objects ” Watermark for “Sorry ! No Object Found ” is not appeared when user deselect all the object and Entities .
SAS-23759 Mobile Management| When user click on add new application from pCloudy button multiple times then back to back pop-up window gets open.
SAS-23714 SAAS Impact Analysis || Dasboard Switching By Tab : Copying Tab and switching the platform Salesforce to Oracle or Vise – versa , Platform get change but tha data show in another copied tab is still same for previous platform
SAS-23717 SAAS Impact Analysis | Team Change || Tab Switch | Exception Occurred , When User Select Team on Tab Switched (Salesforce to Oracle and Vice versa )
SAS-23721 SAAS Impact Analysis || Opkey Service Change | Accelerator to Impact Analysis | User select Impact Analysis switch from accelerator But , it shows Accelerator , not an Impact analysis in Startup Logo
SAS-23583 SAAS Impact Analysis || Impact Analysis : Exception occurred when user continuously switching dashboard with Salesforce to Oracle and Vice-Versa
SAS-23632 SAAS Impact Analysis || Project Dashboard | Pie charts of object Impacted getting Randomly swaping in their position and UI get Disturbed
SAS-23780 Accelerator || Job By Date : UI for Select Date/Month/ Year calendar getting disturbed
SAS-23781 Accelerator || Execution Result | UI is getting disturbed when user expand the result of executed flow
SAS-23787 Accelerator || BP || BC || TC || Jobs | UI are getting disturbed
SAS-23237 SMTP Report || Incorrect Session name is coming in Report sent through SMTP whenever user execute suite through Browser Stack.
SAS-22861 JavaPlayback || Java_Click, Java_ClickButton keyword issues for the Applications which responds slow after a click on any control.
SAS-22858 JavaPlayBack || Application Specific || yEd Graph Editor || Java_Click keyword not working properly on these controls in PlayBack.
SAS-23677 Selenium JS | Not able to identify plugin setting option is enable or not.
SAS-23365 Selenium Js | “Index is invalid” message appears when user execute it “WaitForObjectEditable” keyword.
SAS-23579 Suite | Exception “The given key was not present in the dictionary.” occur when user click on java export option.
SAS-23747 Chrome Addon | User is not able to record drop down object during recording through Chrome Recorder.
SAS-23688 SIA || Need to change several messages.
SAS-23630 Java_Playback || Asterix || Java_SelectTabItem getting failed in playback.
SAS-23655 SIA || Under settings UI needs to change.
SAS-23134 Opkey Chrome Addon Recorder || SelectDropdown and SelectMultipleDropdownItem is not fetching selected element .
SAS-23658 SIA || Getting An unhandled exception “Cannot deserialize the current JSON array…”,if trying to take new-snapshot of the object which was erased in mean time.
SAS-23587 SIA || When comes back to already opened HTML report of layout it takes non-reasonable time to show contents.
SAS-23691 SIA || At impact report search icon’s column name should be “View”
SAS-23696 SIA || Settings panel related issues.
SAS-23689 SIA || Icon is missing for “New analysis window” and for “New snapshot”
SAS-23681 SIA || Team 1 snapshot should not be able to compare with team 2 snapshot.
SAS-23647 SIA || Team name should be sort-able.
SAS-23564 SIA || Unable to Load team specific setting on firefox (62.0.2) at new snapshot window getting message at console “Can’t convert null to object”
SAS-23649 SIA || Getting scrollbar at new snapshot window when pressing next button.(At that time there was no team created)
SAS-23529 SIA || HTML layout getting distorted if doing resize.
SAS-23483 FL/TC|Tabs| Close tab and Close other tab functionality is not working properly.
SAS-23554 Accelerator| Loader get stuck when user switch from BC/BP/TC/Job to Project Workspace.
SAS-23634 Recorder Grid| On adding a step in recorder grid then error is displaying in console i.e. grid.sync is not a function.
SAS-23431 FL/TC| Toggle switch is not working when user once switch from web to desktop and desktop to web.
SAS-23452 GDR| Unable to encrypt column of GDR.
SAS-23582 pCloudy|Cloud|BroswerStack Dashboard| When user click on login button multiple times from pCloudy/Cloud/BrowserStack then error is displaying in console and loader get stuck.
SAS-23415 OR|Add to OR|UI| Alignment of buttons and text is not proper and unnecessary scroll bar is displaying.
SAS-23407 OR| Getting error in console when user click on Import OR button in OR.
SAS-23572 SIA || If no data then there should be a blank data chart at summary chart 2nd.
SAS-23537 Global Variable|Random| Not able to open GV pop-up window and getting error in console i.e. cannot read property of center undefined.
SAS-23566 Project List| When user click on project list multiple times then back to back project list is appearing.
SAS-23702 SAAS Impact Analysis || Dashboard | Entity Based Changes : Count of Entity in Field and Layout is Incorrect
SAS-23705 SAAS Impact Analysis | Dashboard || Entity Based Changes : Without adding any Field and Layout in Object , Pie charts shows incorrect count
SAS-23388 After completing some execution open browser is not getting launch.
SAS-23637 SeleniumWebDriver | Exception “java.lang.ClassCastException” occur when user execute Mouse hover keyword.
SAS-21512 Playback || CodeNote : Playback getting stuck . action performing by recorder is not display same in playback . ( Without closing of previous step net step is playing and get stuck and display message Unable to identify elements )
SAS-21509 Playback || Zettlr : Playbacks taking too much time to play recorded actions and sometime fails to call steps .
SAS-21424 Playback || Media Mate : While doing playback , the calling of elements get stuck and repeat messege in Opkey window ” Unable to identify elements”
SAS-21417 Playback || eSteem : While doing playback on standalone browser , without any playing of steps , playback gives fake pass to steps
SAS-21273 Playback Issue || Harmony : Sometime , some of elements are fails to call in playback
SAS-21213 Recorder || Playback || Common : Desktop Application
SAS-21174 Playback Issue || Isonomia : Application get launched with Console and playback fail to call some steps, which are recorded by recorder
SAS-21132 Playback Issue || KALK : On Playback the recorded steps can’t get redirect to their position
SAS-23687 SAAS Impact Analysis : Impacted Report : Compare Changes Data : Layouts HTML Report is not getting appeared in their Tab
SAS-23533 SAAS Impact Analysis || Impact Report | UI | Summery : In Impact Overview Of Objects , when user is not selecting any option from Object and Entities , then Pie chart is get diapered and there is not message displayed
SAS-23578 SAAS Impact Analysis || Salesforce | Oracle || Manage Snapshot : When User create snapshot and select and Deselect object same object and then select another object but the snapshot includes the object item also which are deselect
SAS-23584 SIA || Ifo for user is missing for dashboard and summary charts with i icon.
SAS-23592 SIA || Choose option between Salesforce and oracle should contain cross icon with its functionality if user tries to change platform after first time selection.
SAS-23631 SAAS Impact Analysis || Oracle | Dashboard : ” Entity based Changes ” Object dropdowns are not taking last executions object
SAS-23745 Project List| Current project is not highlighted when user click on project list button.
SAS-23894 Accelerator || No information displaying in Message, Debug info, Function Call, Function Result under Execution Result.
SAS-23897 Execution Result dashboard | Pie chart and count is showing in wrong
SAS-23900 FL/TC|BC| When user click on property field value and click outside then unnecessary notification is displaying i.e. property name already exists.
SAS-23664 Java_PlayBack || PackJacket || Java_ClickButton keyword click the same object while user click on two different objects.
SAS-23701 Java_Recorder || IzPack Japanese Dictionary || Win_LaunchApplication get recorded for java application.
SAS-23827 Coded_FL UI Issue | [i] should be visible with highlighter instead of [c] for start intelisense in Coded_FL
SAS-23898 Recorder Grid Issue | Getting UI issue on recorder grid
SAS-23907 Icon of details tab in sparkin is different from other artifacts
SAS-23905 TC/FL/BC || Once user mapped value in data input argument for a keyword after that focus always comes to the Data Input Argument Tab for each keyword which takes Data Input Argument.
SAS-23909 FL | Focus get shifted from step output to data input argument when user provide step output.
SAS-23902 |local Mobile recorder| UI is not perfect
SAS-23864 Accelerator || Keyword list is not displaying in Keyword & frequently used Tab on Business Component.
SAS-23845 Accelerator | Double loader appears on screen when user click on export artifact
SAS-23668 Java_Playback || jEdit || In playback click keyword click different object.
SAS-23846 Import | Getting exception when importing artifact
SAS-23831 LDR | UI of LDR window is disorted
SAS-23716 Java_Recorder || Java_TypeKeysInTextArea/Java_TypeKeysOnEditBox/Java_ClickEditField/Java_ClickTextArea keywords getting failed for the object which do not contains PX/PY Properties.
SAS-23715 Java_Recorder || PX/PY Properties not coming for an object whenever user directly type text in Edit Field or Text Area without click on them.
SAS-23825 Coded_FL Issue | whenever user make some changes in Coded FL and preform (CTRL+Space) then it gives message on screen “Leave the page”
SAS-23826 Coded_Fl Issue | User getting wrong message when user click on “start intelisense “
SAS-23832 Coded_FL Issue | Drop down list should be visible when user perform (CTRL+Space) on coded FL editor
SAS-23834 Coded_FL Issue | User getting loader with message preparing for intelisense and it’s a endless loader
SAS-23852 Coded_FL Issue | User getting Preparing for intelisense loader when Java Home path is not set and user getting message on screen “JDK path is not set”
SAS-23756 Do Not have STR and error is displaying in console i.e. Uncaught TypeError: (t || “”).match is not a function
SAS-23830 TC/LDR | Buttons are getting disabled when user import a xls file in TC (saas)
SAS-23096 ALM | Mapping are not saved when apply/remove mapping for the first time
SAS-20936 Dashboard | UI get distorted when user unexpectedly right click while drag the dashboard
SAS-23802 FL _InputParameter || Unable to select/Deselect List of Values in Input Parameter.
SAS-23799 Security Bug || Unknown error “Invalid Captcha” displaying whenever user click on Update Button under Profile in Admin.
SAS-23633 Authentication Code is not working on 5.46 Agent. User will have to login by providing the user credentials
SAS-23358 OracleEBS | Oracle_IsCellEditable Keyword || Some Modifications are required.
SAS-23822 Accelerator | Unnecessary notifications “value cannot be null” occur when user click on refresh button.
SAS-20230 Sel_JS || 2x Speed || Keywords are getting STO after NavigateTo keyword
SAS-23017 Salesforce Plugin || SF_GoToAccounts is getting ONF while Accounts Present on web-page
SAS-23504 HUB/GRID | Logs are not showing in HUB
SAS-21807 User is not able to rename OR using F2 Key
SAS-23740 Zoom to fit functionality is not working for “Draft” and “Published” Model on impact analysis popup in model.
SAS-23318 Execution Dashboard || Build not displaying on the basis of Dates under Last Build status dashboard in Execution Dashboard.
SAS-23690 Excel DataSheet || File name should be displayed whenever user import/update Excel file.
SAS-23686 Excel DataSheet || No notification displaying whenever user Import, Update or Export DataSheet
SAS-23683 Excel DataSheet || Import Excel button should be disabled when no step is added in Test Case.
SAS-23500 GDR | Sequence of column in not showing same in result
SAS-23449 Debug window is not opening when execute a component thorugh “Debug now” mode
SAS-23334 IE Specific|UI| When user create replica then in logs window UI is not proper.
SAS-23741 Replica| Wrong message is displaying in a pop-up window while creating replica.
SAS-23320 Scheduler|Accelerator jobs are getting display in scheduler pop-up window once user click on refresh button and again open schedule job pop-up window.
SAS-23278 JIRA Login page Issue | If user use <> in URL of JIRA login dashboard and click on save button then getting exception potential dangerous
SAS-23482 FL/TC|FL-Viewer| Getting error in console and double icon is appearing information pop-up window.
SAS-23443 Tags Error | User getting error on console when user add tags and make changes in tags like add tags copy paste tags
SAS-23809 Accelerator Issue | User getting 500 server error in console when user try to delete test case which is already used in Job
SAS-23752 Login Page || “Try for free” Link gets hidden whenever captcha field appears on Login Page.
SAS-23213 Sparkin | Paging is not visible in Audit trail window
SAS-23276 sparkin | Details tab is not showing in sparkin
SAS-23628 Java_Playback || Asterix || Java Exception get occurred while launching application (.jar extension).
SAS-23598 Keyword Management || Data type of Output Type field not reverted whenever user try to change Data type to another data type.
SAS-23748 SIA | Summary chart UI issue.
SAS-23485 Project Workspace|Tab| Close other tab option should not be visible on right on project workspace when there is no tab is open.
SAS-23418 OR| When user provide property name in right side and click outside then it is displaying property name already exists.
SAS-21162 Playback Issue || Hyper : Application launched with console and While on playback , some steps are skip and give fake pass
SAS-21122 Playback Issue || Elements : On Playback application getting fake pass
SAS-23911 SIA || Unable to show impacted TC.(Scenario specific)
SAS-23876 Kendo Loader displaying on SaS & Accelerator whenever user perform any Action.
SAS-23675 Java_Playback || NetBeans|| Java_TypeTextKeyword getting failed.
SAS-23808 Debugger enabled on multiple area’s in Staging environment.
SAS-23685 Excel DataSheet || Type column should not be in Editable mode in LDR
SAS-22050 Global Variable || Icon of addition, deletion getting blurr in List datatype under Global variable .
SAS-23800 Security Bug || Unknown pop up displayed whenever user click on Group management under Admin Panel.
SAS-23309 Grid | Advance-Settings column name should be changed to Advanced settings
SAS-23238 Sparkin | Disable Move up/Move down button if focus is on Background
SAS-21155 Recorder : Common : While doing Playback in many of application , it skips many of steps to call and gives fake pass


Known Issues

Issue ID Summary
SAS-21561 Spock agent issue | If in between execution connection is lost then session is not continue and message appears on screen “Channel and connection has broken”
SAS-21768 Spock Agent Issue | User not getting Snapshots when user execute Desktop flow through Desktop plugin
SAS-21770 Spock Agent Issue | Tunnel connection automatically broken when user execute flow which is more than 1 hour on our network
SAS-21791 Spock Agent issue | Native player still running in Task manager when user execute flow of Opkey Desktop keywords through Desktop plugin
SAS-21268 CFL|| Icons are missing for ‘Static method’, static and non-static fields.
SAS-21219 CFL || Description of Input parameter created inside CodedFL is not visible in FL and TC.
SAS-21100 CodedFL || When importing a package from associated jar then colon at end of the statement is not getting added.
SAS-21090 SalesForce_Classic || SF_SelectDataFromPickList is giving unhand-led exception.
SAS-21016 SalesForce_Classic || Keyword “SF_Click” is getting failed with message “Object not found”.
SAS-18077 MBT (Auto-Arrange) || Model after auto-arranging model is not usable as edge labels and edges are overlapping added vertices.
SAS-19267 MBT /Overlapping | Overlapping issue when user create edge from one node to another node under MBT.
SAS-20497 Accelerator|TC| Implementation of Queuing in TC at accelerator end.
SAS-20535 FL is getting opened from session result which was executed on tag basis, while left panel is having files and folders of execution result.
SAS-20351 Correct path/test case is getting displayed under “Impacted” category for “Model Test Coverage” and “Model Automation Implementation” on impact analysis window.
SAS-20255 MBT | Edge should be properly visible when user drag node in between Node and edge with less distance coverage.
SAS-20185 MBT_DragDrop | Behavior of drag and drop is not proper when user drag any node in between edge and node.
SAS-20143 MBT | Edge Overlapping issue when user link edges from one node to another node.
SAS-20073 MBT | Edge overlapping issue when user link node through edges.
SAS-19095 MBT | Drag drop issue under MBT whenever user drag node.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-18545 Recorder Auto Start || JNLP is getting downloaded even when the OpKey Smart Recorder is installed in the system (Scenario Specific).
SAS-18286 Recorder Auto Start | Firefox| Edge Browser || JNLP is not getting downloaded if OpKey Smart Recorder is not installed on the system.
SAS-15810 Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
SAS-15415 Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
SAS-15422 Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
SAS-16176 GDR | Audit trails are not showing correctly when deleting a row
SAS-16180 GDR | Column name is showing incorrect when adding a column after deleting 25 columns
SAS-16958 Gherkin | Browser hangs when press enter after giving space in statements
SAS-14167 Input Parameter|| Once FL is called in TC,If we change data type as file type to string, and if we refresh TC, in data input argument, attached file continue to be shown.
SAS-16211 Intellisense Coded_FL Issue | user getting object intelisense outside of the Scope
SAS-15422 Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
SAS-15415 Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
SAS-15326 Negative Scenario|Folder-Replica| An Exception when user delete on going replica folder then CresTech.OpKey.Exceptions.ForeignKeyFailedException: Upsert failed as some referenced entity doesnt exist.
SAS-15810 Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-15693 MBT|Replica| Getting Exception when user create replica of MBT i.e. System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
SAS-13648 Oracle 2.0 Playback || Oracle_SyncForm keyword needs implementation.
SAS-14209 Sync Issue | Global Variable not reflected when user use all global variable inside Dynamic Object and try to sync
SAS-14105 QC | Wrong Status displaying of Report which was created through Opkey on ALM. Also, zero count displaying on report.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-17451 Chrome Extension || User should be able to add Chrome AddOn when OpKey Web is open in incognito window from Start Recording Button and Download Center.
SAS-17452 Chrome AddOn || User should be able to launch ChromeAddOn from Start Recording and Download Center when OpKey Web is open in Incognito Window.
SAS-17336 Chrome AddOn | Live View || Any modification done on the recording grid should also be reflected on Live Recording View.
SAS-14655 Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Windiw || ObjectImage property with object’s image is not coming.
SAS-14642 Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Window || There should be a toggle switch to record Desktop as well as Web applications.
SAS-23308 Data-set is displayed for session under business process detailed report which are not executed using LDR on session dashboard in accelerator platform.
SAS-16683 Chrome Extension || Chrome AddOn should start in AddToOR when OpKey Web is open in Chrome.
SAS-22773 Correct step level “ContinueOnError”, “WantSnapshot”, “IsNegative” selection is not getting displayed for selected business component in business component and business process in accelerator platform.
SAS-23528 Unable to release lock of SSO users as projects are assigned through groups to the users and are not directly assigned from project management.
SAS-23561 SAAS Impact Analysis || Oracle | Salesforce | Setting : User Enter ” NULL ” in Added team as System identifier , Environment Credentials get diapered and it save blank row of environment in Team and Environment in new snapshot get disable.
SAS-21774 MBT|LOV|Input Parameter| If user delete 2nd page values then selected values of 1st page getting unselected.
SAS-18504 Unable to sync “861” Business Component from accelerator.stg to qa1.stg while only two user’s were performing sync operation.
SAS-23536 Unable to update project encryption/decryption password in project management using an SSO user in admin panel.
SAS-23602 Exception “SignatureDescription could not be created for the signature algorithm supplied” message is displayed on screen while logging into OpKey using SSO user.
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