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3.1 Overview

OpKey Web is a tool agnostic test automation platform that offers a comprehensive in-depth solution for all agile focused enterprises automating their desktop, web, and mobile applications. OpKey Web provides a cloud-based test automation platform. OpKey Web works as an one stop cloud platform for testing all kinds of web & mobile applications. It is empowered by OpKey Smart Recorder which provides different recording modes like Web (Normal, Salesforce & Workday), Mobile, Desktop & Oracle for recording actions from corresponding applications. While operating OpKey, your machine does not require additional prerequisites implementing test automation as all necessary tools are offered through cloud. Users can access OpKey from anywhere using any technologically capable machine.

OpKey Web provides a complete end to end functional test automation solution. It Integrates with most popular open source and commercial tools like Selenium, QTP, RFT for Web and Appium for mobile and Visual as an Image based Solution. It allows a GUI Based Code-less methodology to write test automation scripts and gives you a seamless way of writing test automation scripts for Web, mobile and web services.

Start performing your test automation by simply logging into OpKey and executing test script hassle free!

Key Features of OpKey

  • Create your own automation script without coding:

With 500+ pre Built Keywords for Web, mobile and Web service, you can create your entire script just like you are building your manual test case.

  • One Stop Cloud Testing Platform for all kind of applications:

OpKey Web works as an one stop cloud platform for testing all kinds of web & mobile applications. It enables you to automate various popular web applications like OracleEBS, Workday, Salesforce, TrackWise etc.

  • Write your own Test Script on Coded FL:

Coded FL allows you to write your own test script code, import pre-built libraries, compile and execute it. Here, you can write your Java code for performing a specific task during test automation while using created Custom Keyword in OpKey.

  • Supports Behavior Drive Development (BDD):

BDD is changing Agile development landscape & OpKey is now BDD enabled. It allows software development teams to describe their Software behavior in plain English. Now, your Business Analysts and SMEs can participate in Automation too.

  • Mobile Test Automation:

Automate Android apps by using your favorite tools like Robotium, Appium, Visual on Cloud platform.

  • Multi Browser Testing with OpKey Cloud:

You can run hundreds of parallel acceptance tests and cut down your testing time. It handles the test lab set up and maintenance for you to enable parallel test runs with 150+ Browser – OS combination. Now it supports BrowserStack and Sauce Labs for cross browser testing on cloud.

  • Web, Mobile and Web services Test automation – All in One Script:

You can automate you web app, your mobile app and web services within your single OpKey script.

  • Integrate with CI and ALM –Out of Box:

OpKey is now integrated with various CI tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, BitBucket) and ALM tools (HP QC/ALM, TFS, VSTS & Jira).


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