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2.6 Installation Logs


OpKey users can now view installation logs of OpKey Agent which is stored in a Notepad file at the following location: C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Local\CresTech\Logs.

While initiating OpKey Agent or Plugin installation you need to check “Create Installation Logs” checkbox & click on Next to proceed. In such case, opKey installation may take few more times than usual.

Once installation process has completed successfully, click on “Click to open log” to navigate to the specified location, open OpKey Agent log file and look at the logs. The installation logs are very helpful in case you have to look at or analyze the the installation logs.

Let us open OpKey AgentLogs file. Here you can view the complete installation logs of OpKey Agent. These logs are very helpful for fixing bugs in case the Agent installation get crashed or any other issue occurs during the installation.


noteIf you install the the same installed build of OpKey Agent or plugin then the existing log files will be replaced by the new log files.

If you install the the same installed OpKey Agent or Plugin with a different build number then there will be a new installation log file is created for the installed OpKey Agent or Plugin at the specified location.

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