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26.18 Making Replica of Artifact(s)/Folder

Overview –

OpKey allows its users to make a replica of the artifacts and folders (containing artifacts). Users can now make replica in different projects existing on the same OpKey Web domain. When you make replica of artifact(s) or folder, it makes another copy of the desired artifact(s)/folder and creates a folder named as Dependent_Artifacts which contains all the associated artifact(s). Let us see how to create replica of a folder containing some artifacts.

Scenario –

In this scenario, we have to make replica of RSP_New folder (contains some artifacts) in another project Test_RS existing on the same OpKey Web domain (https://qa1.myopkey.com).

Steps to be followed –

A.   Exporting Artifact/Folder

In order to make replica of any artifact/folder, you first need to export the desired artifact/folder.

  • Right click on the desired folder and select Export option.

  • The selected folder get exported in a compressed (.zip) folder named as ExportedArtifact.

B.   Making Replica of the exported artifact/folder –

Once, artifact/folder has been exported successfully, you can easily make replica of that artifact/folder by following few simple steps as given below.

  • Navigate to the Menus and click on the project (here, RSP_Test).
  • Select another project in which you want to make replica. Here, you have chosen Test_RS project existing on the same OpKey domain.

  • Here, you can view that user have opened desired project Test_RS in which you have to make replica of the exported artifact/folder.

  • Click on the Import/Replica Artifact button showing on the Project Workspace.

  • Select your exported compressed (.zip) folder from desired location & and click on Open to proceed.

  • A popup window of Import/Replica opens. Select Replica radio button and click on OK.

  • In this step, you can choose the desired folder in which you want to make replica. You can also create a new folder.
  • Click on Next to proceed.

  • Here, you have created a new folder named as Replica which will contain the entire content of the replica artifact/folder.

  • In this step, you can retain or exclude tags added to the artifacts. By default, Retain Original tag(s) checkbox is marked. You can also add your own new tags from here.
  • Click on Apply to proceed.

  • Process of making replica of artifact/folder is going on.

  • Replica of the desired folder has been created successfully. You can have a look at the logs as well.

  • Here, you can view that the replica of the folder RSP_New has been created in the Replica folder along with a folder Dependent_Artifacts in another project Test_RS at the same OpKey domain.

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