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42. Spock Agent

Opkey’s Spock Agent is a centralized cloud-based agent that enables users to execute your Test Cases, available to all. Users can run their execution through Spock Agent if the Execution Agent is not available to them locally.


The Spock Agent will have all the plugins provided by Opkey except Mainframe and Opkey Java Plugin. 

Pre-requisite for Spock Agent

Java-1.8- Latest Version

Users can proceed to execute their run through Spock Agent in a similar manner as Opkey Execution Agent.

Users will be able to select the Region of India or the United States.

The browser can also be selected according to the requirement: 

Opkey Supports 4 browsers for Windows:






3 browsers for Mac




Users will have to select the required plugin and click on the Show Advanced Setting.


Proceeding with the Next icon, the user will be navigated to the window of Advanced Execution Settings.


Users can select the Validation Report and proceed with the Next icon.

The details will have to be filled in to proceed with the next necessary steps.

Users can add Session Tags to add tags and click on the Next button.

On clicking on the Finish button.


A jar will be downloaded which the user will have to set up as a one-time activity.

The user will have to click on the utility and it will update the Teleporting Tunnel.

The required selected plugins and other components will get updated and downloaded. This is a one-time activity. 


Spock Agent Supports the latest version of the browser along with the previous versions.


Spock Agent allows the triggering of executions from several applications of Jenkins, Browserstack, Saucelab, and pCloudy.


Spock Agent can be executed for Opkey Web, Surge, Job Portal and also for Multibrowser with a utility that has to be launched.


The Spock Agent allows a maximum of 20 executions at one go. 


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