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32.3 Opkey Release – 5.46

New Features

OpKey Web Plugin Enhancements
There are few significant enhancements in the OpKey Web Plugin. Now, OpKey supports upgraded Selenium version 3.141.5. With this release, OpKey also supports Java 11 but you need to configure java path for using Java 11. However, Java upgrade support not available for chrome add on, smart recorder, coded FL & MBT so far. While performing action, OpKey Web Plugin checks whether the object is enabled or disabled. In case, the object is enabled, it performs action but in case of disabled object, it doesn’t perform the action. There will be verification notification during test execution for Verification related keywords but only with OpKey Web Plugin.

Project Replica in same OpKey Domain
Now, you can make replica of the artifacts at the same OpKey domain in different projects. There all dependent artifacts will be created in the desired project existing on the same OpKey web domain. However, this option will be disabled by default in this OpKey web release. If you need to use this feature, contact to OpKey support team at support@opkey.com.

Sorting in Project Workspace & Execution Result
Now, you can sort Project Workspace files & folders in Ascending or Descending order as per your requirement. Same sorting features is now available on Execution Result dashboard which allows you to sort Execution Build and sessions in ascending & descending order. If you want, you can remove such Ascending & Descending order.

Jira Next-Gen Project Type Integration & .Net Framework 4.6.1 upgrade
Now, OpKey supports Next-Gen Project type in Jira. In order to log bug in that Next-Gen Jira project through OpKey, you need to upgrade your .Net Framework to version 4.6.1. In addition, if you are working on Classic project type of Jira then you needn’t to upgrade to .Net Framework version 4.6.1 as OpKey supports existing .Net Framework version 4.5 for Classic project type of Jira.

Spock Agent support to Attachment & Custom Keywords
OpKey users can now execute test cases/FLs having attachments & custom keywords using Spock Agent. When user executes tests having attachment related keywords or Custom Keywords by using Spock Agent, it downloads Utility Plugin, other respective plugin, all required files (attachment, jar etc.) and then executes the test cases/FLs.

Other significant Enhancements
Now OpKey supports old versions of ALM. There is a new Collection specific keyword “SetGlobalVariableForKeyvaluePairCollection” & Java specific keyword Java_Java_TypeSecureText integrated in this OpKey Release. Now the Global Variables having data type SecureString will be visible in Jenkins. Highlight Object feature has now been implemented with Jenkins & VSTS. Now there will be legends to indicate the Pass, Fail, Incomplete, and Skipped Over status of the scheduled test on Scheduler page. Files, attachments, screenshots etc. deleted from OpKey will also get deleted from AWS server. Now when you enter any value in Java_SecureString keyword, the provided data value will be masked in asterisk form.

Breaking Changes

OpKey Web Plugin improvemnts:

There are some major improvement changes done in the functionality & behavior of OpKey Web in this OpKey Release. These changes results quick & smart object recognition for performing respective action during test execution. So, here are the points describing the behavioral changes done:

  • Now, OpKey supports upgraded Selenium version 3.141.5.
  • With this release, OpKey also supports Java 11 but you need to configure java path for using Java 11. However, Java upgrade support not available for chrome add on, smart recorder, coded FL & MBT so far.
  • While performing action, OpKey Web Plugin checks whether the object is enabled or disabled. In case, the object is enabled, it performs action but in case of disabled object, it doesn’t perform the action.
  • There will be verification notification during test execution for Verification related keywords but only with OpKey Web Plugin.

Major Bug Fixes

Issue Key Summary
SAS-23157 Scheduler || Scheduled session not picking and stuck in Scheduled session .
SAS-23119 Exception message “The given key was not present in the dictionary.” is displayed on screen when user selects an executed session of a single business component.
SAS-21911 Global Variable ||SR : GV get disappeared , when user is trying to add it from TC
SAS-23140 Cloud Agent || Script not executing on Cloud Agent.
SAS-23233 Footprint Streaming || Unable to execute script on local environment and getting error “Shared file not found or accessible.”
SAS-22718 Execution|pCloudy| Unable to execute run on pCloudy.
SAS-22384 JavaRecorder || ||Application Specific || JDeveloper Studio|| Unable to launch the application at recording time.
SAS-21805 GDR || Provided value get converted to AES format of cells under GDR.
SAS-22595 TFS/VSTS Test | Project are not fetching on new domain of TFS
SAS-22969 JavaPlayback || Tv Browser || Unable to Launch Application while Java_LaunchApplication getting pass.
SAS-22035 JavaRecorder || Java_SelectTreeItem Keyword getting failed.
SAS-22915 Mobile Management || Mobile app not uploading and getting error “[Error] The system cannot find the file speci…” .
SAS-22916 TFS || Attachment & snapshot not uploading whenever user any script fail and logs a bug in VSTS/TFS.
SAS-22938 Java_TypeSecureText || AES Encrypted value get entered in the Password field at plyaback time.
SAS-21514 Recorder |Common| Recorder Div : The steps of standalone browser web pages are not getting recorded in Recorder Div
SAS-20364 Desktop Recorder || Power Builder application : Application does not open through Recorder
SAS-22713 Created on & Modified on Date not displaying in All Artifact on Local environment.
SAS-20594 Desktop Recorder || Simple Note : The web action stop getting recorded after a particular Scenerio
SAS-21828 Java Recorder || Ultra Mixer : Action over Sampler pad does not record
SAS-22541 SF_App || Unable to execute TCs and Jobs from SF_app getting message “Maximum execution limit (0) reached.Please delete few execution session to continue.” even there are 991 session remaining.
SAS-23150 SetGlobalVariableforKeyvaluePair Collection keyword is not getting skipped
SAS-23161 New notification on browser is not visible on verification keywords of image.
SAS-23061 Jenkins|UI| Alignment of Text and Check boxes are not proper.
SAS-23252 Footprint Streaming || Getting exception “System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException” on Agent whenever user forcefully kill the agent at the time session gets accepted.
SAS-23188 Java_Playback || jx Project || Java_TypeTextOnEditBox getting Fake Pass in playback.
SAS-23034 Global Variable|When user going to save global variable then unnecessary notification is displaying i.e. Global variable with same name already exists.
SAS-22616 Mobile Management || While deleting any application(.apk) in Mobile Management , throws exception
SAS-23185 getting exception when providing < in name of artifact
SAS-22964 Northwell_Dashboard| Sub menu context option is not displaying in left sidebar panel when user click on Job.
SAS-23066 Sequence contains no element exception is coming in TC while adding Collections
SAS-23231 Exception is coming at accelartor end in TC if add collection and do not add value and close and then click to add value
SAS-23207 OpKey-IE-Plugin || Java 11 Upgrade ||Getting unhandledException(java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError) for most of the byText keywords
SAS-23149 Remove (+) button for Variable name data input argument in SetGlobalVariableforKeyvaluepairCollection keyword and also remove input parameter
SAS-22935 S3 Bucket || Session logs not downloading & snapshot link not present in Exported report whenever user execute script on Cloud run.
SAS-23183 Footprint Streaming || Getting exception “Footprint MD5 check failed. Data corrupted in transit” on Agent when footprint is downloading on Slow network.
SAS-23219 Cloud || Snapshots not coming whenever user execute Suite on Cloud.
SAS-23062 Java Keyword : Get keywords getting failed which should be pass always
SAS-23127 UI is not correct in Job if call Static mode TC in Job
SAS-23146 Getting exception “Parameter ‘@ParentSuitResultID’ must be defined.” whenever user export integrated report of executed session(Tag-version)
SAS-22854 Exception comes on agent if input parameter is blank
SAS-22690 Value cannot be null exception comes on agent logs if provide value blank default value for collection data type
SAS-22607 Sparkin | Issue while updating/deleting data row in Sparkin under Data tab after searching
SAS-22710 OR|Object Image| Object Image is displaying in Image properties when user click on View Image button
SAS-23094 FL/TC|Data Input| Value get disappear when user provide value in data input then press Enter key from keyboard.
SAS-23153 Object reference exception is coming and value is not getting picked for collection keyword in LDR mode.
SAS-23097 Value in Mobile data type is visible in TC but during execution its picking blank value.
SAS-23072 “False” should come in TC after removing Use Default value from BP for Boolean data type
SAS-22855 Value get deleted in LDR for keyvalue pair
SAS-22856 Keyvaluepair grid should get close if click anywhere on page.
SAS-22857 Value should be visible on LDR and GV window once add value in collection data type.
SAS-22873 Java 11 | Steps are not getting executed when user execute any flow.
SAS-23071 JavaPlayback || Android Studio || Java_ClickMenu Keyword getting failed in playback.
SAS-10407 Custom Keyword | Selection of Jar files get removed when we search any jar file.
SAS-22370 FL/ Data Input Argument | Fields are not getting visible when user click on Data Input argument tab.
SAS-22671 Mobile_magement_UI || Scroll bar automatically goes to the starting step when try to scroll down.
SAS-22413 JavaRecorder || Application Specific || jxProject_2.7.1.4 || Whenever user click on cell and type text under it, type text not recorded.
SAS-22649 JavaPlayback || ArgoUML || Application Specific || Java_Click and Java_SelectDropDown keyword playback issue for a specific control of a specific application.
SAS-22808 JavaPlayback || SocketTest || Java_GetObjectText keyword fetch same value for all available Tab Items in window.
SAS-20539 Message in pop up should be provided in Wrap Text form when user tries to search Tag with which file was not available.
SAS-23070 JavaRecorder || Android Studio || Win_LaunchApplication get recorded for Android Studio application.
SAS-21118 Java Recorder || Argo Application : Click on the exit option does not record
SAS-22807 JavaPlayback || Java_GetObjectToolTip keyword pass without getting tooltip for Tab Items.
SAS-23084 Salesforce Plugin || Fields are not getting de-highlight after performing action successfully
SAS-22768 SmartRecorder || Chrome Specific || Unable to launch recorder by clicking on the recorder button.
SAS-22491 GDR | Data is not proper when user export a GDR
SAS-23029 JavaPlayback || Java_LaunchApplication keyword getting Pass while user provide the Incorrect Application Path.
SAS-22806 Keyword | “SelectDropDownItem” keyword is getting failed when user execute any flow on Chrome and IE.
SAS-21843 Options available on mousehover of collection data type are not getting removed when user removes their pointer.
SAS-22971 Pop should appear on the right corner of the page while executing Verifyframe keywords.
SAS-20228 IE Recorder || It’s is required to hard refresh/reload(clear cache) browser to make the recorder hook sometime due to full cache. It is very frequent now
SAS-20157 SmartRecorder || It’s is required to hard refresh/reload(clear cache) browser to make the recorder hook sometime due to full cache. It is very frequent now
SAS-22859 Execution / Plugin | User is not able to execute any flow and an exception “java.nio.ByteBuffer.position(I)Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer” occur under agent .
SAS-22865 Dashboard /Download logs | Exception “The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter ‘sessionID’ ” occur when user click on download logs option.
SAS-21284 SR || Unable to add method for Rest Service whenever user provide valid URI through SecuredString.
SAS-23026 Sel_JS_3.141.5|| growl Feature || Growl Notification popup is not appears on flipkart.com
SAS-22695 OR| Getting exception i.e. Buffer cannot be null. Parameter name: buffer when user check or uncheck Object image or image properties.
SAS-22928 Java_TypeSecureText || AES Value coming in the Data Input Argument field whenever user click on it after entering value in it manually or previously recorded.
SAS-22931 Java_TypeSecureText || Unable to decrypt Input data in Execution result.
SAS-22932 Salesforce Plugin || SF_SearchAndSelect keyword is getting ONF when label is not present on Web-page
SAS-22867 Salesforce Plugin || SF_LaunchApp keyword is getting ONF
SAS-22617 JS playback || while doing a debug on button keyword “Clickbutton and ClickButtonAndWait ” with giving Isused as Textcontent , InnerText , Name , JS fails to return the element and print logs
SAS-21167 CFL || Changing the name of CFL is not being reflected without refresh.
SAS-22689 Masking implementation for Java_TypeSecureText.
SAS-22078 Custom Keyword || IE Specific || Version Specific || Plugin and Output Type dropdowns list not open when user try to update the already created Custom Keyword.
SAS-10414 Keyword management | No operation should perform when we click on custom keyword button when we are already on that window.
SAS-22798 JavaRecorder || Java_ClickButton not recorded in Popup windows.
SAS-20596 Desktop Plugin || SimpleNote : During Playback If object took time to come over window the keyword getting failed
SAS-21676 Salesforce_app || Unable to select ‘multiple snapshots’/’All snapshots’ to delete.Delete button is also missing.
SAS-21982 Salesforce_App || If providing text “<iframe>” in editable area then UI is getting distorted.
SAS-22640 SF_app || Unable to save environment setting (Scenario specific)
SAS-22637 After saving environment setting there should be a message about “Environment settings saved successfully”.
SAS-22641 SF_App || Select all options are missing from salesforce_environment settings.
SAS-22638 “At a time only 4 environment can be selected” this balloon message should be appear if user tries to select 5th environment in 1st chart’s environment dropdown.
SAS-22555 SF_App || When searching 1) Manage Snapshot 2) Impact report 3) Execution Results 4) Execution Tags with “non-existing item name” then there is no message about “No item exist with this search query”.
SAS-22553 SF_App || Search Related Issues under tab “Test Cases” and “JOBS”.
SAS-22648 SF_App || In the same event of ‘Local execution wizard’ Data is not being kept saved if user moving back and forth.
SAS-22644 Radio buttons of snapshot’s 2nd window should be replace by checkbox.
SAS-22564 SF_App || Search field entry is not getting cleared under impact analysis tab.
SAS-22552 SF_App || Delete options are missing at 1) Attachments 2) Impact report 3) Manage snapshot
SAS-22568 SF_App || In impact analysis only first impacted BP is visible.
SAS-22103 Salesforce App || Unable to create new snapshot and wrong alert notification displaying on Impact Analysis Tab
SAS-22596 SalesForce App UI || Focus applies on two labels when user click on cancel while deleting the value.
SAS-22601 SalesForce App UI || Button performs delete even when there is no attachment being uploaded
SAS-22520 SF_App || “message” is not visible after Impact analysis completion and when switching to impact report it is not being auto refresh.
SAS-22492 SF_App || If display value of EnvironmentSetting is blank then At local execution wizard Execution tag window is not showing name for environment setting.
SAS-22515 SF_App || Changed “Environment’s Display value” is not visible if switching from tab “Execution tags and Attachments”.
SAS-21558 SalesForce_App || Unable to Search and Sort the execution tags.
SAS-20605 SalesForce_App || Global Variable window of “Run now Wizard” is not having the same UI and All Data regarding global variable as OPKEY’s Global Variable Wizard window.
SAS-21042 SalesForce_App || Usability_Issue || After starting the execution from SalesForce app user is not being redirected to “Execution result”.
SAS-21990 SF_App || User should be allowed to open “Last 5 execution result” available at QualityDashBoard.
SAS-22507 Dashboard data is not getting cleared if switching from project to project.
SAS-22471 SF_App || When opening a Execution result whose status is “in-progress” then getting error message :object reference not set to an instance of an object.:
SAS-20350 Sel_JS || 2x Speed || Web_SelectListItem getting failed giving Argument data Invalid (Index is invalid) weheras there is no index argument
SAS-23227 Sparkin | Value is not showing properly in Data when search any value and then perform copy paste
SAS-23208 Sparkin | Getting Object reference exception
SAS-22698 UI issue|| Pie-chart legends with its count is not completely visible under “Session Status” pie-chart on Safari browser on display resolution 1920 X 1080 Mac-OS
SAS-23230 |Local Mobile Recorder Page| Android Device and Application should not show as clicked over the IOS radio button and vice-versa
SAS-22918 Northwell_Dashboard|UI| Wrong icon is displaying of Job in left slider.
SAS-23240 Java_Playback || Swing Set 3 || Java_SelectItemFromList Keyword selects multiple list items/Not clear previously selected list items.
SAS-22602 JavaPlayback || NetBeans IDE || Application Specific || Java_SelectItemFromList Operate incorrectly.
SAS-22700 TC/FL/Suite || UI | Button(s) are not aligned properly in Button Panel on Local Environment.
SAS-22530 If once click on Key or Value and do not provide value then move to key or value,it do not allow to move.
SAS-23044 |pCloudy_MobileRecorder| Application not getting installed into device
SAS-22252 UI of Keyvaluepair datatype is not proper in GV , FL input and datainputargument
SAS-23089 JavaRecorder || Android Studio || Java_TypeTextOnEditBox not recorded for Edit Field Control.
SAS-23151 Execution Result || Multiple Delete || After selection of multiple delete when user click on refresh button, Check boxes should be clear.
SAS-23160 Execution Result || Multiple Delete || Delete Single should be come when user click on DropDown after apply Delete Multiple.
SAS-22645 JavaPlayBack || NetBeans IDE || Application specific || Java_DoubleClick getting failed in playback.
SAS-22681 JavaPlayback || NetBeans IDE || Type text getting failed for a specific scenario for this controls.
SAS-22680 JavaRecorder || Application Specific || GanttProject || TypeText not recorded.
SAS-22947 Java_Recorder || Ultra Mixer || Click not recorded when user click on a particular control.
SAS-22716 SR | Placeholder value is not showing in Parameter list
SAS-22809 JavaPlayback || SocketTest || Java_VerifyTabItemExist keyword Fake Pass Issue.
SAS-22054 GV | GV is not visible in dynamic object window when refresh from right side
SAS-22707 Getting exception when importing sparkin in same project
SAS-22673 JavaPlayback || Application Specific || NetBeans IDE || Java_Click Getting failed in playback.
SAS-22852 JavaPlayback || SwingFileDownloadHTTP || Java_SelectItemFromList getting failed with message “Item not present in JList”.
SAS-22720 JavaPlayback || yEd Graph Editor ||Java_Click keyword getting failed with “Object Does’nt Exist” for some specific controls.
SAS-22860 JavaPlayBack || yEd Graph Editor || Java_ClickButton keyword gating failed with “Object Does Not Exist”.
SAS-22950 Java_Recorder || Ultra Mixer || Incorrect Title get captured by Java_WaitForWindow keyword.
SAS-22559 TC/FL/Sparkin | No Persister appears when open any new TC/FL/Saprkin after doing some changes
SAS-22037 Global Variable || Collection || List of Collection types not disappearing even after user remove focus of mouse under GV Data type.
SAS-22714 FL | Focus get shifted from step to main FL when user expand FL which used in another FL.
SAS-22109 Salesforce || few keywords are getting fail on firefox 61
SAS-22976 Northwell_Dashboard|Scheduler| Scheduler option is not available in Tools option menu.
SAS-22933 Java_TypeSecureText || AES Encrypted value get displayed in Input data.
SAS-22939 Java_TypeSecureText || Global Variable || GDR || Name of global variable and GDR Column not coming in to the Data Input Argument when user mapped it with a SecuredString type GV.
SAS-22930 Java_TypeSecureText || When user start entry first time in the Data Input Argument field manually then the entered keys should be come in the Password format.
SAS-21143 Keyword-Management-Wizard || Data under column ‘Uploaded On’ and ‘Size’ is not being properly sorted.(neither in increasing order nor in decreasing order)
SAS-21975 JavaRecorder || Action not recorded in both Recorder Grid and Div when user click on Button or item.
SAS-21449 SF_App || On Domain/UserName/Password edit box there should be icons related to Domain/UserName/Password as they are on Opkey SAAS
SAS-22625 Tag based Dashboard || Display watermark in session dashboard whenever user execute BC or TC which have no Tag key added.
SAS-22643 JavaPlayback || jxProject_2.7.1.4 || Application Specific || Java_TypeTextGetting failed in playback.
SAS-23241 Suite || Search | Search functionality not working first time whenever user type any exact match on right side under Suite.
SAS-23060 |pCloudyDashboard| If user enter any sub-Cloud URL, user’s account details not showing after login
SAS-21812 GV || Double notification is coming in GV when user create a Integer type GV and enter value more then its range and then click outside.
SAS-22544 Data Type column should be provided in column of Global Collection as user can’t identify which type of collection is visible in dropdown.
SAS-21407 Java Playback||Argo Application: Java_SelectTreeItem Keyword Getting Failed
SAS-23187 Proper message is not showing when artifact name contains <
SAS-21992 JavaRecorder || Java_Click keyword getting failed for some specific controls.
SAS-22099 No option to delete Impact analysis


Known Issues

Issue ID Summary
SAS-23350 Coded_FL || Getting “java.lang.NullPointerException” at execution time, if CodedFL having any unused output parameter.
SAS-21774 MBT|LOV|Input Parameter| If user delete 2nd page values then selected values of 1st page getting unselected.
SAS-21561 Spock agent issue | If in between execution connection is lost then session is not continue and message appears on screen “Channel and connection has broken”
SAS-21768 Spock Agent Issue | User not getting Snapshots when user execute Desktop flow through Desktop plugin
SAS-21770 Spock Agent Issue | Tunnel connection automatically broken when user execute flow which is more than 1 hour on our network
SAS-21791 Spock Agent issue | Native player still running in Task manager when user execute flow of Opkey Desktop keywords through Desktop plugin
SAS-21268 CFL|| Icons are missing for ‘Static method’, static and non-static fields.
SAS-21219 CFL || Description of Input parameter created inside CodedFL is not visible in FL and TC.
SAS-21100 CodedFL || When importing a package from associated jar then colon at end of the statement is not getting added.
SAS-21090 SalesForce_Classic || SF_SelectDataFromPickList is giving unhand-led exception.
SAS-21016 SalesForce_Classic || Keyword “SF_Click” is getting failed with message “Object not found”.
SAS-18077 MBT (Auto-Arrange) || Model after auto-arranging model is not usable as edge labels and edges are overlapping added vertices.
SAS-20526 Grid Execution|Scheduler| Once agent is allotted and that plugin is not available on the agent then it should search another agent while notifying the message in the logs.
SAS-19267 MBT /Overlapping | Overlapping issue when user create edge from one node to another node under MBT.
SAS-20497 Accelerator|TC| Implementation of Queuing in TC at accelerator end.
SAS-20535 FL is getting opened from session result which was executed on tag basis, while left panel is having files and folders of execution result.
SAS-20351 Correct path/test case is getting displayed under “Impacted” category for “Model Test Coverage” and “Model Automation Implementation” on impact analysis window.
SAS-20255 MBT | Edge should be properly visible when user drag node in between Node and edge with less distance coverage.
SAS-20185 MBT_DragDrop | Behavior of drag and drop is not proper when user drag any node in between edge and node.
SAS-20143 MBT | Edge Overlapping issue when user link edges from one node to another node.
SAS-20073 MBT | Edge overlapping issue when user link node through edges.
SAS-19095 MBT | Drag drop issue under MBT whenever user drag node.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-18545 Recorder Auto Start || JNLP is getting downloaded even when the OpKey Smart Recorder is installed in the system (Scenario Specific).
SAS-18286 Recorder Auto Start | Firefox| Edge Browser || JNLP is not getting downloaded if OpKey Smart Recorder is not installed on the system.
SAS-15810 Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
SAS-15415 Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
SAS-15422 Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
SAS-16176 GDR | Audit trails are not showing correctly when deleting a row
SAS-16180 GDR | Column name is showing incorrect when adding a column after deleting 25 columns
SAS-16958 Gherkin | Browser hangs when press enter after giving space in statements
SAS-14167 Input Parameter|| Once FL is called in TC,If we change data type as file type to string, and if we refresh TC, in data input argument, attached file continue to be shown.
SAS-16211 Intellisense Coded_FL Issue | user getting object intelisense outside of the Scope
SAS-18504 Unable to sync “861” Business Component from accelerator.stg to qa1.stg while only two user’s were performing sync operation.
SAS-15422 Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
SAS-15415 Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
SAS-15326 Negative Scenario|Folder-Replica| An Exception when user delete on going replica folder then CresTech.OpKey.Exceptions.ForeignKeyFailedException: Upsert failed as some referenced entity doesnt exist.
SAS-15810 Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-15693 MBT|Replica| Getting Exception when user create replica of MBT i.e. System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
SAS-13648 Oracle 2.0 Playback || Oracle_SyncForm keyword needs implementation.
SAS-14209 Sync Issue | Global Variable not reflected when user use all global variable inside Dynamic Object and try to sync
SAS-14105 QC | Wrong Status displaying of Report which was created through Opkey on ALM. Also, zero count displaying on report.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-17451 Chrome Extension || User should be able to add Chrome AddOn when OpKey Web is open in incognito window from Start Recording Button and Download Center.
SAS-17452 Chrome AddOn || User should be able to launch ChromeAddOn from Start Recording and Download Center when OpKey Web is open in Incognito Window.
SAS-17336 Chrome AddOn | Live View || Any modification done on the recording grid should also be reflected on Live Recording View.
SAS-14655 Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Windiw || ObjectImage property with object’s image is not coming.
SAS-14642 Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Window || There should be a toggle switch to record Desktop as well as Web applications.
SAS-23308 Data-set is displayed for session under business process detailed report which are not executed using LDR on session dashboard in accelerator platform.
SAS-16683 Chrome Extension || Chrome AddOn should start in AddToOR when OpKey Web is open in Chrome.
SAS-22773 Correct step level “ContinueOnError”, “WantSnapshot”, “IsNegative” selection is not getting displayed for selected business component in business component and business process in accelerator platform.
SAS-23093 Login project load time has been increased from last optimized timing 7sec (in US machine) to 11sec.
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