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8. Working with Data Repositories


Test data is a set of data that are used in the software testing. Test data comprises all sorts of data input required to test system’s functionalities. It may include positive data for expected functioning, negative or invalid data for error and exception handling mechanism. Maintaining Test data is very important for successful Software Testing. Obsolete or wrong test data might result in unreliable test results. Testers can verify the expected results and the software behavior in case of invalid input data based on the Test data used.

Need of Test Data?

Test Data may plays an important role in a test automation. There may be different test scenarios which need to be iterated for successful testing of the application. In such cases, OpKey provides a user friendly data storage and management feature known as Global Data Repository & Local Data Repository.

OpKey allows you to create, export, customize and do more with your Data Repositories as per your test scenario. There are two types of Data Repositories in OpKey Web, Global Data Repositories and Local Data Repositories. Both of them have their own advantages are they are used as per the test scenario.

  1. Global Data Repositories
  2. Local Data Repositories


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