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19.5 pCloudy Dashboard

The pCloudy Settings is a dropdown option under the Tools menu which provides pCloudy Dashboard to log in over pCloudy.

  • Go to Tools > Select pCloudy Settings.

Enter your API Endpoint (https://device.pcloudy.com), API User Name and API Access Key and click on ‘Log In’.

pCloudy User name & Access key:

pCloudy User name & Access key are the login credentials which you use while logging on the pCloudy dashboard. Once your account has been created successfully on pCloudy, pCloudy creates your User name & Access Key. Your registered mail id is your User name whereas Access Key is a random alphanumeric string which is unique for each registered pCloudy user.

Accessing pCloudy API User name & Access Key:

  • Login to the pCloudy dashboard https://device.pcloudy.com/
  • Navigate to the profile link showing on the right upper corner, click on the dropdown icon & then click Settings, as shown below:

  • Your User name & Access Key are displayed here along with the remaining credit. You can regenerate your Access Key as well.

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