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32.10 Opkey Release – 5.55

Note: OpKey 5.53 and 5.54 were our internal releases.

New Features

Snapshots of Failed Steps in Gherkin Report

Now, OpKey users can add snapshots of the failed steps to the exported Gherkin Report in PDF file. In this way, the exported Gherkin Report contains the failed steps along with the snapshots. In order to add failed step snapshots to the report, you need to check “Failed Step’s Snapshots” checkbox while exporting the Gherkin Report of executed Gherkin file and then export the Gherkin Report. Once the Gherkin Report is exported, you can have a look at the Failed Step along with the link (View Snapshot). When you click on the View Snapshot link to view the snapshot of the respective failed step, it opens the snapshot located on the local or cloud server. You should be aware about the snapshots located on the AWS server, as they exist there only for 7 days and get deleted automatically after that.

Comparison between the working file and its backup

OpKey users can now compare the current working file with its backup file. Thus, you can easily compare the changes done in both files and analyze them. You can easily identify the changes done in your current file. To compare the current working file with an existing backup of this file, you need to click on the Compare backup button of the corresponding backup file showing under the dockable panel in the Backup tab.

License Upgrade from OpKey Admin Panel

Here a new “License Management” page has been added to the OpKey Admin console. You can see the license-related information on this page which is divided into three sections as Component License, Platform License & Feature License. OpKey user with Admin privileges can now make a request for the license and once the license file is received then you can upgrade their licenses from the License Management of Admin console. To make a request for the license file, click on the “Request License” button & drop a mail to support@opkey.com requesting for the required license. OpKey support team will acknowledge and generate requested license keys and share with you. Once you received the license file and you can upgrade the license by clicking on the “Upgrade License” button & selecting the license file. The respective license of the OpKey will get updated as per the added license key.

Introducing new APIs for getting execution result of Test Case & Suite

There are few new APIs in the OpKey which allows OpKey users to get execution result information about the executed Suites and Test Cases without accessing OpKey directly. You can use these APIs with API Tools like Postman & SoapUI. These APIs are:

    1. Authorize
    2. GetSuiteResult
    3. GetTestCaseResult
  • The first API Authorize takes Username and Password of the OpKey Web and generates a unique Authentication Token by using the Post method. The generated Authentication Token will be further used by the next API for accessing the execution result information of executed Test Case and Suite.
  • The second API GetSuiteResult retrieves the test execution result of the executed Suite in Json format with the help of Authentication Token generated by the Authorize API using Get Method.
  • The third API GetTestCaseResult retrieves the test execution result of the executed Test Case in Json format with the help of Authentication Token generated by the Authorize API using Get Method.


While working in your local hosted OpKey web environment, if you have executed your Test Case or Suite using the OpKey APIs & the snapshots of test execution are being stored in your local shared location then the snapshots will be accessible only in your local network. In case, you are trying to access them from a different network then they would not be accessible.

While working in your OpKey web environment hosted on AWS Server, if you have executed your Test Case or Suite using the OpKey APIs & the snapshots of test execution are being stored on AWS Server then the snapshots will be accessible only for 7 days of completed test execution, as per the policy of AWS server. In case, you are trying to access them from after 7 days of completed test execution then they would not be accessible as they are removed automatically from the AWS server.

Introducing OAuth 2.0 authentication type in Service Repository

OpKey Web is now integrated with Oauth 2.0 authentication type for testing Web Services & APIs through Service Repository. Here, you need to provide Service URI of the Web Service or API and respective Jason Web Token (JWT) for authentication. If you don’t have JWT authentication token then you need to generate it. Here is a button, Get Token; when you click on the “Get Token” button, a popup window of “Get Access Token” appears where you need to enter the required details like Grant Type, Callback URL, Auth URL, Access Token URL, Client ID, etc. and then request for the Access Token. Make sure that OpKey Chrome Addon is integrated with your Chrome browser. Once you got the Access Token, enter it to the Token field and then add methods to test the OAuth 2.0 based Web Services & APIs.

Testing APIs with Certificate

There are some APIs that reject method calls having no certificate. Such APIs accept method calls only with valid certificates. Now OpKey allows you to test such APIs with a valid certificate. You can now select a certificate from your local system or upload the certificate from the Attachment Management in OpKey and then use it while testing the corresponding API through Service Repository in OpKey.

Mainframe Recorder, Plugin and Keywords

OpKey has now been integrated with the Mainframe recorder & Plugin engine. OpKey users can now use mainframe recorder and record actions performed on the Mainframe and easily create a Test Case. There are some mainframe specific keywords implemented in this OpKey release. These keywords work only with the Mainframe application. Once the Test Case is created, you can execute it using the all-new Mainframe Plugin engine.

Improved Result Architecture

Now the result architecture of OpKey has now been improved. A new dedicated result server has been installed which results in improved performance of loading the execution results data. Now the uploading time of execution logs, snapshots data has been optimized.

Build Status Dashboard

The user interface and filter functionality execution result dashboard has now been improved significantly. You can now navigate to the Build Status Dashboard page by clicking on the “Click here to see all build(s) by date” link. Build Session Dashboard allows you to refine your test execution result and export report. You can select Start Date, End Date and desired Build and see the respective executed builds details. You can check Show Sessions checkbox to enable the Session dropdown option and then view the corresponding session(s) details. You can also view currently executing/running executions by selecting Running as Status. You can download Build and Build-Session Report in PDF or Excel Format with default or custom logo.

Database Backup Utility

OpKey Users can now easily take a backup of the existing OpKey database and restore the backup of the database by using the DB Backup utility. There are two ways to use this utility: using CLI command and by using GUI based utility. Here, you need to provide some basic information about the database.

Appium Plugin Enhancements

  • Appium java-client has now been upgraded from version 3.3.0.jar to Appium-java-client version 7.0.0.jar.
  • New XHR wait has been implemented for the Appium web.
  • Get and Verify keywords have now been implemented for Appium Web.

There are few new Appium specific keywords added in OpKey. They are given below:

  • SetLocation (For Appium Android)
  • SwitchWiFi (For Appium Android)
  • RunAdbCommand (For Appium Android)
  • SwipeToObject (For Appium Native)
  • SwipeTowards (For Appium Native)
  • ByText (for browsers in the mobile device)

OpKey Mobility – Android feature enhancements

  • Now, there is a new parameter named as Accessibility ID added in the object property for android native applications.
  • Now the OpKey Mobicast feature supports new Android version 10 as well.
  • Users can now perform image-based execution (beta version) on mobile devices having the same configuration and same version.
  • There are few new keywords added in the dropdown list on the recorder page. You can add any keyword from the list and corresponding object from the object list (fetched objects) and perform an action on that object.
  • Now the object gets highlighted, on which action is being performed during test execution for native and hybrid applications.
  • Now the toast message functionality also supports devices with android version 7 & below.
  • Two new OpKey Mobility-Android specific keywords have been added in this OpKey release and they are Mobile_SetNumberPicker & Mobile_WaitForObjectDisappear.

OpKey Mobility – iOS feature enhancements

OpKey Mobility-iOS plugin functionality has now been improved. Now it launches iOS apps automatically during playback and captures screenshots. Three new OpKey Mobility-iOS plugin-specific keywords have been added in this release. They are as given below:

  1. DI_Click
  2. DI_SendtextOnMobileDevice
  3. DI_PressHomeButton

Other Enhancements

  • While executing a test in debug mode, now you can view the output of the previous test step also. You can now view the complete name of the arguments having a long name by clicking on the new View button.
  • Now the external tool integration feature has been integrated with the OpKey Accelerator. By now, it supports ALM and you can work with it using ALM specific keywords.
    Now, you can generate a detailed PDF report of your Test Case and Suite execution by applying settings to your Agent data. You need to open the XML file from the path (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CresTech\OpKey\AgentData\Configuration.xml). Open this XML file and add <CreateReportOfEachFlowAt>D:\Reports</CreateReportOfEachFlowAt> tag in which D:\Reports denotes the path location where the PDF reports get saved. In the case of executed Suite, a folder with the Suite name and session id gets created at the specified path which contains the reports for the executed test cases mapped under the Suite.
  • Now, ALM specific keywords also work with the Function Libraries but you need to check the “Update mapped test management artifact” checkbox under the advanced execution settings.
  • OpKey users can now execute test execution on the Safari browser on the Mac machine also.
  • A new PeopleSoft specific keyword (PS_TypeByTextAndEnter) has been added in this release.
  • In OpKey 5.55 release, you can no longer select multiple build and session to generate session dashboard in Accelerator. However, you can still select a single build and session to generate it.
  • OpKey Login page interface has now been improved. Now, it contains random images along with the link to view the corresponding tutorial video.
  • While compiling the written code of Coded FL, the downloaded teleporting tunnel jar now contains the encoded token. It further communicates with the OpKey server and fetch the required data and then compiles the Java code.

Note: You are recommended to download & install the latest released OpKey Agent for test execution.

Major Bug Fixes

Issue Key Summary
SAS-28242 SR tree available in "Add Step" module is loading multiple times when user expands SR and SR services on TC/FL.
SAS-28269 Spock Agent | Spock agent not downloading the required plugin for execution.
SAS-28245 job portal | when we schedule any job then it show exception
SAS-27266 Unable to record Wolt app with V3 build.
SAS-28175 Azure | Unable to login in Azure http environment
SAS-27523 Keyword LaunchChromeOnMobile failing in local device.
SAS-27349 Spy|| The spy is not working for any application.
SAS-27886 Unable to export uploaded jar files from keyword management.
SAS-27942 Unable to login to OpKey environment using SSO credentials.
SAS-27921 Opkey Saas getting hanged after finished recording
SAS-27694 Exception occurred while opening LDR tab in testcase if testcase is in LDR mode.
SAS-27920 Unable to update a keyword in Keyword Management.
SAS-27620 PeopleSoft Plugin || PS_ClickTableCell keyword is giving object not found.
SAS-27813 The jar files of custom keywords are not getting downloaded via Agent.
SAS-27218 |MobileV3|Mobile_execution|Getting responseof finder command "Timeout while processing command"
SAS-27405 All Browsers | All Plugins || Web_ClickByText(Login) is doing fake pass.
SAS-27438 All Browsers | PeopleSoft Plugin || One table is not working having 2 columns of same name.
SAS-26575 Open browser is getting fail if provided browser is "EDGE"
SAS-27223 The Joule app getting stuck at launching page.
SAS-27206 Unable to click on objects at the time of execution in Scooper app.
SAS-27205 Getting response "Timedout while proccessing the command" while execution in loader page after using keyword Dynamic loading.
SAS-28456 Getting Exception while executing from Pcloudy in jenkins
SAS-28403 UI get distorted if Agent name is long in Generate Document
SAS-28416 Actions button are in enable state and able to create replica after TC statechange in "Review", Approved",published"state.
SAS-28465 SR | when we open the SR in IE then its UI is not proper
SAS-26552 The application Faasos is getting crashed after tapping on some particular objects at the time of recording.
SAS-28413 Import | Getting exception when importing any artifact which is mapped with any External Tool in different project within same domain
SAS-28390 During restore Application display Exception message " Unable to load or more of the Requested type" |
SAS-28272 Exception comes if delete Sessions from shared location and try to access resullt
SAS-28386 Exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." occurred while creating replica in accelerator.
SAS-28170 Getting exception if user login with opkey credentials after session got expired
SAS-28048 |Keyword functionality|APk:Drivezy||Mobile_swipe to text| Keyword getting passed if multiple text is getting find by finder
SAS-28363 Running Sessions is not coming in discover if any session executed
SAS-28174 Job Portal |from "Job scheduler"jobs are not selected for scheduling
SAS-28343 Exception "There is no row at position 0" occuured when user uses "Open in new tab" functionality on auto-created artifacts.
SAS-28068 when we create a TC with special character name like (TC(*&) After execution it show an exception because it create a PDF file At a locationbut PDF file name can not contain some special character like (\ / : ? " < > |)
SAS-28271 Exception is coming while execution if shared location is not accessible
SAS-27955 The jar files are not getting appeared in Keyword Management.
SAS-27467 Execution failing in Click Keyword in device iphone6s
SAS-28195 The application is not getting downloaded in cache...
SAS-28332 Job Portal |when we delete selected tag value then deleted value are not unchecked
SAS-28337 Refresh button is not working of Test case Template on Acc side
SAS-27469 Execution taking unexpectedly lot oftime to execute for each keyword.
SAS-27470 Keywords scroll up and scroll down and Tap failing while execution.
SAS-27524 KeywordVerifyEditboxEditable failing tested to verify OyoRooms search box.
SAS-28047 Verify editbox non-editable keyword passing when object not found
SAS-28182 Mapping of FL's is not getting saved in Gherkin
SAS-28338 Not able to Create all statement in Gherkin
SAS-28183 Opkey|OpkeySaaS|Qa1.SmartOpkey.com|Admin|ProjectManagement|CreateProject|UI|Scroll Bar Missing
SAS-28189 DesktopRecorder|ClickButton Event at Window Start at Taskbar is performed During Playback
SAS-28243 in opkey saas ( when we create a new tc and we right click at "Keyword with Test Object ". the Record is not Enable
SAS-27373 |VerifyObjectEnabled| Keyword getting skipped as this keyword is not implemented for Mobile plugin
SAS-27403 |GetObjectProperty/GetpropertyValue| Keyword giving blank output value
SAS-27959 The jar file is getting updated automatically in keyword management.
SAS-27997 Wrong validation message is appearing while adding argument in a custom keyword.
SAS-27430 |Mobile_spy| Inner text property not coming in object property fetched by spy
SAS-27371 |GetobjectProperty, GetPropertyValue| Need to impliment "isEnabled" property
SAS-28203 Buttons do not get disable in freeze state or do not get disable in draft until refresh tree for new files created
SAS-28299 job portal | "Clear" and "refresh" button is not working when we add new tags
SAS-28191 Job Portal |when we schedule a job then scheduling time it show message "job scheduled saved" but loading is continue
SAS-27894 In search box with every wrong key it gives a seperate error
SAS-28239 DesktopRecorder|During playback DropDownBoxin File (save As )
SAS-28259 all the text of the execution wizard is not comming properly in the execution wizard box
SAS-28308 Exception "Can't read input file! at javax.imageio.ImageIO.read" occurred while executing a flow if executed step's object has "ObjectImage" property in it.
SAS-26523 |Crash|Mobile_execution| Application getting crash in between the execution after performing some action.
SAS-26354 ANDROID | Headspace Meditation Sleep_v3.20.1_apkpure.com | Application keeps closing / crashing while execution stared
SAS-26346 ANDROID | Zomato Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App_v13.2.6_apkpure.com | Application keeps closing / crashing while execution stared
SAS-26050 ANDROID | Zilingo Shopping_v1.8.9_ | Wrong Object is getting clicked by "Mobile_ClickByText"
SAS-25977 ANDROID | Rentomojo Rent Furniture Bikes Appliances In India v3.0.6 Application | Playback | "Mobile_ClickByText" is failed to find text , when passing the index value = 0
SAS-28086 Job Portal | execution time it select automaticallyplugin "Selenium-JS"
SAS-28075 Job Portal | add a tag after this without saving the job add another tag then previous selected TC is unchecked when we select any value of new tag
SAS-27176 Open In NewTab should be enable in TC and BP if in freeze state
SAS-26945 In freeze state Open in New Tab should be enable in BP and TC
SAS-28115 Name of renamed folder reverts to previous name if user renames folder with previously deleted folder's name.
SAS-28114 Folder named "Loading" is displayed on screen when user deletes a folder after reloading project workspace tree.
SAS-28211 Exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." is displayed on screen when user works on keywords "GetGlobalDRValue" and "SetGlobalDRValue".
SAS-28120 Exception message "Sequence contains no elements" is displayed on screen when user maps global variable/input parameter/output parameter/ADG/GDR on data argument parameter of keywords "IF" and "EvaluateExpression".
SAS-28279 Searched file/folder are not getting properly filtered if the searched file is inside more than 2 level folder structure in project work-space tree.
SAS-28258 Multiple SR method nodes are getting displayed for same method when user searches name of SR method in "Add Step" SR tree.
SAS-27421 IF- condition keyword's data argument mapping is not getting saved.
SAS-27420 Mapped Output/Input arguments get removed automatically after saving functional library/business component.
SAS-28069 Job Portal |when we select Tag's value then TC is not present according to the functionality
SAS-27981 Accelerator | it is invalid when we right click on any file (FL) it showing "create branch" option
SAS-23186 Accelerator || Currently execution build gives wrong count of Total test .
SAS-27996 gherkin | when we open gherkin then it don't show test steps before "refresh" refresh button
SAS-28049 Sparkin | when we click on paste button then it show exception
SAS-27639 Job Portal |tag selection time "submit" buton is not visible some time or visible some time after selecting some tags
SAS-28173 Job Portal |Email Address are not deleted from "Mail To"
SAS-28188 Job Portal |submit button not visible , tags are not select according our scenario
SAS-27941 execution is in progress and execution status icon showing " Waiting for agent to start execution"
SAS-28185 Object reference exception is coming while deleting session from execution tree on staging environment
SAS-28168 Max online user area graph performance is very slow
SAS-28194 keyword management violations in accessblity point of view
SAS-28196 queued session accessblity gives violation
SAS-28218 A jar file is getting downloaded on every run.
SAS-28015 IN GV Search TextBox with every wrong key it gives a seperate message
SAS-28016 In BC copy a Bc and paste it in any Label For the first time it copies with the same name
SAS-27999 accessblity in accelerator project dashboar
SAS-28057 when we open "" then it show an exception
SAS-28041 test case document has an editable field
SAS-27968 export | during export any TC,FL then exported file showing in search engine as URl
SAS-28202 accessblity check gives violation
SAS-28212 schedular accessblity gives voilation
SAS-28236 Creation of the artifact is also coming in open file instead of AddFileFolder
SAS-28260 Execution wizards buttons colour changed to blue it should be in the privious from
SAS-28221 Error "File/Folder with name 'JobPortal_Job_Repository_f11df180-068f-4cf4-bf24-94b4949a675d' already exists. ERROR: Duplicate entry" while importing an exported file which contains files of Job Portal in new project.
SAS-28264 UI of Exception window is not proper
SAS-27138 Used By should get closed of ADG if switch from one to other ADG field
SAS-28082 Job Portal | when we execute any job from modification then it show exception
SAS-27645 Job Portal |"Do you want save the changes?" message is not show in modification in execution time (In modify jobs))
SAS-27815 "Same as above email address" also checked when we used a different email in SMTP
SAS-27642 Job Portal |test case'scheck box is also selected when we clear all the tags
SAS-28201 Job Portal |deleting any tag from TCand after deleting open job in job portal , opened job is continuously loaded
SAS-28246 Project Workspace tree | All browsers | Scroll bar is not visible in project workspace tree.
SAS-27462 Grid Execution| User is not able to open agent drop drop down list when user trying to select the agent from last added row.
SAS-28129 Job Portal |"save" button is not working when we do changes in modified jobs
SAS-28111 Job Portal |when we add email idin "mail to" in a job then added mail id after save the job , mail id is not visible in "mail to"
SAS-28110 Job Portal |"search by date" is nor working according to selected date
SAS-28080 Job Portal | when we click on "scheduler job"then it not show directly jobs name
SAS-28077 Job Portal | when we "move up" and "move down" any TC then checked TC is unchecked
SAS-28065 Job Portal |when we have same value with different tag after this select lower tag's value then upper tag's value is automatically selected
SAS-27644 Job Portal | After Add tags in modify job previous selected tag's checkbox are unselected (In modify Jobs)
SAS-27643 Job Portal | ChkAll TC is unchecked (In modify job)
SAS-27412 License| Wrong number of days calculation is showing on UI in license management under agent license.
SAS-27525 VerifyTextareaEnabled keywords applied for editbox object is getting passed
SAS-28052 IE |Project Workspace tree | Artifacts at the bottom of the tree are getting hide under the tabs Project workspace and Execution.
SAS-28051 IE |Header | When we run an execution on IE browser than header bar of opkey gets wipe off.
SAS-27977 Folder with "Loading" name is getting displayed when user creates a folder after refreshing project workspace tree.
SAS-27839 Exception message "The resource cannot be found." is displayed on screen when user try to create a folder in OR-selector window.
SAS-28032 GDR | when we share a GDR and and used shared GDR in TC with Keyword "getglobalDRvalue" and "setglobalDRvalue" and when we enter column name through shareGDR it show exception
SAS-28030 OR | when we right click on OR and select Share and reopened OR it show exception
SAS-27658 captcha not provided in error message invalid captcha
SAS-27833 Captcha doesnt shows but in next step with right credentials gives an error invalid captcha
SAS-28023 accelerator artifact is present in opkey web project workspace
SAS-27970 Create New Dialer || Renaming functionality is not working when we are creating any artifact through Create New Dialer.
SAS-28026 project workspace | when we delete any artifacts then in"Artifacts Share in Folder" artifacts value are same
SAS-28013 project selection pannel accessblity
SAS-28014 color of title of project in project selection pannel is different from Go to admin button
SAS-28005 After sorting if click on refresh button then it should get refreshed and sorting should get removed
SAS-27973 Project workspace tree got stuck with loader when user deletes any file using right click context menu option.
SAS-28009 Files do not get loaded in folder if expand any folder and delete any other folder
SAS-28006 At first time Unshare option is coming in context menu
SAS-27844 After executing any suite with Scheduler , in scheduler executed suite' "session status" and "queued status" are not changed
SAS-28004 Files do not get loaded in Project workspace tree-Loading folders come
SAS-27963 |Application Management| Throwing 404 exception on clicking over usedby button for some applications.
SAS-27987 when we export gherkin file then it show exception
SAS-27940 After executions finishes step status shows yet to execute
SAS-27990 Exception comes in comparision window if open drop down and select "Select option" from drop down and compare
SAS-27805 available speeling is not written correctly
SAS-27957 Exception comes while expanding folder if any tc is mapped with external tool and settings has been disabled
SAS-27982 Accelerator | when we create replica it show exception
SAS-27969 Loader get stuck when delete any folder
SAS-27971 Folder and file name get renamed
SAS-27818 Accelerator | Opkey SaS| execution status are not visible in Business Component'FL
SAS-27939 Discription of Jobs , TC , FL is not displaying in the remarks section
SAS-27958 during live execution pause the execution click on a particular step it gives a exception
SAS-27936 Folder get collapsed on refreshing tree
SAS-27935 Create any file and open it and then after closing that file see in folder file is not visible in folder-user needs to refresh it
SAS-27905 If Copy and do Replica of blank Folder then notification should come as "Cannot create Replica of blank folder"
SAS-27845 JIRA / AZURE Local | Defect is not linking with Artifact
SAS-27713 |Mobile_Management|Application not getting uploaded into Application Managenet
SAS-27503 Showing exception while creating a new custom keyword.
SAS-27929 Admin Panel | Profile | When selecting checkbox of change password, its not displaying change password fields. On deselecting the check box its displaying the fields
SAS-27717 Exception "Unable to cast object of type 'CresTech.OpKey.Core.MBT' to type 'CresTech.OpKey.Core.ITreeFolder'." is displayed on screen when user creates a folder/file in step associator window available on model.
SAS-27864 Showing exception while creating or updating a custom keyword.
SAS-27882 The entered description is not appearing when I come back to edit/update keyword page.
SAS-27897 Throwing exception while creating/updating a keyword.
SAS-27741 jenkins execution
SAS-27904 JOB schedular throws an exception (Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid.)
SAS-27826 VSTS Build | Unable to connect opkeyand vsts build
SAS-27732 bamboo execution fails
SAS-27890 gherkin | execution status are not display ingherkin and sparkin
SAS-27902 AZURE VSTS | Getting exception when selecting project and saving details
SAS-27906 Value cannot be Null is coming in logs while using qTest
SAS-27720 Exception when search special characters in search field
SAS-27908 Object reference exception is coming while removing mapping from qTest
SAS-27892 Message should come "Two files are identical" if there is no difference between two files
SAS-27822 After refreshing Project Workspace Tree shared icon of OR and GDR get removed
SAS-27847 Azure Local | Getting object reference exception when manually linking a bug with TC
SAS-27731 Exception while Copy Replica
SAS-27465 Gherkin| Getting exception while user mapping new created FL or DR.
SAS-27443 Local Environment || Admin || User getting exception whenever select any project from "Select Project" DropDown under "State Audit Trail" in "Project Management".
SAS-27715 Sessions are not coming if filter Builds
SAS-27754 Build sessions is showing for Live status in every date
SAS-25522 |Mobile_execution|Only object index is showing in Object proprty "name ", though object has name .
SAS-27810 External Tool Jira | when we dojira mapping it give server error
SAS-27836 UI issue on all browsers
SAS-27446 FL/TC| Create group, Merge group and un-group option should not be displayed on right click context menu under FL.
SAS-27827 Execution Message shows two Times
SAS-27848 Service Repository search box is not searching the folder its only searching the method
SAS-27451 License Management|IE Specific|Pop-up message box is not getting disappear when user click Yes button under license management.
SAS-27831 we are not able to import any exported OR , FL , TC
SAS-27817 Accelerator | In Business component's FL in detail icon created and modified date is "invalid date"
SAS-27751 LDR is not open with Test Case
SAS-27664 JIRA | screenshot are not show in jira of any bugs
SAS-27641 Job Portal |execution button is not working
SAS-27640 Job Portal |clear and refresh button is not working
SAS-27638 Job Portal |Save button is disable when i select all TC
SAS-27757 Unwanted text displayed on "State Management" module on admin panel.
SAS-27842 UI issue| unwanted section displayed in project selection when a non-admin tries to login to OpKey.
SAS-27837 Icon of browser available on web OR-selector window is not getting displayed.
SAS-27857 exceptions (Must specify valid information for parsing in the string) during opening accelerator
SAS-27814 Exception is coming when click on compare without selecting files
SAS-27623 If compare same file then blank compare window is coming
SAS-27710 Watermark getting repeated if select a date in which there is no data available and click on Search button again n again
SAS-27719 Exception while searching <data> or <iframe> in search field in Project Workspace
SAS-27807 method_SwipeTowards getting passed without swiping it from corner from left to right.
SAS-27808 SwipetoObject getting fakepass on xpath basis.
SAS-27701 compare button icons is coming in all modiules in other bottom factory tabs also
SAS-27633 Some text missing in comparision window
SAS-27843 save changes after clicking no
SAS-27824 IN "Add For-Next for selected step" Execution problem
SAS-27746 Revamp.localopkey.com | Getting server error while creating replica of any component
SAS-27795 Session name not coming on FF browser
SAS-27724 If search any text which is not present in Project workspace then it becomes blank and when click on Create new file then loader remains moving
SAS-27675 Set size of icon
SAS-27631 UI of compare window is not proper
SAS-27682 UI of drop down list in Compare window isnot proper
SAS-27625 For Live Sessions-Show sessions should not come
SAS-27688 Pass % ,Fail % etc should come for Sessions Gauge also
SAS-27726 Right context menu not coming for OR file
SAS-27723 Searching field not working properly
SAS-27632 UI of compare get distorted while loading
SAS-27618 Accessblity point of view
SAS-27404 |GetObjectText| keyword throwing exception if edit box value is blank
SAS-26877 |Mobile_recording(Native)| Trimmed x-path is getting recorded
SAS-26804 |Mobile_recorder|ALaska|Trimmed x-path is getting recorded
SAS-25974 ANDROID |Generic ISSUE | SwipeToText | Keyword taking Too much time to find the object and start working
SAS-27799 Revamp.localopkey.com | While using agent spock in execution wizard there should be a drop down availabe to select Generic plugins.
SAS-27714 jenkins Save and apply
SAS-27711 accessblity point of view
SAS-27637 message should show success instead of Warning
SAS-27659 Watch Demo button does not navigate to right page
SAS-27622 warning message positioning problem
SAS-27626 accessblity point of view (verification message)
SAS-27439 All Browser | OracleFusion Plugin || OracleFusion_TypeByText or Web_TypeByText keyword is typing on wrong object (Behind a popup)
SAS-27617 return to previous page button doesn't work in (watch demo)
SAS-26679 Edge | Parallel executions are not executing on edge
SAS-27382 License|Sparkin| While creating new database in OpKey then sparkin license should not be active.
SAS-27233 Some objects are getting recorded with same X-Path in Omio app.
SAS-27291 |TypeText| While typing value in an editbox, conversion of that value is considered as click and typetext.
SAS-27264 A duplicate app is getting installed after completing the run.
SAS-27162 Objects are getting recorded multiple times in Scooper app.
SAS-27227 Application Vertfolio getting stuck at launching page.
SAS-27197 All the images of news are not getting loaded in RT News app at the recording time.
SAS-27201 Sometimes, The RT News app is getting closed while recording time as well as execution time.
SAS-27161 The RT News app is getting crashed while recording time as well as execution time.
SAS-27254 Some editbox are not clickable in Snapp app at recording time.
SAS-27199 Objects are getting recorded with same X-Path in RT News app.
SAS-27234 Extra steps are getting recorded while clicking on some objects in Omio app.
SAS-27244 |Type Text issue| While recording typetext click is getting recorded first and then type text.
SAS-27164 The X-Path of whole page is getting recorded in Snapp app.
SAS-27168 Sometimes, Reddit app is getting closed while launching at execution time.
SAS-27174 Input is getting recorded in name property instead of field name.
SAS-23093 Login project load time has been increased from last optimized timing 7sec (in US machine) to 11sec.
SAS-27241 In application Tomo wallet,homepage not getting loaded and goes back to launch page.
SAS-28462 when we refresh a TC ,FL then its UI is not proper
SAS-28351 Exception is coming when exceuting"Execute Query" keyword
SAS-28213 Web Plugin | IE | Performing click action on wrong object
SAS-28378 Accelerator | In jobs refresh button is not working when we generate the generate document
SAS-28321 Mapped SSO resource is getting added on browser address bar when user clicks "Login with OpKey user" link on login page.
SAS-28311 Selected folder/file's position is reaching top in the hierarchywhen user refresh project workspace tree.
SAS-28295 "Start Date" and "End Date" should be by-default filled with current date if user selects a job after logging in to OpKey Accelerator.
SAS-28224 Information message popup displaying restricted file message is not getting displayed on the screen when user opens a restricted file.
SAS-27611 Tittle:-Restore operation startperform after input invalid IP address and invalid shared storage path.
SAS-27613 Tittle:- Restore operation perform when enter invalid credentials and invalid port no.
SAS-28309 After successful restore operation completeand data store at shared location but message display wrong on cmd window "Share disk data does not exist in database dump "
SAS-28331 During restore on northwell_qa dmpApplication display Error "object not found "
SAS-28022 MAC OS || Everywhere the cursor is appearing.
SAS-28008 The whole edit field box is not appearing while updating a custom keyword.
SAS-28081 Project Workspace | Search box are not working according to functionality.
SAS-27372 |GetObjectEnabled| Keyword getting skipped as this keyword is not implemented for Mobile plugin
SAS-28291 UI issue|| Alignment of "Date Range Selection" field and "Search" button are not proper.
SAS-28232 |Mobile_recorder| some recorded objects are not showing in SAAS ui but visible into agent log
SAS-28055 |Drivzey| Object is getting found and clicked over wrong object
SAS-28284 Spock Agent | Utility plugin | GetFileName GetFileNameWithoutExtension and GetFileExtension these keywords are getting fail on execution.
SAS-28280 Job Portal |In "job scheduler" executed job color after pass , the job color is not changed
SAS-28031 Chrome AddOn || Renaming functionality is not working.
SAS-28179 Project work-space tree scrollbar is auto-scrolling when user selects any file/folder on project work-space tree.
SAS-28184 Data of previously selected folder is getting displayed under "Recently Used Artifacts in Folder" if selected folder is empty.
SAS-28177 Unwanted white space is getting displayed on project workspace tree when user logs into OpKey web.
SAS-28226 Update TMT check box is disables in Accelerator and FL (SAAS side)
SAS-28122 Blank row is getting added in "Custom fields" grid if user clicks "MoveUp" button and grid is initially blank.
SAS-28033 recorder | in recorder when we select "Choose OR" then in right it show a message but after selecting "Choose OR" we again select "Default OR" than that message are also visible
SAS-26182 Exception "Sequence contains no elements" appears when user maps input parameter in "IF" keyword
SAS-28225 Job Portal |in queued session refresh button and delete button color not correct
SAS-28257 Execution dispaly | Scroll bar is not visible in execution logs console.
SAS-27105 Portal| User is not able to select tags from request job tab and in modify if user directly execute the job without saving it.
SAS-28255 Job Portal |when we try select a project then project window scroll are nor working
SAS-28172 TFS/Azure | Unable to log defect . Getting error message in agent logs
SAS-27830 TFS Local / VSTS Build Local | Not able to upload OPkey excetuion stats plugin in TFS Local andVSTS BUILD LOCAL environment
SAS-28083 Job Portal |After refresh the opkey when we open modified job then its TC are not visible
SAS-27456 SR Export/Replica Issue | user getting exception when export SR(provided Service URI value from global variable) and export SR and perform export replica on another project
SAS-26155 Alignment issue on tabs displayed for "New Test Cases", "Impacted Test Cases", "Unchanged Test Cases" on impact anlaysis window in model on display resolution 1280 X 720.
SAS-27976 Error "A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (:)." is displayed on browser network tab when user right clicks on any folder in project workspace tree.
SAS-27960 Admin Panel>>Licence Management | In licence status of agent licence its displaying one extra day of licence expire
SAS-23297 "Download logs" IE specific Issue | when user click on download logs two or three times then user getting a separate window of logs
SAS-27992 Project Workspace | Server throws system application exception when we cut parent folder and pasting it into child folder.
SAS-26840 Accelerator Replica UI Issue | User getting UI issue when user try to see UI on MAC Chrome
SAS-27956 Eraser button are not working on keywords search box section
SAS-27949 Getting exception in Agent while seding SMTP mail
SAS-27841 Applicationare not displaying Chrome Add On ,firefox, IE, IE procted icon or logoon Web recorder.
SAS-27911 Switch icon of GDR on TC are notdisplayed in proper manner.
SAS-27885 Alignment Issue on Mobile Recorder page.
SAS-23785 Chrome Addon/ Chrome Recorder | Overlapping of tab under chrome recorder .
SAS-27759 Click on" Restore To" icon in FL andGotoclick create new folder thenApplication is displaying Error message.
SAS-27725 when click on Restore-To icon of GDR and click to create new folder then Application display Error message.
SAS-27718 Click on Restore To icon in tc andGotoclick create new folder thenApplication is displaying Error message.
SAS-27903 Application open two windows when"Double click on "Restore-To and preview button in TC' FL and GDR.
SAS-27878 Azure | Unable to map artifact with work item, getting message "Configure Azure Services "
SAS-27092 Security check pop-up is appearing when executing flow
SAS-26082 ANDROID | Grofers Order Grocery Online_v4.2.29 Application | Application keeps closing / crashing during playback
SAS-27738 Click on"Details" icon in GDR onwhich Created date and modified date display invalid.
SAS-27727 Add html page Nameaccept white space between letters.
SAS-25975 ANDROID | Version specific issue | VERSION : 5.1 | Some of the bugs i have observed is working fine in other android version but having issue in this specific version
SAS-27442 License Management|UI|Resolution Specific| UI is not proper on lower resolution of license management.
SAS-27440 Admin|Manage State|Resolution Specific|UI| Alignment of buttons is not proper under manage state tab in Admin Panel.
SAS-27457 OR|Add to OR|UI| Alignment of button and text is not proper in add to or.
SAS-27196 Type text step getting recorded while performing click on search image in application The Ellen Show
SAS-27208 Application Health Tap getting closed after launching.
SAS-27250 Type Text step getting recorded twice.
SAS-27268 Type text step getting recorded twice in application Settle up.
SAS-27263 Type text getting recorded whEN clicking on editboxin application Bewakoof.com
SAS-27200 Mobile_DynamicSwitchLoading Keyword functionality getting failed in application Ellen Show.
SAS-27165 Fake Pass in application BNF publication.
SAS-27163 Objects that are getting recorded with xpath property have same xpath for all the objects.
SAS-27207 Different objects recording same properties.(Same xpath) in application BBC news.
SAS-28366 During Restore input wrong obk file path but application not perform operation but show exception message.
SAS-27916 Session icon are not displayed in green color After execution .
SAS-24664 qTest || Search by ID field should get cleared whenever user switch option from Requirement to Test Case via-versa in qTest Filter.
SAS-28276 job portal I without making any changes in modified job , if we execute the jobthen it also show "Do you want save the changes?" message
SAS-26356 Version String not in proper format
SAS-27388 Web_SelectRadiobuttonbytext and Web_selectcheckboxbytext keywords are taking more time to perform action then recorded flow
SAS-28220 job portal | in execution in advance settingin plugin setting refresh button's color are not correct
SAS-27961 Admin Panel>>Licence Management | In licence status instead of displaying 1 Day left its displaying 1 Days left.
SAS-27938 Admin panel | Project Management | When assigning project to a user it throws exception of SMTP configuration whereas project got assigned to the user. Same exception issue when we unassign project to user.
SAS-26562 |Mobile_management|"Duplicate name found" custom message showing but duplicate apk not present
SAS-27806 Accelerator | search the keyword is not working with wrong keyword
SAS-27893 Alignment issue occur in pop-up screenmessage when we click on"Delete" the folder.
SAS-9148 Opkey recorder/TC | Focus is on search option when we click outside the recorder window
SAS-27748 "Created on" and "Modified on" date display "invalid date" on TC.
SAS-27832 Without check "All continue on Error"in more setting execute tc the Application display error message and not show any reult.
SAS-27689 Icon of calender
SAS-27406 |Mobile_SetLocation| Keyword not working into local device
SAS-27608 Sikuli:-Image_Hover keyword is not working.
SAS-27195 |mobile_recorder| blank innter text is coming onclicking over a particular object
SAS-27881 The scroll bars are not coming into its default state.
SAS-28021 Alignment issue on update custom keyword screen.
SAS-27475 |Local_instrumentation| Application is getting crashed as it launches, on instrumenting the application with local setup
SAS-27829 The Create New drawer is not getting closed while creating suite, coded FL etc...
SAS-27888 The icon is getting disappeared in keyword management.


Known Issues

Issue key Summary
SAS-26783 No command getting passed other then "Switch to Hybrid" command in application ( Hyperli and Windy and Easy Money) hybrid apps.
SAS-28457 Spock Agent | CFL & All Artifacts | Oracle EBS | CFL & all artifacts are getting fail during execution on Oracle EBS plugin. Throwing file not found exception.
SAS-28466 Business Process details grid is not getting displayed on session dashboard on IE11 browser.
SAS-28426 IOS ||Snapp application is getting hanged after executing some steps..
SAS-28455 Mobile_SwitchWifi || this keyword is not working...
SAS-28452 Mobile_SwitchBluetooth || The keyword is not working properly for android version 5,6,7.
SAS-28391 Mac & Windows | Firefox | Teleporting tunnel jar | jar is not downloading when we run execution on spock agent.
SAS-28392 Mac & Windows | Firefox | Coded FL jar | jar is not downloading when we are compiling CFL in firefox on mac.
SAS-27753 MainFrame|MF_SendText(1,1)|SendText(2,2)|RumbaApplication Terminates Abnormally| (negative Testing)
SAS-27867 CFL | Windows | Microsoft Edge | Code is not getting compiled whereas the coded FL compiler is running.
SAS-27953 Salesforce Recorder | Chrome AddOn || Label name is not coming for any keyword.
SAS-27952 Salesforce Plugin || SF_SelectDataFromPickList is not working if picklist has no label.
SAS-27883 IE Browser | Web and OracleEBS Recorder || Select Button is not getting recorded.
SAS-27653 Oracle Fusion | Recorder | Chrome AddOn || Unable to record 1 object.
SAS-27383 EBS Plugin | FindInLOV keyword || OracleEBS New jar not working- Some scenario(New Architecture Recorder(Glass Property)fix impact)
SAS-27365 Safari Browser | OracleFusion || OracleFusion_IsTextPresentOnScreen keyword is not waiting for page load.
SAS-27363 Safari Browser | All Plugins || Web_TypeByText keyword is giving object not found.
SAS-27358 IE Browser | All Plugins || All web based plugins are getting step timeout for https://sstsinc.com on IE Browser.
SAS-23322 Galen and Accessibility || Unable to execute the flow on MAC.
SAS-26657 The Dunkin Donuts app is getting crashed at the time of recording.
SAS-26849 Exception message "An item with the same key has already been added" is displayed while syncing/creating branch/importing a testcase where SR method is added.
SAS-27385 Click Bus application getting crashed on clicking over Sign up.
SAS-27533 Reset location keyword picking location of Atlantic Ocean instead of bangalore in pcloudy devices.
SAS-28019 "Method_CloseBrowser" not implemented in appium plugin.
SAS-28440 SendKeys command executing internally while performingType text taking around 2 to 3 seconds
SAS-28445 Keyword Verify Editbox Disabled getting passed when no output is present
SAS-28514 When we login intoImpact analysis By default Latest "Team" is not displaying on projectDashboard.
SAS-28513 Desktop/Java Recorder |Recorder Unable to Launch violetumleditor-2.1.0 application During Recording .
SAS-28512 job portal | when we sync a project that contain job portal's job after sync when we see in synced project job portal's job does not contain data in job
SAS-28502 Desktop/Java Recorder | while Starting Recording In DrJava Application it Throws An exception (ArrayIndexOutofBond ) .
SAS-28500 job portal | when we restrict our job for non admin user from admin panel then in our project job portal's job are not displayed
SAS-28499 job portal | when we create a new job and save it after that open this job with other user and try to modify the job then we are not able to modify the job
SAS-28498 Desktop/Java Recorder | playback Not performed and each Keywords time out after the Recording in DrJava Application
SAS-28470 IOS || Pcloudy || Playback || Snapshots are not getting pulled.
SAS-28490 IOS || Click keyword is getting steptimeout.
SAS-28487 Local Environment || IE || I'm unable to decompile downloaded jar files from local.
SAS-28482 OpkeyJava|licence Expires when i install OpkeyJava Plugging First Time on Opkey Agent
SAS-28475 All the data is getting disappeared while clicking on sync.
SAS-28485 PeopleSoftRecorder| different keywords Recorded"RecorderWindow And In Dom Window"During Recording
SAS-28484 OracleEBS Plugin || OracleEBS plugin is getting crash if one IE instance is already open and user has given Chrome Browser in OpenBrowser keyword.
SAS-28478 Exception Appears when we copy BC and paste after adding new label with double click (continuously)
SAS-28477 Mobile_SwitchAirplaneMode || This keyword is not working..
SAS-28474 |Application management| apk getting stuck on uploading apk from application management
SAS-28471 Restricted files are not getting displayed under "Recently Used Artifacts" module on project dashboard if user selects restricted hierarchy in project workspace tree without expanding the folder.
SAS-28467 IOS || Showing two application in logs...
SAS-28461 Java /Desktop Recorder unable to Find Object At Java_SelectItemFromList during Playback
SAS-28460 Value of keyValuePair data type of Global Variable is not changing in run time
SAS-28459 Desktop/Java Recorder unable to find object at Java_SelectTreeItem During the Playback in ApplicationNetBeans Ide 8.1
SAS-28454 Mobile_SwitchBluetooth || keyword not giving proper messages..
SAS-28453 Mobile_SwitchBluetooth || The keyword is asking for permission.
SAS-10344 Grid Execution | Loader appears continuously when we select any offline agent.
SAS-28438 external tool | when we login external tool and mapped TC and after this logout previous AZURE credential and login new Azure credential but previous mapped Azure bug id is not unmapped
SAS-28432 external tool | in external tool(JIRA and AZURE DEVOPS)when we sync or export ,import a mapped TC in new project and after that mapped a new id with sync TC and again sync in same project then updated id are not sync
SAS-28428 In Accelerator Review, Approved and Published state of BC, all the buttons are in disable state but if we switch tab then delete , move up, movedown buttons comes in enable state
SAS-28402 when all the step of execution is executed but the session is not closed that time press pause button and the play button it gives an exception (Spock agent), and gives a "504 Gateway time-out " in local agent
SAS-28425 Exception "Column 'name' cannot be null" displayed when user try to publish and create test cases using model.
SAS-28421 If we close the tab present just above any artifact then the auto focus come to just below present tab , if that tab is any artifact then the name of the artifact changes to "modify : artifact name"
SAS-28414 OR I when we add a frame and button and try to save it then add field is stacked
SAS-28397 LDR | when we use "getvaluefromkeyvaluepair" keyword in LDR and add some value in keyword in LDR then after save the LDR and reopen The LDR then data are not visible in LDR
SAS-28393 IOS || Issue with DI_Click keyword.
SAS-27272 Execution| Getting exception when user trying to send failed report through smtp settings.
SAS-27666 MainFrame|MF_FieldLength|Fail
SAS-28359 Multiple call is invoked if we open an artifact in accelerator and Suit , OR, and SR in opkey web
SAS-28119 Job Portal |when we make changes in modified jobs and try to saved it then after 2-3 min its shows exception
SAS-28334 Mac |Spock agent | Pcloudy | OpkeyMobilityAndroid | Mobile_LaunchAndroidApplication keyword is getting fail.
SAS-27811 MainFrame|MF_FieldLength| provide Input ParameterNP (Next Protected Field) And PP(Previous Protected Field) provide it will Returnwrong Output
SAS-27947 MainFrame|(ramdom)Plugging Crush At any Keywords during the Flow
SAS-27988 MainFrame|MF_SetCursor if we Used any Protected Field It will causes to Your RumbaApplication to Be Terminates
SAS-28270 Exception is coming while downloading session logs of old executions
SAS-28079 Email_id of current user login is not showing properly
SAS-27974 Multiple focus is getting displayed on parent folder and its newly created child when user switches tab.
SAS-28278 Project name and username is showing as missing for import , Export, Replica and restore in KIBANA
SAS-28283 Spock Agent | Web plugin | Plugin is not taking screenshot.
SAS-22961 MBT|Input Parameter| When user delete the input parameter from tab 2 and switch to tab 1 then click on refresh button then complete value is not getting remove from input parameter pop-up window.
SAS-25166 Some validation required on UI level for Integer and Double data type in ADG
SAS-27464 Grid Execution| When user try to add a suite in the last row then scroll bar getting scrolled up.
SAS-27869 CFL | Microsoft Edge | Windows | pop up of open coded FL compiler comes everytime when we click on Compile button whereas coded FL compiler is already running.
SAS-28222 SFDC Plugin || Plugin is considering alt property in OR if its IsUsed property is unchecked.
SAS-28073 SFDC | Chrome AddOn || Correct table object is not coming in SFDC Recorder .
SAS-28046 Verify editbox disabled keyword passed when object not found
SAS-27656 Salesforce Plugin || SF_TypeTextInTextArea is taking 6 seconds both in Classic and Lightning Mode
SAS-27655 Salesforce Plugin || Keywords are taking avg 2.5 to 3 seconds per keyword(Recorded Object).
SAS-27678 MainFrameRecorder|WrongObjectImage at Specified Position at Keyword "MF_SendTextOnObject"
SAS-27364 Safari Browser | Web Plugin || Keywords are taking extra time as compare to Chrome.
SAS-27359 All Browser | OracleFusion || Republish Button: jquery load url.
SAS-27354 IE Browser | OracleFusion & PeopleSoft Plugin || TypeByTextAndEnter and TypeTextandEnterInTableCell is taking 6-8 seconds in IE for both OracleFusion and PeopleSoft
SAS-27355 IE Browser | OracleFusion Plugin || OracleFusion Set Timeout issue
SAS-27352 CloseAllBrowsers keyword Architecture Change
SAS-23635 Spocky Agent | OracleEBS Plugin || IE browser is not getting closed after execution.
SAS-27351 IE Browser Playback Optimization
SAS-27350 After Click XHR Issue
SAS-25297 PeopleSoft Plugin | IE Browser || PS_SelectCheckBoxInTableCell keyword is getting fail but is selecting the desired checkbox.
SAS-27923 CFL | Windows | 32-bit VM | Getting java heap space error while turning on intellisense.
SAS-26152 Insertion out of order is coming for collection variable
SAS-18399 Value is not showing correct in Integrated if FL is called in another FL1 and input parameter is added in FL1 also.
SAS-27965 Preview backup | during preview backup "select a folder" window is opened for few second
SAS-27178 SR|Execution Result| Method does not exist notification is appearing when user performing open in new tab option.
SAS-26893 Accelerator Replica Issue | Replica progress UI is not visible when user click on minimize option
SAS-23308 Data-set is displayed for session under business process detailed report which are not executed using LDR on session dashboard in accelerator platform.
SAS-23167 Wrong order(Different order from which user has added and has been executed) of datasets is displayed under each testcases displayed under business process detailed report section on session dashboard.
SAS-24872 UI of grouping done in BP between added steps (i.e. multiple BCs) are not visible in TC on accelerator platform.
SAS-21202 CFL || Constructors and overloading methods are not visible in intellisense suggestions at UI level.
SAS-21268 CFL|| Icons are missing for 'Static method', static and non-static fields.
SAS-12206 Getting Error message "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (userCode="...Iterator<Row> iterator = dat..."). || HttpRequestValidationException (0x80004005)" when saving CFL.
SAS-25816 Coded FL auto highlight UI Issue | User not properly getting description of coded FL error on tooltip when user compile the code and mouse hover on Error
SAS-26619 Only Admin will have rights to add input/output parameters in freezed FL through Model
SAS-21111 Unable to export detailed pdf report of 30000 steps and an error "504 Gateway Time-Out" occurs.
SAS-28231 In kibana deletion of an artifact, logs of artfact name and artifact type doesnt come (Name.keyword)
SAS-27004 Warning message "Steps inside selected test case of highlighted path has been modified. Please publish the your model again" is displayed on screen when user highlights testcase which was marked as resolved after correcting model.
SAS-20351 Correct path/test case is getting displayed under "Impacted" category for "Model Test Coverage" and "Model Automation Implementation" on impact analysis window.
SAS-20143 MBT | Edge Overlapping issue when user link edges from one node to another node.
SAS-19267 MBT /Overlapping | Overlapping issue when user create edge from one node to another node under MBT.
SAS-21569 MBT | User is not able to create FL through model having more then 200 FL in it.
SAS-20255 MBT | Edge should be properly visible when user drag node in between Node and edge with less distance coverage.
SAS-19077 MBT | Issue in Auto arrange when user drag node in between Self loop.
SAS-26313 MBT || Issue under MBT when user switch in between two model when published log window is opened.
SAS-20185 MBT_DragDrop | Behavior of drag and drop is not proper when user drag any node in between edge and node.
SAS-20073 MBT | Edge overlapping issue when user link node through edges.
SAS-19979 MBT/DRAG DROP | Drag drop issue under MBT when user drag node under Edge .
SAS-27005 Exception is coming while making Replica of Sparkin
SAS-27267 Accelerator Replica Issue | User getting exception when first perform Import/Replica of below given .zip file and after that perform copy replica
SAS-21100 CodedFL || When importing a package from associated jar then colon at end of the statement is not getting added.
SAS-26262 AWS Agent crash issue | Trigger execution of 1 day and try to stop session directly through Spock Agent
SAS-25413 Bitbucket || (race condition issue) In parallel execution, if auto generated Build and Suite then getting exception.
SAS-23925 GV of collection of string or keyvaluepair is not coming in drop in data input argument if GV is blank
SAS-26689 Date Picker scenerio getting failed by using custom keyword - ClickOnDeviceObject as well.
SAS-26750 In Spy mode object not getting highlighted in application Hyperli.
SAS-26811 Instrumentation issue in application Hubay.
SAS-26904 Type Text issue in application Instagram lite
SAS-27215 Trimmed Xpath issue in application Softlist
SAS-27226 Unable to Spy/highlight objects in application Vertfolio.(Hybrid)
SAS-27348 Type Text and clickstepgetting recorded twice.
SAS-28437 Execution Wizard | Sessions tags console is not removing when we deselect the checkbox of validation report.
SAS-28519 replica | when we create Dependencies name label with root node in accelerator and export it and now create replica of that exportedproject in new blank project is show exception
SAS-28518 Input Parameter of Date-time datatype is showing error if date is selected above "12"
SAS-28503 Oracle Fusion | Impact Analysis |Data is not showing in Impact report for main page
SAS-28469 opkey Saas (https://qa1.stg.smartopkey.com)|WithNoKeywords |Rightclick at keyword with testobject | Recorder is not enable .
SAS-27180 IE11 specific||Guid is displayed in place of dataset name in session dashboard on IE11 browser.
SAS-28417 Admin Panel>> File Transfer History | Instead of showing RestoreTo its displaying Replica in File transfer history when we restore the backup of any artifact.
SAS-28418 Admin Panel>> File Transfer History | Instead of showing Preview Backup its displaying Replica in File transfer history when we restore the backup of any artifact.
SAS-28419 Admin Panel>> File Transfer History | Instead of showing Restore Backup its displaying Import Sync in File transfer history when we restore the backup in any artifact.
SAS-28409 Windows | Staging | CFL | Code is getting compile on mainframe plugin whereas we are not supporting mainframe on CFL.
SAS-28399 Desktop Recorder| During Playback object not found at Cortana( search box) in Any Application Mode
SAS-28395 Global variable | when we select data type "List" and "keyvaluepair" values are not visible and in "list" delete button not working and in "keyvaluepair" window not hide
SAS-28382 backup | After creating changes and without saving the CFL and GDRbackup is created without showing message "artifact is in unsaved mode"
SAS-23299 JQF Issue | User getting message "No Issues Found" when user right click on test case and select JIRA Mapping option and then try to serach issue
SAS-27677 MainFrame|MF_SearchPs|Plugging Crash
SAS-27676 MainFrame|MF_CopyPs|Plugging Crashwhile Providing input 40,100,5
SAS-28336 Mac | Spock Agent | Teleprting tunnel jar | Jar downloading pop up comes everytime when we execute flow spock. Whereas its is already installed.
SAS-27934 MaInFrame|it Doesn't records selectingRadio button and Check Box during recordingit only Records Set Cursor Positionafter recording when i WasPlayed back, when Cursor Reach At Radio It Does Select that Radio Button Field and Check Box Field
SAS-28288 Execution console | CFL | Throwing exception when pausing and stopping the execution.
SAS-28293 ALM | when we execute FL in accelerator for external tool ALM then after execution reports heading not correct
SAS-28050 Custom keyword is not getting disappeared after deprecation.
SAS-23926 Accelerator || IE || Tags || Getting error "Unable to Find selected Tag, it might have been deleted.Kindly refresh." whenever user Add Tag .
SAS-26994 UI is stuck at test case creation window when user publishes a model.
SAS-26310 OR|IE Specific| On renaming object name save button is not getting enable.
SAS-28063 CFL | Intellisense is getting turn off when when we start the execution of that CFL.
SAS-28216 When we input data in "Double Datatype" with input parameter then datachanging in incorrect form.
SAS-27924 |Mobile_Android|Mobile_getchildobjectCount| Keyword getting wrong count of child object
SAS-27660 Chrome | Keyword TypeTextOnEditBox step no. 78 is not working on object Email address.
SAS-27494 |Mobile_recorder|Indeed job search (HYBRID)| step not getting recorded on clicking over a country flag
SAS-27610 OCR keywords are not able to read the text properly from screen, image, image path and coordinates and also not getting the text from the grey areas of the image.
SAS-28227 CFL | Not able to initialize constructors and call the methods with reference variables because during run time we are changing the name of Class.
SAS-27231 Accelerator Replica UI Issue | User getting blank screen in case of multiple Replica with different users
SAS-27235 Accelerator Replica Issue | User getting exception "Sequence contains no element" when try to perform replica with three users
SAS-26752 All processes during syncing should be combined together to one progress bar instead of separate progress bar for each process.
SAS-27260 Impact analysis | Oracle|Data is not showing in Impact Artifact piechart under Impact report
SAS-27455 Tag Issue | Tags is not visible in all artifact when user add Tags in artifact and perform copy replica
SAS-27448 GDR || Local & Production Environment || GDR should not be Exported if it is in Unsaved Mode.
SAS-27445 GDR || Local and Production Environment || AES value is displaying for the Encrypted cells.
SAS-27416 Deleted folder should be auto-closed while deleting previewed file. Error message "This artifact may have been deleted. Kindly refresh project work-space." is displayed on screen when user selects deleted folder's tab.
SAS-27257 Accelerator Replica Issue | User getting BP/BC/TC/Job checkbox checked in Grid view when user checked checkbox from grid view and move to label view and again move to Label view
SAS-27210 There is no icon available for CFL on conflict window while performing Import/Sync/Merge Branch/Backup RestoreBack.
SAS-27202 Continuous loader is displayed on test conflict popup when user clicks "Yes" button on sync cancel confirmation popup provided that test conflict/encryption password providing popup is displayed on screen.
SAS-26981 Accelerator Replica Issue | There should be a proper message displayed on screen when user try to perform replica with single user through multiple tabs
SAS-18000 MBT | User is not able to Drag existing FL under MBT .
SAS-27188 Popup closing confirmation popup is displayed on screen after test case creation process in Model.
SAS-20703 Model | User is able to move editable field under MBT when user edit any node.
SAS-21463 MBT| Unnecessary loader appears when user click on New Test case Tab under analyse window.
SAS-28056 IE |CFL | Web, Salesforce, Workday, Oracle Fusion & Peoplesoft| Result upload is taking approx 5 minutes after we get message run completed on Web plugin.
SAS-27444 Open in new tab| Object is not getting focused when user perform open in new tab action from FL /TC.
SAS-26704 Untapped application not getting recorded in device motorola G3
SAS-23994 Appium || Getting device not found on second POST request(at initiating the driver) if user missed driver.quit()
SAS-27624 Keyword Image_WaitforObjectDisappearence is not working, it fails everytime.
SAS-28367 When I deprecate a keyword then the descriptionof that keyword is not appearing.
SAS-27980 Admin panel>>Project management>>Project workspace audit trails | Its displaying the records of the creation and deletion of folder Dependent_Artifacts and Label Dependencies(1) when we create replica of a folder in project workspace.
SAS-28238 Opkey Agent | When we are opening the agent a notification is displayed as opkey agent minimized to tray
SAS-27137 |Mobile_IOSRecorder| Wrong object getting recorded on clicking over particular object
SAS-27896 when we click on to cancel the "Export" operation 'NoAlert message appear on the screen.
SAS-28059 OCC |Smart Recorder Installer | Installer is getting hang when we click on previous button which comes after setup shortcuts window.
SAS-23131 Agent Spock Unicode Character problem in Mac + Chrome (working fine a few days earlier) - Pankaj Sir
SAS-27609 |OpKeyMobileCast vnc upgrade| Throwing exception if user opens Mobi cast first time after connecting device.
SAS-28370 When I click on cross icon then all the cross icons are blinking...


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