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2.3 Downloading and installing OCC on Mac machine


OpKey Client Component is a single installer package of all OpKey components. It includes OpKey Smart Recorder, OpKey Agent, MBT Utility & OpKey Hub. When you initiate the installation process, these components are installed one by one. Once, the installation process gets completed, it will invoke all the installed components sequentially. Thus, you need not to install the package components individually. This will greatly reduce the time and effort required for installing these components.

You can download OCC from the link given under the Download Center in OpKey Web as shown below:

  • OpKey Client Component Information window opens. It contains important information about the OpKey Client Component along with Agent Authentication Code and download link.
  • Agent Authentication Code will be required while installing the OpKey Agent. Click on Download OCC link to download the OpKey Client Component.

  • Once, the setup file of OpKey Client Component has downloaded, you can install it on your Mac machine.
  • The installation process of OCC begins as follows.

  • Accept End User License Agreement. Check I accept Terms and Conditions checkbox and click Next to continue.

  • You can customize installation of OCC package components. Full installation contains all the components (Smart Recorder, Agent, MBT Utility & Hub).
  • Select Custom Installation to customize OCC components installation.

  • If you choose Custom Installation option then the next screen will show the list of OCC components.
  • You can select/skip installation of desired component(s).

Installation of OpKey Smart Recorder

  • Let us continue Full installation of OpKey Client Component. The installation of OpKey Smart Recorder begins here.

  • Accept license agreement. Check I accept the terms of this license agreement. Click Next to continue.

  • You can view installation path. Click Next to continue.

  • Click OK to the popup message showing below. Click Next to continue.

  • Installation process going on.

  • Default Port number is showing here. Click Next to continue.

  • Click Next to continue.

  • Click Done to finish the installation of Smart Recorder.

  • OpKey Smart Recorder has been installed successfully.

Installation of OpKey MBT Utility

  • Once, installation of OpKey Agent finished, installation of OpKey MBT Utility begins.

  • Installation process of OpKey MBT utility is going on.

  • OpKey MBT Utility has been installed successfully.

  • Here, you can view the list list of all the components of OpKey Client Components installed successfully. Click Finish.


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