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9.2 Manual Function Library


Manual Function Library allows you to create a Function Library by adding steps manually, by adding Function Libraries, providing input data to the particular test step, etc.

  • Objective and conditions tab allows you to write the objective, pre-condition & post-condition of your manual Function Library.

  • You can create a backup, change the state of the manual Function Library, and manage tags.
  • From here you can add a test step, provide input data, and expected output.

  • From here you can add a manual function library as a test step, provide input data & do more.

  • When you click on the Add Manual Function Library, a popup window opens from where you can choose the desired Function Library.

  • Here, the Manual Function Library has added as a test step.

  • You can provide the input data to the added test step. Make sure that you have already added the Input Parameter from the Details view.

  • You can perform other actions like delete, copy, paste, move up, and move down the test steps.
  • You can also upload attachments. The added attachment will be available in the attachment manager and saved in the OpKey server for future use.

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