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6.9 Opkey iOS Recorder


Now OpKey allows you to record your actions performed on an iOS device located on pCloudy cloud environment, create iOS Test Script. Here is an advanced iOS Recorder utility available in OpKey. Once test script has been created successfully, you can execute it by using new OpKeyMobility-iOS plugin on desired pCloudy device.

Let us see how to create a Test case by recording actions on an iOS device.

Quick start screencast:

Getting started with OpKey iOS Recorder:

OpKey iOS Recorder is a recorder utility which is enables you to record each actions performed on the iOS application, create Test Case along with an Object Repository (OR) of recorded objects.

  • Create a Test Case & open it.
  • Click on Recorder & select Mobile Recorder.

  • Mobile Recorder window opens. From here, you need to select/create an Object Repository file to proceed recording on a pCloudy device.
  • Click Next to continue.

pCloudy Dashboard page opens. Enter API Endpoint, API User Name & API Access Key & click on Login.

  • From here, select an iOS Application, iOS version, corresponding iOS device, enter duration & click on Start Recording.

  • Mobile Recorder page opens. Start working on your iOS application on iOS device.
  • You can see that the actions being performed on the application has been recorded one by one along with their object properties.

  • The Test Case has been created automatically. You can have a look below.

  • An Object Repository has also been created which contains all the objects on which actions has been performed.

  • Let us now try to execute that mobile Test Case. You need to add that Test case in a Suite & then execute that Suite on a pCloudy device.
  • Click on Run on pCloudy button as showing below.

  • Fill all required fields in pCloudy Execution Wizard & then click on Next. Please ensure that you have installed OpKeyMobility-iOS plugin & your OpKey Agent is online.

  • You can mark Show Advanced Settings checkbox to apply Advanced Execution Settings (like Snapshots of steps, Snapshot Quality, Step Timeout, Mail Report, SMTP Settings etc.)
  • Click Next to continue.

  • From here, select iOS version, corresponding device & click on Next to proceed.

  • Here, you can view the selected iOS version and the iOS device. Click on Complete to start test execution.

  • While ongoing test execution, you can login to pCloudy & view your booked device on which test execution is running.
  • Login to pCloudy & then select My Bookings tab under Devices menu. Click on the device to view the live test execution.

  • In order initiate test execution, you need to launch the iOS application manually on the iOS device. Once, you launched the application, test execution starts.

  •  Once the test execution has finished, you can view complete logs. Click on Show Result icon to view execution result.

  • Here, you can view that the test execution has Passed successfully.

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