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26.3 Accessibility Testing in Opkey

Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility testing is a part of usability testing. The significance of this testing is to verify both usability and accessibility of the website. By performing accessibility testing of the web application, you can enhance usefulness of your web application even for physically disabled persons.

Quick Screencast:

Accessibility Testing with OpKey:

OpKey users can now perform automated UI testing of websites. For this, there are two new keywords added to the OpKey. They are as follows:

  1. AccessibilityCheckPointSettings
  2. ValidatePageAccessibility


Let us automate a website, Lifetime Fitness (https://www.lifetime.life/) using OpKey Web by using OpKey Accessibility Testing keywords. Let us create a Test Case with OpKey Accessibility Testing keywords, as described below.

Steps to be followed:

Let us add test steps using Visual QA Testing specific keywords in the Test Case.

  • Add a Test Step using OpenBrowser keyword. Provide Browser name & website URL.

  • AccessibilityCheckPointSettings

This keyword is used to set the prerequisites for Accessibility test. It doesn’t take any objects input arguments. It also takes some data input arguments.

Data Input Arguments:

ReportName Provide the name of report to be created.

ReportFolderPathProvide path of the created folder.

  • ValidatePageAccessibility

This keyword is used to validates the page Accessibility test. It doesn’t take any objects/data input arguments.

Once all required Data Input arguments are provided correctly, save your Test Case.

Let us execute this Test Case. Click on Run Now (F5) to begin execution process.

The execution process may take a while; you need to wait.

Once, it has completed successfully, you can view the execution result.

Go to the set path location and view your folder. Here, you can view that there is a folder named as AccessibilityReport which contains accessibility test report.

AccessibilityReport folder contains another folder which contains HTML files of report and rule along with few images.

Here, you can view your Accessibility Testing report (Here Life1523448312098) as shown below.

Open Accessibility Test Report (Life1523448312098) to view detailed report information.

You can open Rules file to view Accessibility rules.

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