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26.11 Making Replica of File & Folder


OpKey allows its users to make a replica of the required artifact(s) in the same or different OpKey domain, as required. There are two ways to make a replica of the artifact: Copy/Paste and Import/Replica but both ways are fundamentally the same. You can make a replica of the exported artifact as well as make a replica of the copied artifact. If you have exported artifact in the compressed form then go to the Import Artifact button at Project Workspace in the destination OpKey domain (same or different).

  • Import/Replica wizard opens. Select Replica option and click on OK.

  • From here, you can choose or create a folder in which you want to make artifact replica.
  • Click Next to continue.

Copy artifact and make the replica

  • You can copy any desired artifact or folder and then make its replica in the desired folder.

  • Select the desired (destination) folder, right click on it and then choose Replica option.

  • If you want to add tags then you can add them from here. Click on Add Tags button, add tag keys and values.
  • You can retain original tags of the artifacts by checking Retain Original tag(s) checkbox.
  • Click Apply to continue.

  • Process of making replica has now completed successfully. You can view complete logs here.
  • Click on Finish.

  • Replica of the desired artifact(s) has been created successfully. Here, you can view the entire artifacts.


  1. When you make replica of copied test case which is mapped with any other artifact (like OR, DR, FL etc.) file then all the associated artifacts are also copied and pasted at desired location in the auto-created folder named as Dependent_Artifacts. Thus, this replica test case will be independent test case file and there will be no relation between this test case file and the earlier mapped artifacts.
  2. You can copy child & parent node but you can paste or make replica of copied parent/child node only within a parent node. In case of making duplicate (Copy & Paste) artifacts, when you copy a test case file which is mapped with any other artifact (FL, OR, DR etc.) file then you are able to paste that test case file at desired location and it will remain mapped with the earlier mapped artifact file.
  3. There is a notification message with checkbox that “Folder containing Gherkin/Sparkin file will not be replicated with any data. Only blank Gherkin/Sparkin file will be created at the destination end.” You can uncheck this checkbox, if required.


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