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26.10 Import File and Folder


You can now import the exported artifact file or folder on the same or different OpKey domain easily. In case, you are importing the exported file or folder to the same domain then it first of all internally checks the differences between the existing artifact file/folder and the importing file/folder. If there are no changes then it skips the Import process and there are no changes seen in the project workspace. If there are changes in the existing file/folder and the importing file/folder then it successfully imports the artifact file/folder as expected.

Let us see how to import the exported artifact folder.

  • Go to the destination OpKey Web domain, navigate to Project Workspace tab & click on the Import Artifact button.

  • Import/Replica wizard opens. Select the Import option and click on OK.

  • Browse & select the exported artifact file compressed folder and click on Open.

  • Artifact Import wizard opens. Just within a few moments your artifact(s) gets imported to the destination OpKey domain.

  • Click on the Refresh button in Project Workspace to view the imported artifacts.
  • Here, you can view that the desired artifacts have been imported to the destination OpKey domain.

  • In case of duplicate artifacts exiting at the destination end of the OpKey domain then those artifacts are skipped while exporting artifacts. In this case, you may get a notification message as shown below:

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