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32.19 Opkey Release – 5.64

The following new feature has been implemented in this release of OpKey Web:

  • New Excel Execution Report.


This new feature allows the user to have a new Excel Execution Report which will be in Excel Format, consisting of the parameters matching with the session of Function Libraries along with the name and value of both Input parameters and output parameters. This report will have a description, status, and time of the Test Case as this will be implemented only for the Test Case level.


The Admin Panel will now have a separate tab named “Critical Parameter”, Go to – Admin    Panel>> Project Management>> Report Management where the user will upload the XML file on the Project Level. The user will choose the parameters which they consider as Critical to be presented in the Report. In the XML File, the user will name the Input and Output Parameters which will be uploaded to the Critical Parameter tab.


Upon uploading the data again, the existing data will be removed from the tab thereby replacing and updating with the new data. The Summary dashboard Report will get downloaded for any used Function Libraries from the session, whose parameters match the parameters of the XML data. The specified parameters will be presented as a report on downloading. The report will not be downloaded if any of the parameters do not match.


  • Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements have been implemented in this release of OpKey Web


Suite Execution Status was being reflected differently in the Report and in the domain due to the incorrect priority setting of the Status present in the Suites. On executing the test cases with the keyword “Stop Execution” the displayed status of Report was Incomplete whereas the environment showed the status as “Pass”. The setting has been changed now with the priority setting as Incomplete when executed with the keyword.

Updation of Runby Field in Octane as the OpKey User Login

The Runby field in Octane will be updated with the OpKey logged-in user who has executed or triggered the execution.

Updation of Name as session name in Octane

The name field in Octane will be updated as the session name of the execution


Enhancement of the Result Deletion Feature in Cron Job

The selection of dates in the Cron Job was earlier limited to months. It has now been enhanced and an additional tab has been added to include days, months, and year.


Keyword Argument Increase Issue has now been fixed. The addition of argument in the keyword can now be done in the database which will get automatically updated while syncing and will reflect in the environment.


List of new keywords and modifications in existing keywords of Web Plugin



1 Web_RightClickByText Web New NA
2 Web_DoubleClickByText Web New NA
3 VisualValidation_CheckPointObject Web New NA
4 Web_ResizeBrowser Web Existing Device(Optional Argument) added for Visual Validation testing




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