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32.4 Opkey Release – 5.47

New Features

Single Sign On Feature in OpKey
Single Sign-On (SSO) services gives an easy access to manage our team’s identity across all the SaaS products that is being used in the organization. SSO services allows user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., email and password) to access multiple applications. The service authenticates the end user credentials only once for all the applications according to the rights given to the user and eliminates further prompts when the user switches applications during the same session.

A very common example that you can see is Google’s SSO implementation of login for their products, such as Gmail, YouTube, and so on. Any user that is logged in to one of Google’s products is automatically logged in to their other products as well.

Advantages of SSO:

  • Removes the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords.
  • Simplifies user’s experience by allowing them to log in at one single access point and enjoy a seamless experience across multiple applications.
  • Increases productivity by significantly reducing the password-related support emails.
  • Reduces phishing and thereby making sure users aren’t tricked into giving away sensitive information.

Now with OpKey using the SSO feature, user is allowed to login with IDP service called as “Okta”. Currently both OAuth and SAML protocols are supported in OpKey. Other IDP services like Google, OneLogin, etc. will be supported soon. With this feature coming, few UI changes have been done under the Agent Utility. Let us explain the same here:

  • Single Sign-On: With this tab, user can configure the IDP Service being used in their environment. User can click on “Add” button and can provide information like – SSO Provider, Protocol like OAuth or SAML, Client URL, Client ID, Secret Key, SSO API Key, etc. on the opened window before saving the same. All these information can be taken from Okta’s account. User can always edit or delete the settings saved.
    • Once the settings are saved, another option “Allow OpKey Login To” gets enabled which will allow admin to enforce a login type for their users by choosing either of the 3 options as “OpKey Users Only”, “Single Sign-On, “Both OpKey and SSO Users”. So, according to the option selected, OpKey will allow user to login. In case, user has configured the SSO service, then it is a good option to select the third option i.e. “Both OpKey and SSO Users”.
  • Group Management: With this tab, user can add all groups which are already defined under his/her Okta account. So, with this tab, OpKey can directly fetch all the groups present in Okta and user can simply call those group inside OpKey to allow which user can login to which Project inside OpKey. This will again simplify the use of assigning multiple users multiple projects. OpKey can assign either a single Project or Multiple Projects within a single go.

Enhancement in OpKey Agent UI
Another enhancement is the implementation of new mechanism of connecting of OpKey Agent with its Server. As per previous implementation, user would have to provide the details like Server URL, Agent Name, Username and Password to get Agent connected to Server. Now, an option called “Authentication Mode” is also given inside Agent’s Dashboard, so that user can either connect with his server credentials to with Authentication Code. By Default setting for existing customers would be “OpKey Server Credential” under the “Authentication Mode” dropdown. User needs to logout from the agent to select second option. Authentication Code can be taken by clicking on “OpKey Agent” option present under the “Download Center” option. This will help those users who would be using the SSO feature under OpKey.

Major Bug Fixes

Issue key Summary
SAS-23456 Java_Playback || Keywords getting failed with Object Does not Exist if user provide the object through SPY.
SAS-23137 IOS | Recording | While saving the recording it shows warning”File size cannot be more than 1mb” and not able to save.
SAS-23289 IOS | Recording | pCloudy | Testmunk || Screen is not getting swiped while clicking on 3 swiping dots after Login.
SAS-23056 IOS | Recording | CinemaBox_v1.2 || Application is not getting installed in the device and throws exception
SAS-23388 After completing some execution open browser is not getting launch.
SAS-23133 Java_Playback || Android Studio || List items not reflected after selection in playback while Keyword Java_SelectItemFromList getting pass in playback.
SAS-23181 JavaPlayback || ArgoUml || ListItem get selected but not reflected in playback.
SAS-23189 Java_PlayBack || Gantt Project || List item get selected but not reflected at execution time.
SAS-23184 Java_Recorder || Net Beans || Extra Java_Click keyword get recorded when user Double click on the control.
SAS-23406 Java_Playback || jEdit || Java_VerifyTabItemExist keyword getting failed while user provide valid Item and Output for the particular tab control.
SAS-22024 Generic Keyword || GetRadioButtonCount : Sometime for some object keyword sends wrong count in output
SAS-22975 Plugin Generic Keyword | ClickLinkInTableCell is getting fake Pass
SAS-23035 Generic plugin keyword || ClickInTableCellByQuery : Keyword getting fail
SAS-20147 Spock agent issue | user not able to execute multiple runs on Spock agent when user open OpKey web in 5 tabs on chrome and then try to execute runs on it
SAS-23509 IOS | Recording | GoodNight || While recording , whenever user click on any toggle option in the application , the application getting crashes neither the step getting recorded
SAS-23438 IOS | Mobile Management | Plano || Application is not getting rubyfing(Instrumented)
SAS-23007 IOS | Recording | Testmunk Application || ClassName, innertext, name and xpath properties are not coming for SIGN IN button.
SAS-23136 Java_Playback || Android Studio || Some keywords getting failed with “Object Does not exist”.
SAS-23391 JavaPlayback || jEdit || Java_VerifyRadioButtonSelected keyword Pass every time whether the radio button selected or not.
SAS-23088 JavaPlayback || Android Studio || Java_SelectItemFromList getting Pass without reflecting the control/ListIteml in playback.
SAS-23025 IOS | Recording | DownCloud_v2.0 || Application is not getting installed in the device and throws exception
SAS-23057 IOS | Recording | CoolPixel || Application is not getting installed in iphone 5 when testing on local
SAS-23226 Selenium Js Plugin || TypeTextOnEditBox : On Incomplete execution of this keyword , it gives wrong message , i.e The step contains no error and has passed successfully.
SAS-23018 Salesforce Plugin || SF_EditDataInTableCell is getting fail in 1.043 sec with message Argument Data Invalid (index invalid)
SAS-23295 IOS | Recording | Application is not coming with the keyword “Launch_IOSApplicationOnDevice” User require to set it manually
SAS-23337 Collection window become blank and value is not getting saved in collection data input argument
SAS-23129 JavaPlayback || yEd Graph Editor || Unable to Launch the application when user provide “.lnk” path of application at recording time.
SAS-22196 JavaRecorder || Java_DoubleClick not recorded in Grid and DIV when user double click on any list item.
SAS-23126 Java_Recorder || yEd Graph || Java_Click keyword not recorded for a specific control.
SAS-23177 Java_Recorder || Java_Click keyword not recorded for a particular control.
SAS-23197 Java_Recorder || Net Beans || Extra Win_Click get recorded.
SAS-21138 Dashboard / IE specific | Loader gets stuck while login to saas.
SAS-23172 IOS | Recording || Blank Parent name is coming for the objects in Object Repository.
SAS-23336 Java_Playback || Android Studio || Java_TypeTextOnEditBox getting failed in playback.
SAS-23349 JavaRecorder || Android Studio || Java_WaitForWindow get recorded with Title Win 1, Win 2, Win 3……Win 25 each time when ever user click on the control.
SAS-21958 JavaRecorder || Entered text UI in DIV should be like Recorder Grid.
SAS-23580 Audit Trail || Check/uncheck of steps audit trail not displaying in Artifacts like TC,FL Suite.
SAS-22539 Testing Scenarios
SAS-23395 JavaRecorder || Extra Java_TypeTextOnEditBox get recorded when user Press “Ctrl” key to Spy and then click on the Table cell.
SAS-23273 SR || Audit trail of deleted service tag(s) not creating in SR.


Known Issues

Issue ID Summary
SAS-23350 Coded_FL || Getting “java.lang.NullPointerException” at execution time, if CodedFL having any unused output parameter.
SAS-21774 MBT|LOV|Input Parameter| If user delete 2nd page values then selected values of 1st page getting unselected.
SAS-21561 Spock agent issue | If in between execution connection is lost then session is not continue and message appears on screen “Channel and connection has broken”
SAS-21768 Spock Agent Issue | User not getting Snapshots when user execute Desktop flow through Desktop plugin
SAS-21770 Spock Agent Issue | Tunnel connection automatically broken when user execute flow which is more than 1 hour on our network
SAS-21791 Spock Agent issue | Native player still running in Task manager when user execute flow of Opkey Desktop keywords through Desktop plugin
SAS-21268 CFL|| Icons are missing for ‘Static method’, static and non-static fields.
SAS-21219 CFL || Description of Input parameter created inside CodedFL is not visible in FL and TC.
SAS-21100 CodedFL || When importing a package from associated jar then colon at end of the statement is not getting added.
SAS-21090 SalesForce_Classic || SF_SelectDataFromPickList is giving unhand-led exception.
SAS-21016 SalesForce_Classic || Keyword “SF_Click” is getting failed with message “Object not found”.
SAS-18077 MBT (Auto-Arrange) || Model after auto-arranging model is not usable as edge labels and edges are overlapping added vertices.
SAS-19267 MBT /Overlapping | Overlapping issue when user create edge from one node to another node under MBT.
SAS-20497 Accelerator|TC| Implementation of Queuing in TC at accelerator end.
SAS-20535 FL is getting opened from session result which was executed on tag basis, while left panel is having files and folders of execution result.
SAS-20351 Correct path/test case is getting displayed under “Impacted” category for “Model Test Coverage” and “Model Automation Implementation” on impact analysis window.
SAS-20255 MBT | Edge should be properly visible when user drag node in between Node and edge with less distance coverage.
SAS-20185 MBT_DragDrop | Behavior of drag and drop is not proper when user drag any node in between edge and node.
SAS-20143 MBT | Edge Overlapping issue when user link edges from one node to another node.
SAS-20073 MBT | Edge overlapping issue when user link node through edges.
SAS-19095 MBT | Drag drop issue under MBT whenever user drag node.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-18545 Recorder Auto Start || JNLP is getting downloaded even when the OpKey Smart Recorder is installed in the system (Scenario Specific).
SAS-18286 Recorder Auto Start | Firefox| Edge Browser || JNLP is not getting downloaded if OpKey Smart Recorder is not installed on the system.
SAS-15810 Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
SAS-15415 Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
SAS-15422 Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
SAS-16176 GDR | Audit trails are not showing correctly when deleting a row
SAS-16180 GDR | Column name is showing incorrect when adding a column after deleting 25 columns
SAS-16958 Gherkin | Browser hangs when press enter after giving space in statements
SAS-14167 Input Parameter|| Once FL is called in TC,If we change data type as file type to string, and if we refresh TC, in data input argument, attached file continue to be shown.
SAS-16211 Intellisense Coded_FL Issue | user getting object intelisense outside of the Scope
SAS-18504 Unable to sync “861” Business Component from accelerator.stg to qa1.stg while only two user’s were performing sync operation.
SAS-15422 Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
SAS-15415 Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
SAS-15326 Negative Scenario|Folder-Replica| An Exception when user delete on going replica folder then CresTech.OpKey.Exceptions.ForeignKeyFailedException: Upsert failed as some referenced entity doesnt exist.
SAS-15810 Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-15693 MBT|Replica| Getting Exception when user create replica of MBT i.e. System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
SAS-13648 Oracle 2.0 Playback || Oracle_SyncForm keyword needs implementation.
SAS-14209 Sync Issue | Global Variable not reflected when user use all global variable inside Dynamic Object and try to sync
SAS-14105 QC | Wrong Status displaying of Report which was created through Opkey on ALM. Also, zero count displaying on report.
SAS-14003 Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
SAS-17451 Chrome Extension || User should be able to add Chrome AddOn when OpKey Web is open in incognito window from Start Recording Button and Download Center.
SAS-17452 Chrome AddOn || User should be able to launch ChromeAddOn from Start Recording and Download Center when OpKey Web is open in Incognito Window.
SAS-17336 Chrome AddOn | Live View || Any modification done on the recording grid should also be reflected on Live Recording View.
SAS-14655 Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Windiw || ObjectImage property with object’s image is not coming.
SAS-14642 Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Window || There should be a toggle switch to record Desktop as well as Web applications.
SAS-23308 Data-set is displayed for session under business process detailed report which are not executed using LDR on session dashboard in accelerator platform.
SAS-16683 Chrome Extension || Chrome AddOn should start in AddToOR when OpKey Web is open in Chrome.
SAS-22773 Correct step level “ContinueOnError”, “WantSnapshot”, “IsNegative” selection is not getting displayed for selected business component in business component and business process in accelerator platform.
SAS-23583 SAAS Impact Analysis || Impact Analysis : Exception occurred when user continuously switching dashboard with Salesforce to Oracle and Vice-Versa.
SAS-23633 Authentication Code is not working on 5.46 Agent. User will have to login by providing the user credentials.
SAS-23510 Text “Select Group” should be displayed as place-holder on drop-down field on “Add Group” popup available in Group Management on admin panel.
SAS-23528 Unable to release lock of SSO users as projects are assigned through groups to the users and are not directly assigned from project management.
SAS-23536 Unable to update project encryption/decryption password in project management using an SSO user in admin panel.
SAS-23602 Exception “SignatureDescription could not be created for the signature algorithm supplied” message is displayed on screen while logging into OpKey using SSO user.
SAS-23561 SAAS Impact Analysis || Oracle | Salesforce | Setting : User Enter ” NULL ” in Added team as System identifier , Environment Credentials get diapered and it save blank row of environment in Team and Environment in new snapshot get disable.
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