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20.1 Installing & configuring Jenkins in Opkey Web

You can download Jenkins from here: https://jenkins.io/download/

To Install it on your machine, open command prompt and type java -jar and then drag and drop the downloaded jenkins.war file over command prompt as shown below:

  • An alternative way of installing Jenkins is executing java -jar jenkins.war command on command prompt.


  • Just within few seconds, installation process gets completed as shown below. Here, you can see an Admin Password generated by Jenkins which can be found at the mentioned location.


  • Once, Jenkins has installed successfully on your machine, open your browser and type localhost:8080, you come to the below given Jenkins page.
  • Enter Administrator password which is available at the mentioned location. Click on Continue to proceed.


  • From here, you can choose either Install suggested plugins or Select plugins to install option. Let us choose Select plugins to install to proceed.


  • Here, you can see all the available plugins to be installed. You can even uncheck these plugins to skip its installation as OpKey don’t need to install any such plugins. Click on Install to proceed.


  • Here, you can see plugin(s) being installed one by one (If any plugin was checked).


  • You can see that all plugins have been installed successfully.


  • Let us create the First Admin User. Enter all required fields and then click on Save and Finish.


  • Now, Jenkins is ready to be used. Click on Start using Jenkins.


  • We are now on Jenkins home page as shown below. Click on Manage Jenkins for configuration.


Let us install Jenkins Server as Windows Service, as mentioned below.

Note: On adding it to the Windows service list, Jenkins will start automatically with default startup programs.

  • Go to the ‘Manage Jenkins‘ page and click on ‘Install as Windows Service‘.


  • Install as Windows Service‘ page opens as shown below. Click on ‘Install‘ to begin installation process.


  • Just within few seconds, installation process gets completed. You need to wait while Jenkins is restarting.


  • Now, you can see Jenkins in the list of Task Manager, which is installed as Windows service.


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