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27.2 Concurrent License

OpKey Concurrent license service is a licensing service provided by OpKey Support Team to the worldwide OpKey clients. Unlike Seat License, concurrent license is not machine specific. Usually, concurrent license is required to run OpKey Web on multiple machines within a local network.

First of all, OpKey user looking for Concurrent license, need to send his machine code & port number of one of his machine (belonging to the local network) to support@opkey.com.

OpKey support team generates license code based on the machine code & port number shared by the OpKey client.

Now, you need to enter that concurrent license code within the specified field in OpKey Execution Agent & OpKey Plugins.

Applying Concurrent License to OpKey Execution Agent

  • Once you get the license code of OpKey Execution Agent, launch OpKey Agent.
  • Click on the Settings button on Agent Dashboard page.
  • Select Concurrent License option and fill the license code in the given field.

  • Click on Activate to apply the specified license code.

Applying Concurrent License to OpKey Plugins

There are 4 default plugins (OpKey Desktop, IE-Plugin, OpKey Web, and Utility) which get installed with OpKey Execution Agent. For other required plugins, you need to contact with OpKey support team (support@opkey.com). Further, you need to install them on your machine & relaunch the OpKey Agent.

Share your machine code on support@opkey.com to get license code.

Go to the Plugins License Information section, click on Settings icon, select Seat License & enter license code.

Click on Activate to apply the license code. Your Plugin license will be updated.

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