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9.1 Function Library Details view

Overview :

Function Library is a reusable component which can be used multiple times across the same or different Test Cases. These functions are user-actions which can be repetitive as well. Function Library Details view provides detailed information about it. There are six elements in Function Library details module namely Information, Input Parameter, Output Parameter, Used By, Audit Trails, and Backup, which provide details about the corresponding Function Library.

Information :

Information tab in the details view of Function Library allows you to enter your Function Library description and expected result of Manual Function Library. It also provides details about Function Library creation.

Input Parameter :

Input Parameter allows you to provide input values which can be used in FL steps for iteration.


Output Parameter :

Output Parameter helps you to save step output which is to be used further.

Used By :

Used By tab under the Details View provides details about all the other artifacts in which corresponding Function Library is used. Given details include Name, Full Path, Description, Component Type, Impact Info and Impacted details.

Audit Trail :

Audit Trails provides the entire audit history details of the function library. The given details include Task, Field, OldValue, NewValue Time Stamp, and ByUser. Anyone can also download audit trail by clicking on the highlighted icon.

Backup :

The backup tab provides the details about any backup activity is done for the corresponding Function Library. The given details include Name, No, comment, and Actions.


For details about the Backup, kindly refer: Backup

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