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16.2 Opkey Plugin Licenses

OpKey supports a number of plugins that help to automate Test Execution of specific applications using the specific plugin. These plugins require a specific license. However, when you use OpKey for the first time, you get 30 days free trial period for Agent & plugins. There are four default plugins that get installed automatically with the OpKey Agent & they are OpKey-IE, OpKey Desktop, Web & Utility Plugin with 30 days of the trial period. You can also extend and avail license by contacting to OpKey Support team.

Now, you don’t need to generate a machine code for extending the license for your OpKey Agent as OpKey Agent gets a license as per the license of your OpKey domain.

Once, you get license keys from OpKey Support team, follow the below-given steps to enter the license code of OpKey plugins:

  • Go to the OpKey Agent dashboard page and then the Plugin License Information section.
  • For example, let us enter the Appium plugin license for OpKey Seat License. Click  Settings of Appium License Details. Copy the Appium license code and paste it to the specified Seat license text area.
  • Click Activate. Once, your Appium license gets verified successfully, your license period for the Appium plugin gets updated.

  • Similarly, you can enter the license for other OpKey plugins and activate them.
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