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19.3 Keyword Management

OpKey Tools menu have Keyword Management as the sub menu that helps the user to check the list of available custom keywords, add & manage libraries, add custom Keywords and modify Existing Keywords.

  • Go to the Tools menu > Click Keyword Management.

  • Manage Libraries tab is selected by default.

Getting Familiar with the icons of Manage Libraries:

  • Click Upload .jar and .vbs files icon > Browse and select your .jar or .vbs file to be uploaded.

Note: The .jar/.vbs files contain code of the specific custom keyword. For adding a new custom keyword, you may need to upload more than one .jar or .vbs files. A single uploaded .jar/.vbs file may contain code for more than one custom keyword. It depends on the behavior of the custom keyword to be added.

noteHere are some special characters which are not allowed to be used in the name of files to be uploaded in Keyword Management. These special characters are !, -, _, ., *, ‘, (, and ). Moreover, here are some other characters which should be avoided in file names; they are \, {, Non-printable ASCII characters (128–255 decimal characters), ^, }, %, /, `, ], >, [, ~, <, #, |, and *.

  • Now, go to the Custom Keywords tab of Keyword Management window > click on Add new keyword.

  • Add New Custom Keyword wizard opens as follows.
  • Fill all the required details (Name, Plugin, Associated Method, Output Type & Comment)
  • Click on Add button to provide Input Argument Details (Name, Type, & Description)
  • Select your uploaded corresponding .jar/.vbs file(s) from the Associated Libraries.
  • Click on Save.

Your Custom Keyword has been created successfully and now you can use it.

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