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7.3 Test Case view


Here you can view the flow chart/BPMN view of the test case. All the added Business Processes are showing here. If the added Business Process has Flow chart view then the Test Case is displayed in Flow chart view whereas if the added Business Process has BPMN view then the test case is shown in the BPMN view. You can execute the test case from here and do more on them.

Flowchart View of the Test Case:

BPMN View of the Test Case:

Step Details

You can select a particular test step and view its details by clicking on the Step Details button.

  • Here, you can also view the added Input Parameter as Input Data to the mapped Business Component.

Input Data

  • You can provide the Input Data from Static Data and Local Data Repository.
  • Click on the Input Data tab.
  • Select the Static Data tab to provide static data.

  • Select the Local┬áData┬áRepository tab to provide static data.


Tags play an important role in recognizing a particular Test Case and execute the Test Case by adding in Suite based on the added Tag version.

You can add, rename, delete and refresh the tags.

  • Click on the Add Tag button to add a tag.
  • Tag Manager window opens. Select the Key and Value from the dropdown list and click on Save.

  • Here, you can view the added tag.

  • Click on the Edit Tag button to edit the added tag key and value.
  • Click on the Delete Tag button to delete the tag.
  • Click on the Refresh Tag button to refresh the tags.
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