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19.4 Scheduled Sessions

OpKey manages Job execution from a single place by facilitating distributed execution. The overall execution time can be reduced by distributing the run on different machines.

A separate utility named Scheduler allows Job execution management from a single place.

Job execution can also be scheduled later for the night to maximize team productivity.

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How to view the Scheduled Sessions?

You can view the Scheduled Jobs-

Go to Tools > Schedule Sessions. The Pop up window will open as

The Scheduled Session Tab is highlighted and the list of all the scheduled sessions is being displayed along with the details like, Session Name, Project to which the session is assigned, Job name,Status, Build,Plugin, Agent, Start Time and Time Zone.

It Allows you to perform two Actions-

  • Delete Queued Session

A Scheduled session can be deleted by clicking on the Delete Queued Session icon. A Delete pop up window will get displayed as

Click Ok to that session.

  • Edit Queued Session

You can Modify the Scheduled Session by clicking on the Edit Queued Session icon.

A Schedule Job window will get open as



The Fields marked with * are mandatory. The Session Name, Build Name, Plugins used, Execution Time, Time Zone and Generic Plugin fields are auto filled with the Existing JobDetails.

However, these fields are editable and can be modified as per the requirements.

Click on the agent dropdown. It will get auto-populated with all the Existing agents. The agents which are online are accompanied by a Green color radio button.The agents which are offline are accompanied by a Red color radio button.

Select the appropriate Online  agent. In case you have selected an offline Agent, still the Job can be scheduled,for future.

** It is mandatory for the OpKey Hub to be Online for the Scheduled Session(s) to get Executed.

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Click on the icon Next to the Schedule Button for the Execution Advance Settings.

You can adjust the

Take Snapshot of : The Steps for which you wish to take snapshots like All Steps, Failed Steps, No Steps.

Snapshot Quality: The Quality of Snapshots required like Low, High or Medium.

Step TimeOut: The Step Timeout can be adjusted from 5 – 300 Sec.

Mail Report: The Type of Reports that has to be mailed like Integrated,Outline,Detailed, Summary,Failed or none.

You may Check/Uncheck the

Skip Empty Data Steps: By using this feature, you can skip execution of test steps having blank mandatory data arguments.

Randomize Input Default Value :

Select Run Time Global Variable Tab to make changes in the Value of the Global Variable at Runtime.

Read More : Global Variables.

Click Ok to save the Settings for the Execution.

Click Modify.

The Scheduled session will get modified accordingly.

Click on the Executing/Finished Tab to view the list of Sessions that are currently Executing or have finished their Execution.

Click on the Refresh icon to Refresh the list of Executing/Scheduled Sessions.

You can also Search for a Specific Session by typing its name or the Project Type in the Search Box.The list of Sessions will get Filtered accordingly.

Clicking on Clear Search icon will clear the list the Text written in the Search box.

In this way, you can view the Scheduled Sessions in OpKey Test Accelerator.

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