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7.2 Details view


Details view of the test case provides detailed information about the Test Case. Here, you can enter the description of the test case, view UsedBy information, Audit Trails about the test case, execution status of test case, backup details & management, created test case documents (pre or post validation documents) & external tool integration mappings.


You can enter description here in the Information tab and create a backup, change state of the test case.


UsedBy tab provides the information about the uses of this Test Case where is has been mapped or used.

Audit Trails:

Audit Trail tab provides the history of the changes to this test case.

Run Status:

Run Status tab provides the execution status of this test case.


  • Backup tab provides the existing backups of the test case.
  • For details about the Backup, kindly refer: Backup

Test Case Document:

Test Case Document tab provides the created pre/post test case documents.

External Tool Integration Mapping:

External Tool Integration Mapping tab provides the existing mappings of the supported external tools with the test case.

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