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23.1 Impact Sessions

Introducing Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis helps reduce risks to the critical business processes caused by standard or customized changes to the software. It helps identify the areas to test and eliminate the time and expense of performing a regression test suite for every code update or change.


How to create a new session for Impact Analysis by Application?

The user will Have to click on the “Plus +” sign on the left side above “Search Bar”. A new box gets opened. Users will have to fill in all the requirements in the boxes. On selecting the “Application” tab, two application gets visible of Oracle Fusion and Salesforce. Users will have to select the one as per their requirements.

Create Session by Type

How to create a new session for Impact Analysis by Type?

On clicking the “Plus +” sign on the left side of the “Search Button”, a new box gets opened up. The user will have to fill the requirements in the box. On selecting the application type two new boxes open up.

On selecting the Salesforce Application, and the radio button of “Compare two snapshots”, the two tabs of Snapshot 1 and snapshot 2 opens up. On choosing the options of needed objects, and on clicking on Analyze it will provide the analysis report to the user.



The second radio button of “Create dimension of Snapshot”, lets the user define the account having objects and create the dimension report of the selected snapshot.

For “Oracle Fusion”, the user can create two types of reports. One is “Regular” and the other of “Configuration”. The Configuration tab creates the regular report similar to the Salesforce application, while the Regular tab lets the user analyze report for the snapshot which is received when the execution is run from backend.


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