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23.2 Manage Snapshot-Variant


Introducing Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis helps reduce risks to the critical business processes caused by standard or customized changes to the software. It helps identify the areas to test and eliminate the time and expense of performing a regression test suite for every code update or change.


Manage Snapshot

What is Manage Snapshot?

This page opens up displaying application of SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle Fusion. Users will have to select the application and Add, Delete or Refresh the Snapshot.


Create Snapshot in Salesforce

How to create Snapshot for Salesforce?

On selecting the “Add Snapshot” button, the user will be able to fill in the details of the Snapshot and the Environment Name. Then on clicking the next button, the user will select the module name and select the next button.


How to delete the Snapshot in Salesforce?

The user will have to select the module to be deleted and click on the delete button.


How to refresh the Snapshot in Salesforce?

The user will have to select the module which will be refreshed.


Add Variant in SAP

How to add a variant in SAP?

Users will have to click on the “Add variant” button and enter the name of the Snapshot. Environment Settings will have to be selected next and request ID will have to be chosen. The user will have to next click on the Next button. It will then display the result.


How to create Snapshot for Oracle Fusion?

The snapshot displayed in the Impact Analysis dashboard for Oracle Fusion is the Regular one which is reflected after the execution. The snapshot taken for Oracle Fusion will be for creating Configuration Report. The user will have to select the Manage Oracle Configuration present at the right-hand side of the Oracle Fusion panel.

A new dialogue box gets opened up where the user will then select the “New Configuration Snapshot” button. On the subsequent dialogue box, the required details will have to be filled in of “Snapshot and Environment Setting”. On clicking the next button. The user will then have to fill the start date and end date and will compare after taking the snapshot.

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