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12.1 Overview

Wishing to automate your Oracle EBS Suite, but worried about having limited resources?

Need to wait for months/weeks to purchase some tool then define resources and allow the Business/Functional users to  train those resources. And last but not the least –start automating.

Hold On ! OpKey has brought a remarkable alternative way for automating the Oracle EBS application with the increase in efficiency and minimized risk of system failure.

And we call it as Oracle EBS Test Accelerator.

What is Oracle EBS Test Accelerator?

OpKey’s Oracle EBS Test Accelerator is a complete package of  Pre-Built test automation Business components and Business processes to give you Day Zero start to automation of Oracle EBS application.It is encapsulated  with modern features and automated tools,to make your Oracle testing easy and Stress Free . It is designed specifically for Business Users and testers , to Test their Oracle application and minimize the risk of system failure.

This test pack guarantees a significant increase in testing productivity and reduced system failure.

Need of OpKey’s Oracle EBS Test Accelerator

Why we have build this accelerator? What’s the problem that it solves ?

Oracle has provided a wide range of  business solutions for the organizations making the processes simple and streamlined. Companies are investing huge amount of money in automated testing process because of the complex nature of software and requirement of the risk-free testing process.

Here, arises the need of OpKey’s Oracle EBS Test Accelerator to test the quality and performance of the software.It Reduces months of initial automation setup time to just a few weeks and leads to accelerated RoI from your test automation.

Now, a number of tests can be performed by testing team in different ways-either by Business Analysts or Functional Expert through the automated testing process.Undoubtedly, it increases the standard benefit of testing like improved reliability. For business, the new frontier of test automation – have proven to reduce automation TCO by upto 80%.


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