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11.1 Overview

Hi ! we have learnt a lot about OpKey Test Accelerator in our previous sections, now let us a take a tour for an Accelerator designed to automate an Workday Enterprise application.

What is Workday Test Accelerator?

OpKey’s Workday Test Accelerator is a Single Click Workday Certification Platform,to make your Workday testing Stress Free. It is designed specifically for HCM Business Process and Work Day Security Configuration Testers, to Test their Workday application and Save their 1000s of working hours over manual Testing.

OpKey’s Workday Test Accelerator is a cloud based automation Testing Tool which contains Pre-Built test automation Business components along with Business Processes to provide Day Zero start to Workday automation. It also provides you 100% Business Assurance and full compliance with every change and releases.

Need of OpKey’s Workday Test Accelerator

Why we have build this accelerator? What’s the problem that it solves ?


Workday has evolved to become backbone of enterprise operations and employee productivity. The Human Resource and Finance Management handled by Workday plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the Business. The growing industry demands quick response to all the need of employees and Business Users.

To Cope up with this fast working environment, Workday Configuration needs frequent updations. These modifications needs to be tested well, so as to ensure that they do not leaves any impact on the existing Environment.

That’s the reason companies spend 1000s of man hours doing testing of their Workday tenants to ensure smooth user experience and full audit compliance.

Here, arises the need of OpKey’s Workday Test Accelerator to skip over the Laborious and Time Consuming Manual Testing work.

OpKey’s  Workday Test Accelerator provided the automation of your Workday Test, thus saving your 1000’s of valuable working hours over manual Testing and reducing your Testing Efforts by 80%.

Modules of Workday Test Accelerator

Opkey’s Work Day Test Accelerator has two modules:

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