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6.31 Parameterizing the Business Process using Data Input Arguments

Yes, you heard it right! the data can be provided to the Business Process by using Data Input Arguments.

You must be thinking about how to do that? Well, this can be done in two ways-So Let’s go through it very quickly- 

By Using Output Variable as Input Reference

Before proceeding, you must ensure that the Business Component [whose output has to be used as a reference] must have an Output parameter defined.

Now Go to the Modify Business Process window-

Select the desired Business Component in the Business Process.

Then, Go to the Step Output icon and store the output of a Business Component as Output variable name. In the given figure it is ref-out.

Here, the output of the selected Business Component 1 is saved as ref-out and it will be used as input/reference in another Component.

For this, Select the other Business Component for which the Data Input Argument has to be provided.

Go to the Data Output window. It will get auto-populated with the list of all Data Output Parameters along with the Output Variable Name and Description.

Just click on the specific  Data Output you wish to provide as Data.

The selected output variable will act as reference Data Input arguments for that particular Component.

Set Default Data Source

Select the desired Business Component. Go to the Data Input Argument icon and click on the use Default value icon as shown below
The default value will be set for that specific Data Input Arguments.

Congratulations ! you have successfully provided data to the Business Process.

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