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2.3 Workday Plugin

Workday Plugin is required to execute the TC/FL created for automating the Workday Application. Here is the installation process for  Workday Plugin in OpKey.

Step by Step Process to Install Workday Plugin 

Double Click on the Workday Plugin Icon, saved on your system.

A pop up window will get open displaying the message “Workday Setup needs to update your system?”

Click Yes to continue.

The Setup wizard window will get open to verify the contents of the set up package. It will also have a cancel button, in case you wish to cancel the Installation process.

Click Next to continue.

Mark the Checkbox which states that you accept the Terms of the License Agreement.

An OpKey Plugin Window will open. Click Next to continue.

Specify the Name of the Start Menu Group, say Workday. [in the screenshot]. Click Next to continue.

Now the setup is ready to update your system. Click Next to continue.

Once the Installation is complete, the Next Button will get enabled.Click Finish.

Click Finish.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Workday Plugin in OpKey.


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