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11.3 HCM BPT Accelerator

What is HCM Business Process Testing?

HCM Business Process Testing involves the Testing of our Business Processes  when we configure them in Workday. This Testing has to be done when with the frequent release(s) of Workday or when there are some modifications done.

OpKey’s Workday Test Accelerator Covers 8 Major Modules

HCM BPT Accelerator 

It has 320+ pre-built Business Components and 90+ Business Processes that can be Combined or reused by the Business users and adapted to the Configuration to execute with more than thousand data sets.

Let us understand the working of workday HCM BPT Accelerator.

OpKey’s Workday Test Accelerator has  320+ pre-built reusable workday specific Business Components , which we call it as Business Component Library.


Suppose you need to build a Business Process “create position”. All you need to do is to search the specific Business Components  in the Business Component Library and drag and drop it to make the desired Business Process.


The Business Components  required to build the “create positionBusiness Process are reusable and pre-built in OpKey Workday Test Accelerator. Just Drag and Drop components workday Login, Search Supervisory Organization, Create Position, Start Proxy, Mail Action, Approve Request, Create Position Validation one by one.


Note that OpKey’s Workday Test Accelerator  has more than 90 pre-built Business Processes .

Now, You need to create a Test Case and Call the Business Process “create Position” in to it.

You can provide data in the Test Case either through static values or through Local Data Repository.


Similarly create another Test Case  with different set of data values.

These two Test Case  are combined to create a Job .

Once the Job is created, you can also schedule it.

Run the Job to view the Execution Results.

Export Reports.

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