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22. Dashboard


Introduction to Dashboard and its Features

The dashboard opens up to a pie chart like diagram known as diallers. The 4 diallers are Business Process Designer, Continuous Testing, Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment.


Business Process Designer

What is Business Process Designer?

Business Process Designer contains Business Components as well as Business Process. There are two new views of the Business process, Swim Lanes and Process Builder.

Continuous Testing

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous Testing is the process of frequently executing tests as part of the software delivery pipeline in order to obtain feedback on the business risks associated with a software release as quickly as possible.


Impact Analysis

What is Impact Analysis?

Impact Analysis helps reduce risks to the critical business processes caused by standard or customized changes to the software. It helps identify the areas to test and eliminate the time and expense of performing a regression test suite for every code update or change.

Regression Test Executed

What is Regression Test Executed?

The “Regression Test Executed” shows the status and number count of the pass and failed, executed Test Cycle till date.


Release Done Till Date

What is “Release Done Till Date”?

The “Release Done till Date” notifies the releases created or scheduled till date. It reflects how many are on track and how many are delayed.


Test Case and Component

What is Test Case and Component?

The “Test Case and Component” reflects the total count of the published Test Cases or Business Components created by the user.

Effort Saved Man Day

What is Effort Saved Man/Day?

In the “Efforts Saved” section users can view how much effort they are saving in reducing man/day. The automating of scripts saves time as well as the effort of a good number of men/day for the completion of tasks.

Time Saved

What is Time Saved (Hours)?

It allows the user to view the time saved on automating the scripts instead of doing it manually. If manually the time taken for completing the scripts is 10min, then the user can save 5 min of time on automating the scripts.


OpKey Updates

What are OpKey Updates?

In the OpKey updates, the user will be able to view the OpKey notifications. For any new notification, the bell icon on top starts blinking. On clicking the bell icon, it will scroll down to the “OpKey Updates” tab, which allows users to view new messages or updates.

Release and Test Cycle

What is Release and Test Cycles?

The release and test cycle shows the status of the release created and the number of test cycles called. It reflects the status of executed test cycles.



What is Release?

“Release tab” shows the number count of releases being created and the different stages in which they are placed segmented in the sections of “Not Started”, “Completed”, On-Hold”, “In-Progress”, or “Cancelled”.


Release Update

What is the Release Update?

When a release is created, it shows the update of two components of whether it has started or in progress. While creating tests, the user will have to select the application(SAP, Oracle Fusion, Salesforce) and the release type (platform update, patch update) and on selecting the same, its status is reflected in the main tab on the dashboard.

The chart below shows the updates of the release.

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