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18.4 Syncing File and Folder


Syncing file and folder is an advanced feature of OpKey Accelerator which allows you to sync your files (artifacts) and folder to another project existing on different OpKey accelerator domain. In this way, all the associated artifacts with the selected artifact or folder will be synced with the selected destination project of OpKey accelerator. While syncing file or folder, you can sync users of the source accelerator domain with the destination accelerator domain.

  • Here, you can have a look at the folder containing test cases as artifact which you need to sync with a project existing on a different OpKey accelerator domain.
  • Click on Sync button to proceed the syncing process.

  • You can have a look at the destination project of different OpKey accelerator domain which has no test cases.

  • Fill all the required fields like URL Name, User Name, Password, Select Project etc.
  • Mark Remember Me checkbox if you want to save the given destination details.
  • Mark Sync without user(s) if you want to sync users existing on the source accelerator domain to the destination accelerator domain.
  • click on Sync to begin the syncing process.

  • Here, you can have a look at the details (Destination URL, User Name, Project Name & artifact count) of the sync process.
  • Please wait for few moments until the sync process gets completed.
  • Click on Download Logs to download the logs of sync process.
  • Click Finish to proceed.

  • Syncing process has completed successfully.
  • You can have a look at the synced artifacts (files) now existing on the destination domain of OpKey Accelerator.

Note: Syncing folder and files is not possible on the same OpKey Accelerator domain so far. Very soon, you would be able to sync files and folders in the different project on the same domain of OpKey Accelerator as this feature is coming in next OpKey release.

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