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8.1 Overview

What is a Job?

Job refers to the collection of Test Cases that can be combined and executed together. Once a Job is created, it can be easily modified and reused repetitively.



Let’s Suppose you are an Admin of an Enterprise Application say, Workday. Your requirement is to add a new user having valid login credentials and assign privileges to him.

For this purpose, you can create a Business Process for by calling the pre-built  Business Component for adding a new user into it.

Once, the Business Component is added to the Business Process, you can add another pre-built Business Component for assign privileges to the User.

Likewise, You can add other Business Components to the Business Processes depending upon the requirement of the Test Scenario.

After the Business Process is created, you can create a Test Case and call the Business Process into it.

Then, the Test Case can undergo a number of Iterations, by parameterizing it with Static Data or Local Data Repository.

Similarly, you can create a number of Test Case (s) and combine them in a Job depending upon the requirement of the Test Scenario.

Now, let us learn how to create a Job in OpKey Test Surge.

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